Guy Eats CELEBRITY DIET EVERY DAY for 7 DAYS 🍎πŸ₯•πŸ₯¦ Ariana Grande Vegan Macrobiotic Diet

another day another diet ancient Buddhism robinus is on the cheap tip now in the last poll I took on YouTube I asked you what would you like me to try next and the majority of you guys voted for eating a celebrity diet for seven days because you just like me to diet until I'm dead and I'm happy to do it all the way to the grave now I did get a few suggestions from you guys on what celebrity to choose including Christian Bale BTS or even the Victoria's Secret diet I don't know what that is Victoria's Secret model don't want to look like an angel ultimately I decided to go with a celebrity that is probably one of the most talked-about ariana grande I mostly chose it because I think it's funny about a grown man and doing a pop princess diet now Ariana Grande's diet mostly consists of a macrobiotic Japanese vegan diet try to say that five times fast now if you don't know what a macrobiotic diet is because I didn't and I had to look it up it is a diet that mostly consists of organic grains beans and vegetables it is also a diet that does not stick to the regular breakfast lunch and dinner plan it encourages you to eat whenever you feel hungry or just good for me cuz I'm pretty much always hungry it also says you're supposed to chew every bite of food 50 times which I don't know if I'm gonna stick to that cuz I don't feel like eating my breakfast until Tuesday and you're also not supposed to cook with any microwaves or any electric conventional appliances which is the only way that I got so I guess I'm gonna eat everything wrong now I want to say for the record that I'm not doing this for any kind of weight-loss purposes even though I do believe that might happen I'm mostly doing this because I'd like to introduce maybe new foods that I'm not really used to and see if I like them I think that in itself makes it worth doing now we're gonna start this diet tomorrow and means I have to go grocery shopping because I don't have any of that food in my house couple up all right so we are on our way to find some of these items that ariana grande eats oh we're going to see if they have them out to be local sabor get and if not I'm going to have to me we go to Trader Joe's watches kind of out of the way from me alright all I can say is my cart looks mighty different than it normally does not the kind of food I normally eat so I just spent about $60 on like half the amount of food that I normally get but I do have to say for organic food this is actually pretty cheap gonna make a trip to Trader Joe's to get the rest of my stuff and uh God be with me good morning it is the first day of the ariana grande diet and before I get into eating the diet I wanted to make sure that I document my weight all right let's see what the damages 150 2.8 that's pretty good I think to be a little bit more precise I'm going to measure my waist size now and at the end of the side to see if there was an actual change in inches and I am about I'd say thirty three and a quarter breakfast is served one of Ariana Grande's favorite breakfast –is organic oatmeal and blueberries I'm also having organic coffee with almond milk did I mention that I was a littler jicama knock just been small amounts I'm not gonna diary like I was very excited to find out that ariana grande is a coffee lover because finding my coffee in the morning imma kill somebody coffee's really good actually I'm not a huge fan of oatmeal I'm more of a pancakes and eggs kind of guy oh this actually is pretty good I'm not mad at it it's lunch time and one of Ariana's favorite things to do is drink a juice or a smoothie today I have a green juice it's got cucumbers and spinach and kale lemon apple ginger celery I will be drinking my food doesn't smell bad i fruity tasting with a hint of grass you're kidding it tastes like grass oh my god I can only imagine what my poop is gonna look like later it is around 3 o'clock don't mind me being dressed up I was doing a little photo shoot for Instagram I got a little hungry and I wanted a little snack organic humus and one of Ariana Grande's favorites sweet potato chips I feel pretty good so it's about dinnertime now which is almost like 6 o'clock or so funny it really sings yeah I'm just hungry and ready to eat I'm going to do this a riced cauliflower ball that has tofu in it and sweet potatoes the only thing about this is that you have to make it in the microwave and that's not part of the macro diet ariana grande has people to make her stuff I don't and I'm sure that she takes shortcuts every now and then so this is a shortcut day I don't care I just don't feel like cooking good morning it's day two now I realize that yesterday I may have been taking the easy way out by using pre-prepared food so today I'm going to put in a little bit more of an effort to actually prepare all of my own I know Ariana Grande doesn't prepare all and stuff you have money to pay people for that but we don't I decided why not go the extra mile and make an acai bowl I've never had one of those everyone talks about them all the time so let's see if we can do it this might be a really hot mess it's a lot of work for the morning I'm telling you you want to see that look like my first ever acai bowl I don't know how I feel about the outside little block it's lunchtime it's around 12:30 and I'm having an organic kale salad with some edamame and carrots and some hummus for dressing well it's really good it's dinner time and welcome back to my kitchen I decided to go with spaghetti squash this is like all the rage and something that is mis Grande's favorite I got this organic butternut squash and then I have these frozen Asian veggies I'm going to make sort of like a stir-fry I don't know what I'm doing I pretty much made this up randomly last night in my head it sounded good so I was like let's go with that this is what happens when I cook it's not terrible it's passable I mean I don't think I would be considered the worst chef in America it's like Chef Boyardee status it's the morning of day 3 or at least what's left of morning I didn't really eat yet because my stomach was really bothering me last night and it was a little sensitive this morning just from eating all the veggies when I add an extreme amount of veggies to my diet this is just what happens to me so today I'm just going really simple with just some like organic coffee and a banana I know it's not that much ever put into it but I'm just trying to keep it easy on me for a little bit ok so I stopped at the mall I'm getting a little hungry cuz I didn't eat any lunch and I'm realizing there's not a lot of places you can stop to get vegan food so I'm a little bit just out of luck so I just got back I sort of a miss lunch time but that doesn't really matter on the macrobiotic diet you just eat when you want eat I'm just going to eat one of these organic nut bars and I'm also going to be trying some coconut water I have had coconut water in the past and I was not a fan but apparently this is something that she drinks a lot oh I hate the taste of coconut it is just so gross I don't know what it is about it mmm good job that's to kill the taste so for dinner I'm going to attempt to make this acorn squash I haven't ever even heard of an acorn squash before I did this dive but we're gonna try something now for the taste test that is not half bad at all the more you dig into it the better it is then you only had something like a quince wash is delicious good morning it's day four and I have some major bedhead so I've been craving pancakes this week and I can't have them because they have eggs in them a friend of mine had told me a while ago that you could just mash up some bananas into a lake of batter and then just pour them in a pan and fry them and they are like vegan pancakes so I'm gonna try that and see if it works I've never done this before but there's a first time for everything well that was a myth because my banana pancakes are not solidify so I'm left with banana mush I'm just gonna call this a bus and break out the oatmeal oh I tried but now I'm on my way to Starbucks to get one of Ariana's favorite drinks now I am trying to stick to the vegan organic macrobiotic diet as much as possible but we do know that ariana grande doesn't stick to it hold ardently because she drinks at Starbucks and that is not organic as far as I know so for those who are saying I'm not doing the perfect vegan organic macrobiotic diet and talk to the hand because ariana grande doesn't understand Canova a venti vanilla bean Frappuccino if no whip is that vegan well I'm on this ariana grande diet she drinks that so she's vegan and if that's what she drinks is she like oh oh that's pretty good it's lunchtime and I'm doing last night's dinner a leftovers as my meal I'd be lying to you if I didn't say that I was craving like a chicken sandwich or a chicken wrap but this is all I can eat all right so I'm out to sushi right now and of course I can't get this issue so I got vegetarian options I got Ariana's favorite this seaweed salad veggie rolls with brown rice I also got a drink for the record she did say that she drank a lot when she broke up with her boyfriend so I'm having a little late-night snack and these are roasted seaweed wasabi chips or something like that oh I fell about this oh those are gross I think I'm gonna just give it to my dog good morning it is day five and this morning we are going to attempt to make a blueberry acai smoothie what ariana grande drinks a lot I had yet to make a smoothie because I've been lazy and didn't they watch me down time for the taste test that's good I cannot believe I made this smoothie and it actually tastes good coffee for lunch today I ain't got no time no thumb nut bar and just a mortar I'm gonna make this quick and just finish Cory rapping and now we're gonna get to work so I'm gonna take a shower so I could just sweat again but what Adam all right so I just got back home from work it is around 9:20 tonight isn't my late night from work and I kind of anticipated this so I bought a already pre prepared meal it is vegan Japanese style fried rice with an imam a tofu and seaweed all the stuff that ariana grande likes it's just not the most maybe organic but I'm really hungry and I realized to eat so I'm not gonna really have time to prep something so this is my best option don't hold it against name kind of makes me feel like I'm eating that but I'm still eating a little healthy I guess it's kind of partner so good morning it is day six and this morning I'm drinking some green juice that I already had I was going to make a smoothie because I enjoyed it so much yesterday but because I have a ton of dishes in my sink and don't feel like adding to that I decided to go the easier route I guess that's what happens when you cook for yourself every day I would know I usually have like one or two dishes I'm I think out of time so alright it's like twelve o'clock and I'm about to eat some lunch I'm just having a mixed organic vegetable salad with a little bit of organic balsamic vinaigrette dressing nothing that I wouldn't normally eat I got some work to do so I really don't have time to be cooking that time ariana grande likes dried fruit and these are dried Fuji apples hmm that's almost like candy oh hello there welcome to my kitchen I around 30 along with cauliflower mash like oh that's really good I have to say it does taste like mashed potatoes I would eat this all the time good morning it is the last day so today is a different kind of day because I have to run into New York City to help my friend Karine jovian if you don't know who he is he's kind of a big deal on YouTube so I kind of have to I'll rush my morning routine take a shower eat my vegan organic breakfast and then jump on a train and the bad thing is is that I'm not gonna be home to be able to make a meal for myself so I'm hoping that I can either find something in the city that's gonna work or just bring some snacks today's Breakfast is nothing new I'm having some oatmeal with blueberries along with my organic coffee or I will not survive today all right we made it to YouTube spaces don't mind the outfit I look a little crazy because I'm dressed in a costume for this all right gotta get this started so I can't talk too much so right now I am starving so we're just looking at whatever YouTube has for us I don't know if these are organic fruit bars vegan yeah yeah cauliflower pretzel it's about 6 o'clock we're just getting ready to wrap this up and I've been eating today was a bunch of vegan snacks I'm not even sure if they were organic or even macrobiotic but there were the only things I could eat just surgery that is really hard when you are not home making food for yourself to really like stay on this diet because you really got to think about everything like ooh let's do that all right I just got home it is late I am exhausted I just don't feel like making any food for myself because I snapped all day tomorrow I will weigh myself to see if I lost anything at all yeah me and Mac I'm just gonna like go to sleep all right it is the morning of day 8 the day that I weigh myself before I start eating anything just to see what my real weight is I do not think that I lost any weight unfortunately I think I actually maybe gained weight my clothes have been fitting a little strangely I'm not strange like they just don't fit let's just see what this is all right I'm ready for my feet no why no why I'm doing this again what I don't believe it I am seriously shocked what that's I feel like I didn't lose anything so I lost 6 pounds that's a miracle I think I do believe that God is a woman to be honest though anytime you have any kind of change in your diet especially one with more macronutrient calories you're gonna lose weight I do believe those macronutrients were able to work with my body in a way where they were able to a burn more fat than my normal diet I also lost about an inch and a half on my waist that's awesome another benefit to the side I would say was discovering new foods that I like I love the organic coffee that I will totally buy again I've also discovered a new favorite breakfast food oatmeal and blueberries you wouldn't think that something so simple would make such an impact on flavor but it's totally a game-changer I also learned that I like acorn squash who knew another benefit is that this diet actually encouraged me to cook for myself it forced me to learn some rather easy recipes that I could just whip if I ever needed to now let's get to some of the negatives about this diet besides the bloating the gas eNOS end the constant going to the bathroom I have not had a solid poop in a week not even kidding that is one thing that I struggled with on this diet another thing there are some of the food choices that Ms grande eats I did not like the coconut water I do not like the roasted seaweed chips the person at Trader Joe's that said they were delicious was lying to me the green juice I don't know if I would ever buy again either it wasn't terrible but it did taste like grass however I am now a fan of the acai smoothie overall I do think that adding these macrobiotic organic vegan Japanese foods we're actually beneficial to me it was an interesting journey to say the least and I am not mad that I tried it it's just good to expand your mind a little bit from what you know and maybe try something new I guess in short because ariana grande is a skinny bitch if you eat like her you're gonna be a skinny bitch basically anyway that's a little video I hope that you enjoyed this journey and if you did make sure that you'd comment down below and also make sure that you subscribe to my channel and hit that notification bell so you know when my next video comes out because you never know and I'm gonna come out with a new one and I'll see you next time back and the majority and begin okay we can do this and maybe one take maybe five takes all right oh that's unfocused dee is seven I can't do it on my fingers cuz I'm holding the camera can I just say that I've really missed cheese today as my first meal back to eating like Rob I'm gonna have some get cheese and I'm not gonna feel bad about it where's the cheese

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  1. Try BTS' Jimin's diet. It's not very specific but basically he only ate one (proper) meal in the span of 10 days with snacking. Do keep in mind that he's an idol so he would be in the practice room for the majority of the day, whether that be dancing, vocal training or bulking up in the gym.

  2. You are funny as fuck, I love your videos, who does all your video editing, the quick pop ins are funny as shit, your really funny, and btw, your really a good sport doing these diets . I am gonna try one of them.

  3. β€œI do believe God is a woman!” You’re officially my favorite YouTuber! β™₯️ this is the only channel I don’t look for the β€œvideo starts are 4:36”

  4. β€œToday is day 7… i cant do it on my hands because i’m holding the camera” πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  5. Omg! I just looove your videos! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β™₯️β™₯️πŸ₯°πŸ₯° I am sooo hooked!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚you always make my day!! Your awesome vibe and humor really helps me distract my mind and forget alot i go through.. God bless you always! You are just awesome!!! πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈβ™₯️

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