100 thoughts on “GUIDED VISUALIZATION EXERCISE – How to Perform Visualization Correctly

  1. Tears down my face and an overwhelming feeling of joy inside me. My vessel can't contain all this joy, so I share it freely knowing there is always more. I feel like I would burst into a trillion, sparkling, motes of star dust if I tried to hold it down.

  2. Sincerely, Thank you very much!!
    I was suffering for a past few days not able to understand what is going in my life but after watching this video I was reminded what being happy feel like ,after watching it I literally can't stop this felling which I somewhat in search of for a past few weeks. I realised that there I are still far more better things which I wanted to achieve in life but have somehow lost those thoughts in this fast-paced environment. Once again thank you for making such an amazing video and please, keep up the good work.☺☺🙏🙏👏

  3. Please could anyone share with me similar visualization guides? I love her voice and her potential to penetrate into my brain

  4. It was an amazing experience ,feeling fresh ,stress less , peacfull,I was feeling that I m breathing or not ,gone imagination to reality . After this video I saw the time it is 10.40 min ,unbelievable it felt like it was about 2 to 3 min video only.

  5. Right when this started and I began visualizing this I started to cry and I am still crying . I’m not sure why I think maybe it’s because I’m shocked that In 5 years I’ll look back on this visualize and realize it’s all came true . In JUST 5 years !!! It’s so amazing to think about .

  6. Too much of emotions and unnecessary sounds in that talking woman. Can't relax my mind and concentrate on me because of her being annoying.

  7. Now that is how you do visualization ladies and gents! In 5 years I will own one of the biggest clothing brands In the world and nothing will or can stop me. Bless all

  8. I did it and appreciate the visualization as an EXAMPLE of how to do it but it felt weird picturing someone else's specific dream when none of it really resonated with me… large house, who cares? Why am I sitting in traffic at all if 10k people are waiting for me, don't I have a helicopter? It was kinda silly…

  9. OMG this guided visualization is the most powerful video on meditation I have experienced. I am trying to learn how to meditate in order to overcome 51 years of horrible subconscious programming. This meditation made cry so hard, bec everything she described is the goal I have set for my life. I even live in a ( I don't own this house) exactly how she described its 10,000sq ft and it has an indoor swimming pool. Thank you so much for this video.

  10. Unfortunately, her specifications were completely off from the things I’d visualize for myself, which made it difficult to become fully immersed. It did however inspire me to record myself laying out the details as I would want them so that I can play it back and have my own guided meditation with ME as the narrator. It was a good exercise, The specifics just threw me off a bit.

  11. This was amazing!! I'm glad I'm not the only one that is crying!! thank you for this wonderful inspiration visualization!!

  12. This is not at all what I want my life to look like. If people celebrate me I must rebuke them. I am nothing. It is Christ in me. All of this "wealth" spoken in this video is nothing to strive for. Will you take it with you when you die? NO! So what's the point of having it! Give all you have to the poor and follow me is what Christ said the rich man. For it is harder for a rich man too enter into the kongdom.of heaven than a camel through the eye of a needle.

  13. Thanks for the video but i wonder if i applied visualization technique correctly to reach my goal. What to look for next?

  14. I love her voice and enthusiasm, but this is too specific. I don’t want a mile-long driveway or indoor pool. This doesn’t allow me to visualize what I want to manifest. I wish it was more generic so I can visualize what I want.

  15. Two things wrong with this visualisation, number 1 she is saying everything too quickly so its hard to actually visualise what is being said at that speed while taking it in and number 2 driving a mile from the gate to your house is way too much. Visualisations should be big and you should dream big but visualising that you are literally as rich as Bill Gates is way too much for the brain to comprehend.

  16. Omg, you touch me, I never cried with meditation, I have to let go of my fears, I stop believing in myself but after this meditation, I believe again in my Dreams, I thank God and the speaker in this meditation. May God bless everyone, on there journey of life!

  17. I have not done anything like that before, no words could justify the joy of my being in this moment of bliss, HERE N NOW, just THANK YOU FOR THIS BEST 10mins WHICH GONNA LAST ETERNAL.

  18. I am so emotional right now. In a positive way. I'm crying. My nose cant stop running. I'm so overwhelmed with emotions I cant stop crying. I'm so touched!! This was beautiful. I'm a singer, so I imagined my fans saying these things to me…… so touching.

  19. Wtf is this shit?! I can’t visualize at all so I click on this video and within under 2 minutes the lady demands I visualize driving in a car and looking at my watch and seeing traffic slow down and stop by my house and suddenly be 5 years in the future with all my dreams having come true. IF I COULD DO IT THAT EASILY I WOULDNT NEED A GUIDED VISUALIZATION EXERCISE. This is a rush down by commands, not a meditation.

  20. I cried a lot more deeply than I anticipated . I am so thankful for this video. She has artfully attracted the energy of thankfulness and gratitude with this piece… it’s no coincidence that there is an abundance of that energy in the comment section.

    Thank you.

  21. Absolutely gorgeous. I've been meditating and visualizing all my life and this one really made a special impact–punchy and powerful!

  22. This was hard for me because I don't really care about having a fancy car or gate to a mansion. I just want to visualize happiness without all these psychal things. So if you could do one like that I would appreciate it

  23. Sorry didnt work for me. My dream home is a nice little house on the countryside. Can't imagine the mansion, would never want that.

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