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hello everyone welcome to this video tutorial on tutorials point today we are going to talk about a very interesting topic which is known as grooming makeover and personal hygiene well this is one of the most important topic under the soft skills domain I personally feel is the most important because you might be a world class leader have great time management skills be a completely personality driven person however if you are not well groomed you do not know how to wear clothes properly and you lack the basic etiquette and manners I feel your impression really goes down the drain so this is a very important topic and I would love it if you all pay a lot of attention on this so let's get started on this topic our agenda today or overview is personal hygiene overview we will also talk about how to take care of skin hair teeth feet hands etc we will also share grooming tips for both men and women how to create a powerful first impression because let's not forget first impression is the last impression we will also talk about dressing for success because I really feel it's important to wear the right kind of clothes to look very very professional last but not the least we will talk about makeover magic now all you lovely ladies out there are going to have a wonderful time listening to this part of the segment because here we are going to talk about a lot of makeup products different hair styles etc to boost our personality let's get started we have heard of this terminology called personal hygiene so many times during our childhood our teachers our parents used to tell us maintain hygiene it's important to take care of our internal body rather than the expo cursing on the external body well if we talk about personal hygiene it is nothing but taking care of ourselves to avoid ourselves getting sick and fighting germs infections etc under personal hygiene we will discover a lot of new things and also most a lot of myths well in person hygiene we talk about taking care of our skin our hair teeth hands and feet well hair care isn't it very interesting to know about what kind of products to use what is the right thing to do for our hair so well then we talk about hair care we need to make sure that we need to shampoo and condition our hair gone are the days when you use soap on your hair I don't think anybody does that anymore but it's important to use the right kind of shampoo and the right kind of conditioner which suits your hair style and hair type if you've got dry hair or if you've got damaged hair or shiny hair you need to take care of them using the correct brand of shampoo as well as conditional well we need to use the shampoo on our scalp and conditioner on our hair the reason why we do this is shampoo is a little on the harsher side and it takes care of our scalp or removes all the dirt you know the grinds etc from our hair scalp however we must make sure not to overly do it as it might damage our scalp and make it get irritated after we use a shampoo we should use a conditioner and leave it on for about two to three seconds and then wash it off with cold water never wash off your hair or you know your shampoo and conditioner with lukewarm water only not too harsh not too cold it's important to massage our hair with oil at least once in a week now our grandparents and grannies used to say put oil on your hair and leave it on throughout the night and in the morning wash it off am i right well this is actually a myth and we should not use our oil on our hair throughout the night because it is damaging our hair the reason being because oil is very sticky by nature so it will attract a lot of germs and bacteria from the floor and it'll stick on your hair scalp if it is not a good thing so always use oil probably with before 30 to 40 minutes before you are actually going to shampoo off your hair and that really works so next time do not leave your oil on your hair overnight remember that washing our combs and brushes is very important do not ever ever share your combs and brushes with anybody it's not hygienic to do so at all and also make sure you wash them regularly within a week's time next we talk about skin and body care well skin is our most important organ of the body and why should we not take care of our skin we should use it nurture it and really take good care of it let's talk about how to take care of our skin very important we need to have a bath twice in a day not once in a day well even if you are tired by the end of the day do make an effort and have a bath at least before retiring to bed it's very essential your body collects all the germs infection throughout the day and before you sleep at night it's important to cleanse your body now never ever share soaps just as we had mentioned earlier that we should not use and share other people's hair brushes and combs in the same way it's not hygienic to use somebody else's soap and I would suggest use shower gels which is very very hygienic to do so very important is we need to take care of a body odor now our body sweats you know when we do a lot of physical activities our body tends to have this you know sweating thing which makes it gives it a very foul smell so let's not do that let's make sure that we are using our good perfumes and deodorants on ourselves to make sure that we are able to tackle this body odor ultimately we do not want people running away from us because of this body odor avoid washing the skin very often just for the simple reason that if we wash our skin too often we tend to over dry it which is not a good thing it is a very important part to use good branded soaps or rather any product which we are using on our skin it has to be really of a good quality I would suggest avoid using low quality products ultimately we damage our own skin which is not a good thing to do protect your skin from the harmful rays of the Sun now I would really want everybody watching this tutorial that whenever you are going out into the Sun please use a good sunscreen with an SPF of 15 to 20 in our Indian climate this kind of SPF of 15 to 20 is a good SPF to use because it helps our skin is protected from the harmful rays of the Sun hence I would suggest use a good SPF and never ever leave your home without a good sunscreen next we are going to talk about oral hygiene well all of us love to have a smile on our face don't we and to have a good smile on our face we need to have a good pair of teeth to have a good pair of teeth we need to brush our teeth two times in a day twice in a day once in the morning once at night before sleeping our elders our teachers and our parents used to tell us right in our childhood brush your teeth brush your teeth to remove all the germs well we need not forget that even in adulthood it's important to use a good tongue cleaner as well every time you brush your teeth it's important to also use a good mouthwash and a goggle every time you have your meal so once you finish eating your meal always make sure you mouthwash or you use a gargle it is very essential to remove all the particles of the food as well as to leave your mouth smelling nice and fresh when we are brushing we need to make sure that we use a brush which has very soft bristles the reason being hard bristles make our teeth really lose its sensitivity and it starts bleeding so make sure after every three months change your brush the next important point for oral hygiene is flossing well flossing is a very westernized concept not many people in India using it however it's important to understand what's flossing flossing is a medicated thread which you use between your teeth to remove the food particles which might be stuck in between your teeth so go ahead and buy a floss and keep it in your bag always next we are going to talk about hands and feet well it's very important to have good pair of hands well manicured hands because of the fact that when we talk to somebody we always showcase our hands and if they look bad it really doesn't leave a good impression does it so wash your hands after every meal not only with water but with a good hand wash as well that removes all the dirt dust which you have inquired during your mealtime your feet must be kept dry now especially it's important to take care of your feet between your toes when you are removing or whenever you are wiping your feet it's important to take care of the place especially between your toes that is the area where a lot of fungus infection can take place changing your socks is very important daily please do not wear the previous day's socks you don't want people running away from you now do you keep your nails neat and tidy and it's very important to go for many cure and pedicure at least once in a month and this applies for men as well as for women coming to the most important part of this module which is grooming tips for women when it's important as a woman to understand how to look presentable nice professional and at the same time making a very good impression of yourself remove unwanted hair from part of your body which is visible to people so basically we are talking about visiting a parlor at least when once in a month to make sure that you do your waxing you're threading making sure you are removing the facial hair from your face it really is a big turn-off avoid using excessive of makeup now it's important to have a nice subtle look on your face do not overuse the makeup on your face it ends up making your face very very cakey you need to look professional and crisp has also maintaining a CTM now skincare revolves around cleansing toning and moisturizing let us understand what are these three words cleansing is removing all the dust and dirt particles from your face now once you clean your face your pores tend to open up to minimize the pores we need to use a good toner on our face now rose water is an excellent toner and can be really really beneficial for your skin coming to moisturizing after toning and cleaning your skin tends to become a little dry so use a good product like a good moisturizer on your face nicely to remove the dryness away hair styles is very important but now hair color should not be red burgundy orange and all these highlighted colors always go for black which looks natural and very very sober avoid any kind of heavy duty nail polish please avoid red you know all these black colors bright bright colors like purple etc always go for nice peaceful shades like whites and light pings like Browns etc they make you look really really professional wearing our mild deodorant is important do not go for strong deodorants and perfumes they are a big turn-off again when you're passing through somebody and you really smell our loud perfume it's a kind of a turn-off so use a milder form of deodorants or perfumes coming to grooming tips for men well grooming tips are not only for women men also need to look presentable with their grooming tips let's understand what they are shaving is very important for men let's not forget you do not want to look casual and unprofessional with a beard now even if you are having a beard it has to be well trimmed and well manicured now if you're having a mustache and a beard it's fine as long as it looks well-maintained and trimmed haircut is important for men please go for a haircut at least two to three times before the wee ends or rather before the month ends using a good deodorant to fight body odor is very sensual have impeccable nails as men you are talking to people people are noticing your nails whenever you are using your gestures and postures so have good neat and clean nails do not avoid skincare do not only think that skincare is for women and men don't have anything to do it well men also need to take care of your skin yes your skin is different from that of a women but you need to take care and be gentle with your skin last but not the least please men mind your manners nothing can be more turnoff than looking at a man who's very well maintained and groomed and looks very professional but forgets his basic attitude and basic manners so all the men out there listen to the tutorial hold the chair out for your lady chew your food properly when you are sitting in front of you know a lot of people have good table manners etc well do we know that we form an impression about somebody in only 7 seconds 7 seconds and all it takes is to form either a good impression or a bad impression of yourself on somebody these 7 seconds are very essential to us so we judge people on the basis of their personality the way they are dressed the way they are groomed in these 7 seconds and first impression is the last impression as you all know this dressing success is very important for men we are now going to look into what kind of clothing and attire goes for a successful ladder for a person looking at the man out here he looks so well-groomed and well-dressed look at his blazer his shirt his tie his well gelled hair his clean-shaven look all this is very essential to make him look him to make him look professional well the kind of accessories that you should wear a nice watch leather watch a cuff link or a tie pin always makes a good impression for the men it's important to wear nice formal black color or brown color shoes now please do not wear low and sandals as Footwear because they leave a very bad impression looking at the man out here he looks so casual with his beard and his mustache which looks not really well-kept and also the gentleman here who's wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a scarf again leaves us up with a very very bad impression some things that many to definitely avoid for let's look at that schotzli button-up shirts with a tie well if you are wearing a short please wear a long sleeve or a full sleeve shirt do not have short sleeves they look very casual and not a professional get up casual pants like cargos and Dockers again leave a bad impression casual leather shoes wrinkled or soiled clothing if you are wearing something please make sure it's well pressed and well ient and the white socks again white socks with a black pair of trouser is a complete nono if you are wearing a black color trouser please make sure you match it up with a black and only a black color socks and no other color your belt needs to match the color of your shoes coming to corporate attire for women well if you really want to make a good impression at the workplace you are and make sure you dress up so that you look like a successful personality looking at all the ladies out here they are wearing very nice Western formal clothing if you want to wear you can wear also an Indian casual I'm sorry of Indian formal wear which is a salwar kameez and the pitar set again which looks very nice and formal if you are wearing accessories please make sure that you're wearing of taking a handbag which is black or brown color avoid handbags and reds yellow orange purple all these colors they don't look professional coming to shoes for the ladies avoid wearing open sandals please make sure they are closed and black color sandals only coming to the lady out here she's wearing a torn piece of jeans and a t-shirt again looking very casual and some heavy jewelry which should be definitely avoided at workplace some things which are a complete no no order don'ts for women let's come to that short revealing tight transparent revealing clothes do not look very professional at work please avoid wearing anything which is a see-through or a fabric which is very light in color always make sure that the blouses that you are wearing are not deep cut or they're not sleeveless again leaving a bad impression they look like you're not really making a good impression on somebody avoid wearing casual khaki pants shorts jeans at workplace wrinkled or soiled clothing open-toed casual shoes are extremely high heels you don't want to go tic-tac-toe on your heels the heel which is one one and a half inches is absolutely okay to wear excessive amount of jewelry again makes a bad impression so do not go for jewelry which is extremely gaudy and extremely funky and you know they make a lot of clinking noise again complete turnoff well we are now going to talk about makeover magic and all you lovely ladies sitting out there watching this tutorial you will really enjoy this segment because we are talking about different kinds of makeups and hair products to use on your hair well makeup is essentials of women because it leaves you making you look very very professional our face without makeup looks really dull and lifeless so add a bit of color to your face it will really make you stand out from the crowd out there when we talk about makeup we talk about different products the first product that we talked about is using a concealer on our face now concealer is a product which hides blemishes and dark pigmentation etc so use it especially under your eyes where the skin is a little darker always next follow it up with a foundation a foundation and the concealer should always be one shade lighter than your skin tone why because it helps you look a little fairer from what you are so use a foundation which kind of makes your skin look even toned after using a foundation you back it up with a compact compact is a loose powder again one shade lighter than your skin tone if you use it to kind of pink give you a matte impression or your face after using these three products you have made your base makeup coming to eye makeup use a nice eyeshadow of a light color for day makeup and a darker color for night makeup after using an eyelid I shadow you can have a nice eyeliner liquid always and a Kajal or a Kohl pencil follow it up with a mascara which really defines your eye and make them look beautiful coming to lip makeup always outline your lip with a nice color of lip pencil and fill it with a nice color according to the attire that you are wearing and that completes her lip makeup now adding color to your cheeks is very important and that we do with the help of a blush or a blusher adds color to your face and also you need to use it at the apple of your cheek this a part of your skin is something which is very highlighted and makes your skin look nice and colorful well with that we understand makeup using hair styles in a different manner really adds color or really add small volume to your hair so use a nice product for your hair there are no nice hair sprays and gels available in the market nowadays you can use different hair styles like making a bun making a low ponytail a high ponytail a French braid all of these make you look nice and interesting every single day so rather than using a same boring hairstyle try out a variety and that will make life more entertaining and more you know easier for you also well I would like to conclude by saying that we have understood a lot of different segments on grooming personal hygiene and makeover my only request to all of you viewing this tutorial is try to use whatever we have discussed in your day to day life so that you are able to see a different view of beautiful you and a wonderful you thank you all for watching us and if you really liked our video do leave in your comments have a wonderful day bye bye

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