Guy Tries NO SUGAR 🍩 NO CARBS🥖 for 7 DAYS | The JLo 🍖 KETO Diet Challenge (…sort of)

it's another weight-loss challenge can you see the excitement on my face hey Ichi bitches I'm Rob and this is on the cheek tip now in the last poll I took on YouTube you guys voted for no sugar no carbs for seven days I mean really you couldn't have picked anything a little easier to do why is goat yoga getting the shaft that seems like fun you just don't want me to live my best life I see you now this particular challenge was made popular by Jennifer Lopez I mean if he saw out the Grammys that body is bangin now she originally did this for ten days but I'm only doing this for seven days because that's just kind of like my series if you feel cheated out of those three days well you could do it yourself and you tell me how you feel I'm already giving up sugar and bread for this and I'm not too happy no I did look this challenge up online and the specific rules of this is to eat non starchy vegetables meat poultry eggs nuts seeds and sugar-free nut butter good fats like olive oil foods to avoid are things like potatoes most fruits grains such as wheat corn and rice breads crackers cakes cookies and so forth such torture no dairy no soda and no alcohol which means I can't even have a glass of wine I'm giving up a lot for you guys there goes my bottle of wine that I just bought well I said I was gonna do it and I'm gonna do it so if you want to see me do it come along ok good morning it is day one of this new carb no sugar and like every weight-loss challenge I'm going to wear myself to see where my starting weight is 1:51 we're also going to just check out what my body looks like before I will say I'm pretty satisfied with my weight as of now we are just doing this as an experiment if I lose the weight I would like to lose it more here I could lose a little bit of that extra baby fat well not really baby fat if your and just for good measure we're going to measure my waist and it is about 33 inches for breakfast day 1 I am eating two hard-boiled eggs seasoned with a little bit of pepper and salt and I also have some organic green tea no sugar I usually have coffee in the morning and even though I think I can still have coffee I have to have it black I don't know about you I'm not a huge fan of black coffee but so far this is pretty much a regular breakfast aside from me so right now I'm just like looking through some of the foods that I can have because I need to make a list and go grocery shopping I kind of got lucky because I had eggs and green tea on me but I don't have any of this other stuff because I ate all my food alright we're going shopping this place is sure making me hungry I will say that this is proving to be a little harder than I thought it was because it said I could have soup and I saw chicken soup smells like gas but I can't have it cuz I have noodles in it so it has to be a chicken vegetable soup which they don't seem to have it's too much work the cheese section and I can't have any of this I'm live alright all done with shopping I think that was a little harder for me to do just because I realized that I buy a lot of carbs and things with sugar in them I don't even realize how much I bought before this so it was kind of interesting at the same time alright alright it's lunch time and I'm eating lunch a little bit late cuz I was shopping for quite some time I ended up making an organic green salad and a little bit of almonds I mixed in some red wine vinegar and olive oil but I also had a little bit of water and because I started to crash I had to make myself some coffee and I realized that I didn't have to have it black I could actually add in unsweetened almond milk to just make it a little lighter even though it's not sweet it still won't be like super strong I'm okay with that oh I need my coffee it is dinner time and tonight I made just something very simple baked piece of chicken with steamed broccoli only concern I have is that I'm eating a lot of broccoli today so that's not good for anyone who's around me later so it is now the end of my day it's around 9 o'clock I think and I got a little hungry for a snack normally I'd probably eat something sweet like ice cream I thought I really good alternative would be some fresh deli pickles there's no sugar and they're just basically vinegary and delicious mm-hmm I don't know about you but there was nothing like a jelly pickle I probably could eat this whole thing good morning it is day 2 and this morning I woke up I'm angry I don't know I just felt like I wanted to fight with somebody and I really didn't have a specific reason why I just knew that I wanted to be combative so I definitely feel a shift in my mood to say the least I can't believe how much sugar actually rules your life all right I've come down enough to be able to make myself some breakfast and today I am eating an egg omelet with half avocado coffee with almond milk I don't really eat a lot of avocado that's not because I don't like it it's just not like my favorite thing since I don't have any cheese I figure that this would be a good alternative to hopefully some kind of cheese I don't know it's oddly satisfying it's around 11:30 and I not like really that hungry but I know that I'm gonna get hungry so I decided to maybe just make myself a little snack all-natural peanut butter this peanut butter has no sugar in it it also contains flaxseed and Chia which is also recommended in this diet plan some celery sticks and of course I have water it's good I mean I like the peanut butter for the record not a huge fan of celery never have been I can kind of take it early bet even in this case I can kind of leave it it's about 4:30 and I still have not eaten a like real lunch so I guess this is going on – my dinner now I don't know why I just wasn't feeling very hungry today I'm starting to now get a little bit hungry I made myself a grilled chicken salad with a little bit of the left over avocado that I had from this morning this time I made my dressing with olive oil and apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar is supposed to help cut fat as well so I figure hey it's worth putting into it I guess I do have a little bit of a headache and that might be just from the detoxing of the sugar which I guess it's working because I can feel it good morning it is day 3 and this morning I'm not feeling that hungry I guess it's from eating a lot of heavy protein based foods I'm just feeling full so the only thing I'm gonna have this morning is coffee Paulette a surprise it's now lunch time I was about to make the same old salad that's starting to get a little boring lunch time is served doing a little bacon avocado rolly-thing I guess everything bacon-wrapped is good right that might be a good thing for me all right so I figure that j.lo probably worked out during this day I'm not trying to work out for seven days in a row but I figure why not throw a little bit of exercise in there just to get the best result my friends chicken rice now I know that you guys might be saying Rob you can help rice on this diet this is rice cauliflower I love rice I eat it almost with every meal because I'm Puerto Rican and that's just how we do so I made sure that I had an option while I was on this so that I could have my chicken or rice oh my god so good good morning it's day four today I'm going to make a spinach omelet and I've already started drinking my green tea searching things up instead of coffee you know it's better for you I guess all then somehow I found myself in the candy aisle and I have to tell you I am a little tempted I have a honey pot I think I still might get it and just eat it the day that I stopped this whole challenge okay so it is now the afternoon and something very odd started happening to me I started feeling a little dizzy and a little faint and very weak and I could feel like heat flashes going through my body which means to me that my blood sugar is low so when I did go back and look at the diet I did realize that I overlooked a part where they said that you are supposed to have some fruit it specifically says blueberries blackberries strawberries which I thought was weird because strawberries are very high in sugar luckily I had some blueberries on hand and I'm gonna have a serving of these and hopefully I start to feel like myself again because that was a little scary for a minute all right now that we got my blood sugar under control I figure out why not go ahead and just make some lunch I'm going to have an all green salad with a little avocado and I think I'm gonna add some almonds and stuff for protein cuz I want to get as much protein as I can also because I'm sick of just drinking water and I don't have any juice to drink I decided to do a cucumber infused water I don't know it just seemed like something that would be different than just drinking clean water that was still in the roll so hmm it's good right so I finished eating lunch which I thought I was starting to feel better but I'm starting to feel down again week and a little dizzy and I have a huge headache I'm no doctor I don't know you know the logistics of what's going on but it could be part of the withdrawal of like not having carbs and sugar or it could be that I have very low blood sugar which is probably a combination just feeling like not like myself so I guess that's what happens when you try something new your body's like what F is going on it is around four o'clock and I have to kind of rush to make dinner today because I have a haircut appointment at 4:30 so I'm gonna getting out of here I figure since I like the rice cauliflower so much just today I'll make another version of that except this son I think I'm going to add eggs and bacon and make it kind of like us I don't know kind of like an Asian fried rice it sounded good to me let's see how that turns out oh that is really good good morning it is day five now this morning I was just researching because I'm kind of getting tired of eating the same thing for breakfast the only thing I can think of is like eggs eggs and more eggs and I'm tired of eating eggs as I was researching the diet I found out in one article Jayla said that you cut out caffeine altogether I agreed to no sugar no carbs I never agreed to no caffeine just because jailor doesn't drink caffeine does not mean that I need to stick to that so I guess I'm just making this diet my own I'm doing the best I got so for breakfast because I'm so over what I've been eating I decided that I'm going to have one glass of almond milk with a serving of blueberries and no it's not the most practical breakfast but I don't care oh I'm just sick of eggs I don't know what else so all right so all the way out for lunch today as I'm driving I'm stuck behind a bread truck isn't it just ironic don't you think we're here today I am celebrating with my family my sister my mom and my cousin's birthday cuz they all fall in the same month so we're just having like one big birthday celebration and I'm supposed to go eat over there so I'm hoping that they have some food that I can actually eat I know they're gonna have cake and I can't have any of that good news bad chicken all right it's a little later at night now it's around like 8:30 and I got a little hungry so I decided to make myself a salad today went pretty well actually I had a little headache this morning but other than that I've been pretty good and just gonna keep on truckin good morning it is day six and I'm not gonna bother our like showing you all my food cuz it's the same damn thing I've been eating every morning eggs and a little avocado green tea some water I know I'm just a basic bitch but it's like I've run out of ideas it is the afternoon and yes I'm still in my pajamas don't judge me for lunch I am having a chicken vegetable soup I am having water and I am having coffee now I know that j.lo did not have coffee on her diet however after doing a little bit more research I found out that she doesn't drink caffeine at all so that's really just a personal choice it has really nothing to do with the no carbs no sugar diet so I'm drinking my coffee again and I'm not going to be ashamed of it I mean you're taking away my sugar my carbs behind my caffeine haha I don't think so I keep seeing this honey bun oh my god it just tastes because tonight is a work night and I have to be at work at 6:30 I'm eating a little bit earlier than I normally do it's about 4:30 and I'm just having some of that soup that I had before because it's just easy it's there and it's quick for me to make do you know datas it's the last epidamnus diet thank God I think today I am going to have an omelet with some broccoli and maybe some avocado surprise surprise I thought that this diet is really a bad diet it's just that it just lacks a little bit of variety and it's just getting annoying I really just want to be able to eat a pancake one day or have that piece of bread alright the Cable guy's here that's why I'm holding Matt cos he wants to attack I did manage to put some berries together that I'm just snacking on until he's done doing his work cuz I like to watch TV now finally eating lunch it's like 1:30 it's a little late for my lunch but I made a nice salad with lots of grains and sunflower seeds in it because that's all the protein I have left in my house after a shopping all right it is almost 5 o'clock and I have to leave it very very soon for work so I need myself this huge piece of chicken I do not know if I'm going to eat this whole thing right now but I figure I just need a lot of protein to just get me through my classes cuz you know I dance for a living so eat it all eat it off I don't I don't whatever I can save it for later oh my god ok I'm back from work I took a shower and I'm eating sort of a snake I don't know if you would call this a snack it's the left over chicken that I had with a salad I got a little hungry I use a lot of calories when I teach my classes so I need a little somethin'-somethin this is my last meal on this diet so basically I'm gonna finish this up wake up tomorrow and weigh myself and see if it was all worth it hopefully it was good morning it is day 8 and I am about to weigh myself to see if I lost any weight during this I think I may have lost a little bit what do you think maybe yeah no so I lost about 7 pounds I started out at 151 and ended at 144 point – that was pretty obvious to me because my physical size definitely change from the first day to the last day and if that doesn't convince you my waist measurements well I started at 33 inches and ended at 31 inches that's pretty damn good so overall does this diet work yes the positive things about this diet is that you aren't ever feeling hungry because you're eating a lot of protein no is it the kind of diet for me oh I don't know about that sometimes you just want to be free to enjoy your life and eat that honey but if you want to God knows I miss cheese I think in moderation eating carbs and processed sugars are okay I do believe that cutting them down is best and obviously it physically shows anyway I hope that you enjoyed this video and if you did make sure that you comment down below and let me know and also make sure that you subscribe to my channel and hit that notification bell below because you never know when I'm gonna come out with a new video and I'll see you next time back and your lest my waist misses I'm going to now that this is over I'm going to treat myself to this honey bun oh my god sorry not sorry

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  1. ⚠️ THIS DIET IS BASED OFF THE JLO DIET (which is a version of the KETO DIET, but not exactly)

    📌 For a FULL LIST of RULES please go to my Instagram Highlight labeled "🚫NO SUGAR, 🚫NO CARBS":

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    Anyone else notice this? Also, what fruits are allowed?

    Thanks guys 🙂

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    I wrote down the meals you've eaten, and going to the grocer right now.


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