Hand Exercises for Gamers

Hello there, if you are a gamer or you are
sitting on a pc or playing on the gamepad all day, you should do my finger hand routine
that i’m going to show you right now. You will benefit from it with stronger fingers
and it will prevent injuries and long term tendonitis. Let’s go. You start this routine by just shaking up
your fingers. This feels especially good if you’ve been
sitting and – you know – clicking with the mouse all day. Do this for 10 to 20 seconds. Just join me on this one. This is a follow-along video. Okay. Afterwards, make fists and open your fingers
explosively. Come on, keep it up. And really focus on making a fist. So not like this, but really press into the
fist before you open explosively. Okay, next exercise: make your hands straight
like this and close them in two steps. Step one. Step two. And then open explosively without spreading
your fingers. And if you have weak hands this will already
give you a good pump in your forearms – and a burn. But that’s okay. You will get stronger over time. Just keep it up. Okay, next exercise: spread your fingers and
then just make a fist with the tips. Keep it up. Don’t slow down, even if it burns. You will get stronger with time. Almost finished. Okay, and now shake your hands again. And if you have weak hands – like i said – you
should feel a good burn in your forearms. But that’s okay. As i said earlier, this prevents injuries
and you will be able to game longer or work on the computer longer and this prevents all
kinds of long term injuries that you can get. Okay? So next exercise: make your hands like this
and now you extend the index finger and now you switch the fingers. Don’t take this literally please. And then you go to these two. Your little pinky finger presses the third
finger up. This again. And this again. This is called the walking extensors. This is really hard. If, in the beginning, this doesn’t work, just
do your best, okay? Just do this as best as you can and really
focus on the fingers here. This is good for finger flexibility. This is good for your agility in the fingers
and also good for the different muscles. And if you can do this quickly, do this quickly. Just do your speed. Okay! Last exercise we’re going to make a fist. Hold this and then after five to ten seconds
spread. Hold this. And after five to ten seconds again make a
fist. And hold the tension here. And repeat. And again make a fist. One last time. And spread for the last time. Okay! Now for the last exercise – it’s a stretching
exercise. Grab your fingers, extend your arms, and just
stretch those buggers. This should feel really good right now. And as i said earlier you can do this routine
every one or two hours that you game, or sit on the computer. If that’s too much for you, do it one time
at the end of your day. You will benefit from it, even if you only
do it once after you’ve played on the computer for the whole day – or worked on the computer
for the whole day. Okay? So please do it! You will benefit from it. And the other arm aswell. Almost done here. This should feel good. And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed following my routine. My name is Manuel from Tykato Fitness. Please subscribe to my youtube channel. Give this video a thumbs up and share it with
other gamers and computer workers that you know. I would appreciate that. Thank you and goodbye!

100 thoughts on “Hand Exercises for Gamers

  1. Ouch. It was burning, then you told me if im weak it will burn hahaha, so i can squat 2x body weight, but cant open and close my hands hahahah

  2. The combination of the alien, somewhat painful hand stretches and this chirpy chap kept making me laugh while doing this!

  3. Thanks for the hand work out! I see that you also climb. I started climbing about 2 years ago, and I really want to develop my body for that more. I looked through a few of your videos and didn't really see anything focused on climbing. So I was wondering if you have and routines you suggest doing.

    I also Road cycle an average of 100km a week.

  4. there are 15 people that need to do the exercises in this vid so their weak finger on the mouse can hit the LIKE button..

  5. I work at a computer all day. I've been doing these exercises for just a few days now and I swear I can feel a difference. The walking extenders is really hard! Danke from the USA.

  6. I'm definitely going to do this every day, already 5 days in! I'm sticking to doing it with your video as well, your positive attitude is just really uplifting to hear and inspiring. Great video, thank you so much! 🙂

  7. I was having early signs of carpal tunnel the last few months and was seeing a chiropractor, sleeping with a brace and and taking it easy on my hands. It wasn't getting any better, in fact slowly getting worse. I started doing your exercises a few times a day about two weeks ago and I'm really feeling much better on my hand. It's hard to know exactly what has made the most difference because I'm only one Data point but I think these exercises is what made the difference. So thank you 100000x! Love your positive attitude as well, very soothing to watch.

  8. Thank you! I'm a professional bassist with a damaged wrist. This exercise has alleviated much pain, and allowed me to continue practicing over longer periods.

  9. Could you do a similar video, but aimed towards the effects of sitting for prolonged hours? I'd love a short video that can help mitigate the effects of constantly sitting. I love this format, just straight to the point.

  10. I randomly ran into this while browsing Reddit, your presentation and conduct are so good it made me go on YouTube and browse the channel, keep up the good work!

  11. I am a tennis player and I have been doing these exercises. Hopefully it will help me to gain more strength in my hands and fingers. Additionally I have been using this kind of exerciser http://amzn.to/2vhIheT in my routine.

  12. You are seriously my hero, these have helped my hands so much since I started doing them. Your encouraging and relaxing presence makes this much easier to do!

  13. This really is a fantastic video!!! You should do a back/neck/legs/feet exercise version for fools like me who have to sit around all day. Stretches/muscle work that can relieve some of the stress on our bodies/promote good posture? Oh man if you did I would love you even more forever

  14. The best channel for whole body development, grip, forearm, flexibility, mobility, body weight and what not <3ed it,,awesome job…
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  15. I really enjoyed this video! If it didn't have the middle finger part, I would totally show this to my students and have them practice it before filling out worksheets or taking a test. However, I don't think there maturity level would be able to handle it lol.

  16. I really appreciate this. I used it at work without the sound most of the time. Today I am making it a daily routine.

  17. I started doing this a few times a day since a week ago. Feels good, helping me a lot in my very intensive game. Thank you, Sir Manuel

  18. Thanks for this, I felt better afterwards. My right indicator has definitely been feeling that mouse click stress lately.

  19. found this when looking for hand wrist stretches. awesome video! now onto your channel and youve got some great stuff! very informational and effective, love it

  20. I was recently diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel, I have to wear braces when I sleep. After following along with this video I am amazed by how much instant relief I got, but also by how under-exercised my hands and arms are! Thank you so much for sharing!

  21. Hey cuz I'm new to PC and tbh I'm not the best but also not the worst. I've put out a montage on my channel to show you what type of clips i hit constantly. I've sent a photo of proof to the insta account and would love to try out. thanks for reading and either way am looking forward to more Team Mystic content

  22. I used to get wrist pains but ive been following this video every day for the past week and a half and i havent had any since. Thank you so much!

  23. Awesome video bro! I am trying to learn how to make cool videos like this. Woudl luv any suggestions you have 👍👍👍

  24. This was AMAZING. I feel very good after doing this. I've been doing wrist exercises for a while and now this. I bet it'll improve my gaming a lot, too. And of course protect me from injuries.

    thank you so much man.

  25. I literally got 2x better aim in fortnite..CSGO etc. Im gonna bookmark this for my everyday routine, thank you! 🙂

  26. I've never had issues with hands and fingers, and I'm in my 50s and have been gaming all my life, mostly on PC. And I've worked in front of a computer my whole life as well. But my main issue is back shoulder pain from mouse usage. If a game is very "clicky," I may get right shoulder pain from the right-handed use of the mouse. My solution is simple: switch to left hand mouse use. Consoles don't give me problems, but I haven't played on consoles too often. Playing on smartphones and other small devices gives me eye strains, and I have to play on a tablet. And of course we also need to watch out for audio levels, motion sickness, heart rate, things that affect our physical well-being. Another thing is breathing properly, which we may forget to do during an intense gaming session.

  27. Thanks. My hands were a little shaky but now I don’t feel like they shake anymore.

    I just have to do this every day.

  28. i have extremely thin fingers (which shock people) and they pain a lot every time i type. i try to practice through this video as much as possible as its my favourite

  29. Thank you so much! I do thsi every time before I hop onto fortnite and it’s made me a better player ❤️❤️

  30. You're grinning so much throughout the video… you're probably imagening how stupid we look following what you're doing, right? (especially the "begginers") xD Anyway, these are good exercises for someone who works (and plays) on pc a lot. Thank you very much 🙂

  31. Thank you so much this enhanced my gaming experience for ps4 and computer for both Fortnite and Minecraft. The last exercise were you stretch your tendons felt good and kinda burned 😄

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