oh it's up before we start the video I just want to say you can get this box the guava juice bath one box and this box the guava juice DIY kit as they bundled together you know this one contains bath bombs you got some booty sponge we got etc the shampoo and we got this box it contains like the LED table the silly straws the magnetic slime you can only get this together as a bundle for 24 hours so get it right now before that 24 hours of YouTube welcome back to another gummy versus real food challenge it's been a long time since I've done it a couple of months you guys really enjoy it today is episode number 8 that's right you guys really love it that I had to make 8 episodes of this and you guys requested this constantly there we go you know how it works you got different rounds each Brown gets a little bit weirder and weirder and then we're gonna see where does he not see all right here we go round number one as always I don't know what's underneath here so I will be just as surprised as you guys will be so I guess here we go let's check it out we have here okay that's cool we have a gummy controller like I guess it looks like a ps4 controller it can be whatever you want and then we have here I don't even have a ps4 that is insane does it turn on pretty awesome dude I'm gonna hold one of these in forever I got a taste test and see if it tastes delicious or no it's not so let's start with v gummi controller Gary it looks like cherry but I might be wrong might be watermelon or blueberry mmm yeah if this was actually controller I would be eating this and playing at the same time play some Call of Duty anything this it's really tough like it's really hard to chew it's like a boomerang it kinda looks like a boomerang he's gonna break my jaw for cued runners and I was correct it is cherry flavor use it as a weapon for real hey you oh snap that's not good that is not good that is insane you can see where it's stroke it struck here on the l1 l2 s I'm telling you this thing is really tough it's really hard for me to like even get that little piece because it's so thick so hard this is what it did well like I can just put that there I feel that it's a cool little design so I'm sealing of that there there yeah looks like nothing ever happened you know it doesn't look like there's a hole in there so that thing tastes the delicious let's see how a very good ps4 controller tastes like here you go tastes like plastic here let me try out this is a joystick because there's a little bit squishier than the actual plastic here oh that tastes a little bit better I think I broke it oh no I did it oh dear all right I'm gonna have to give the winner to the charity one because it was a little bit hard to eat at least it had flavor this one just tastes like straight-up bitter if you want this controller comment down below I'll sign it I'll give it out I don't mine oh oh hello there welcome to round 2 okay let's see what we have for round number two remember each round gets weirder and weirder a control it was weird already but it's cool let's see what we have here what is so I was a flower look at that you have a cute little flower right I am Alana oh shoot alright well we have these flowers let's check out what is in here oh my gosh I'm gonna have to eat some flowers a gummy flower let's check it out boom house look a little bit of watermelon flavor is pretty cool they need to invent a watermelon flower this is a delicious dang Wow whoo I'm gonna be like I guess like a bumblebee cuz bumblebees eat flowers right what kind of flower this is real oh it is real I smell it smells delicious but does it taste delicious yeah it tastes like a perfume store like ah this thing tastes like a combination of a perfume store and a soap store so it kind of tastes like so but then it has the fragrance of perfumes so I'm gonna have to give the winner to the watermelon gummy flower 3 ok number 3 what's round number 3 have in store for us here we go babe Oh No let's close it back up cuz I'm not trying to eat that today I'm trying to fix this hole right there yeah I think that's good enough right don't think it's gonna fall it's pretty stable right now there's a snake top oh my gosh not again what do you give me this is a tongue that's straight up a Tom I've seen this before what kind of tongue is is well animal human Tom no no no no why is this round number 3 look at the bottom of this look at bad you see the follicles coming out it kind of looks like a foot ah look at my boots there's a snake in my boots get it cuz there's a snake over there okay alright I really hope that's delicious I'm gonna enjoy this while I can very delicate we have a snake tongue looking thing hmm blood mm-hmm that's good it has like a like a sour apple feel to it it's pretty good mmm good this is like the tastiest thing I've had in this video so sour apple flavored tongue delicious now we have this tongue from whatever a creature this is from what is this appear this is a tongue is that the tonsils should I eat it from back here where the spiky things are coming down below spiky thing alright alright let's do it alright what should you like the first safe to eat yeah it tastes like pork butt lover if you've never had pork liver people like pork liver sometimes boy I don't like the texture of it it's like all soft and like the Philly beer is like all dark I don't know man but this is what's inside the telling if you guys are wondering what was that you want me to eat the other part this part okay sure okay just the fact that I'm eating a tums like imagine eating your own tongue that's what it feels like definitely gross i'ma have to give the winner to the gummy Tunga got my uh my tongue hey let's go BAM okay yeah I guess that is a gummy a fruit roll-up you guys you don't know what a fruit roll-up is it's this thing where you unwrap it it's a really delicious thing to be honest and then you just eat it it's just a really flat layered thing kind of like tape so I'm pretty sure what's under there is tape and then we have tape we have the tape alright that's cool too we got we have some tape let's do this I guess it got me cable you can call this gummy tape mmm that's delicious oh yeah I'm gonna just enjoy wog account remember what I said the tongue was the most delicious thing in this video I aligned I take that back this is very very good it takes a while to eat though cuz it just gets stuck in your teeth but the flavors just keep magnifying cuz it's just soaking up your teeth and giving you cavities so good I've never tasted tape before I see what it tastes like as you can see it's taped non-adhesive side and this is the adhesive side see I guess I'm just eating adhesive mmm mmm mmm that wasn't that bad actually I was kind of good I'm good um this is the final round if you want us to do another one and if you guys really really want another one let's get this video to three likes all the other stuff is being shipped at the moment so this is the only gummies we have at the moment and we figured we film it and then do another episode episode 9 cuz you guys really truly enjoy it thank you all for watching and uh if you want some more guava juice videos make sure to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe button and I'll see you tomorrow stay juicy get it Waldo Where's Waldo haha okay bye [Applause]

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