Got Grey Hair? Here’s What It Says About Your Health

Do you have gray hair? How old are you? Did you know that gray hair doesn’t have anything
to do with your age? The optimistic see gray hair as fruits of
experience, while other people blame the daily stress for them. The first gray hairs usually appear way before
the middle-age crisis, both in men and women. For women, it seems like a bad thing since
many of them are reluctant of letting their natural hair color show. While, for men, gray hairs are considered
a symbol of charm and virility. However, having gray hair too early on life
can be a sign that your health is not doing so well. It’s what suggests a study done in Cairo University,
which linked gray hair to the risk of cardiovascular problems. See now some health issues that may be linked
to gray hair: 1. The gray color is in genes According to a
2016 study, gray hair may be caused by genes. In this case, there is no relation to health
or diseases, and the gray hairs would be only a “family heritage”. 2. Heart diseases
According to a recent study of the European Society of Cardiology, gray hair is linked
to a higher risk of heart disease, and happens more in men. The scientists say that there is a link between
atherosclerosis and gray hair, and also with hormonal changes and cellular aging. Surprising, isn’t it? 3. Lack of vitamins
Melanin is found in every hair follicle, and it’s what gives color to the hair. So, as we age, we produce less of this pigment. Did you that, around the age of 50, 50% of
the population has at least 50% of gray hair? According to dermatologists, low levels of
vitamins B13, D3, calcium, ferritin, and other vitamins may cause a loss of hair pigment
before the age of 50. 4. Smoking
Did you know that smoking can increase your chances of having gray hair? According to a study done in 2013, and published
at Dermatology Online, smokers have 2.5 times more chances of having premature gray hair
than non-smokers. And, if that wasn’t enough, smoking can also
cause or accelerate baldness. 5. Hair can suffer from oxidative stress
Hair naturally produces small amounts of hydrogen peroxide. However, if the levels of hydrogen peroxide
are high, the color of your hair can disappear. If you have gray hair, there is no reason
to panic. The link between them and heart diseases is
not causal. It means that gray hair doesn’t cause heart
issues, nor does the contrary. Now, tell us: which one of these problems
do you think is the responsible for your gray hair?

43 thoughts on “Got Grey Hair? Here’s What It Says About Your Health

  1. At 63 it’s definitely nutrition I was solid gray at 50 and now my brown hair is back thanks to chlorella and superfood Spira Lena also

  2. Thank you for sharing….
    The “Grays” have been strategically making their way to all sorts of areas starting a few years before I turned 50.

  3. My hair didn't turn gray, it turned white "like storm on X-Men" it started turning white in my early twenties, like my whole entire head😭 but I get it from my dad's side of the family😭

  4. Well then I must be lucky cause I started getting gray hair when I was 16 as soon as I was 18 I started dyeing my hair and have continued and now I'm 67 and I've seen me with a whole head of gray hair and I will continue dyeing my hair cause gray makes me look to old, where I dye my hair I look much younger 😊

  5. My kid's Great-grandfather was solid grey in his 20s. He lived to be 96. He walked all the time & was very healthy. Never had a heart problem.

  6. Happy Holidays,Lovely voiced, Lady!How about a Christmas; face reveal, gift!?Lol!Thank you, for another interesting,informative,video.🙂♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  7. Im only 34 and i got grey hair and im still single. Ladies call me uncle and its hurt me alot bcoz im not yet married.

  8. Your voice is so soothing to my soul I feel that my grey hair will be gone soon and I am not the only one having this feeling. Thank you for your presentation and all the best to you. God bless.

  9. I'm 19 and severe attack of gray hair i think the problem happening is cardiovascular because i also feel pain in left side of chest

  10. Copper or lack of, this is a very large part of the issue. Copper fights of viruses and ammonia builds up if you have low copper levels. Drink copper infused water!

  11. I am not quite sure about the cause of grey hair but genetic may play a role. As to your diet and habits…well lets say on my island many of the mental folk, homeless and drug addicts …hair has no grey…i sometimes wonder about that…hmmm.

  12. I've raised 4 boys and a girl on my own…I embrace my grey's, I've earned them all and will not use chemicals to hide hide them 😁

  13. Zinc depletion …..zinc stops the grey hair crawl….me? I don't really care what colour my hair is. NZ soil is naturally short on zinc. Vegan diet with plenty of nuts and goodies etc. Too much worry about grey hair wot does it!

  14. I knew this very nice Doctor, he had given a man with cancer 6 months to live, the poor man couldnt pay his medical bills, so the Doc gave him another 6 months

  15. BS my mother is 83 has astercletosis – hardening of the arteries in her legs – right leg is blocked – she suffered mini stroke at 75 yrs of age – peripheral vascular disease – she just started grey hair around her ears – and she still smokes – so ya grey hair hereditary !!!!!

  16. Dear natural cures
    This video was gray
    Also deficiency of copper causes gray hair and that’s one of the reasons at my advanced age my hair isn’t gray View My videos to see how good-looking I am peace and love bringing the world together blessings

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