Hand & Finger Fitness to STOP Pain & Stiffness After Surgery or Arthritis

28 thoughts on “Hand & Finger Fitness to STOP Pain & Stiffness After Surgery or Arthritis

  1. This one is exciting. I can almost watch the changes taking place in my fingers over the past six months. Lots of weirdness.

  2. I hypothesize that the 5 down-votes are other therapy channels that don't like that Bob and Brad are doing so well and help people. It's the only thing that makes any sense.

  3. Seems like my 62 yr old fingers get worse daily. Deformed joints, stiffness, bad pain some days. I think exercise really helps. Drugs have too many side effects. Not doing that. I like the hot and cold idea. I've done a version of that out of desperation when the pain is bad.

  4. I have to say Bob & Brad that your information has been very valuable for me personally.

    I can think of several exercises that have helped a lot recently:

    Ball wall squats
    Leg straightening for my knees
    Neck retractions
    Massage and exercises for tennis elbow

    You provide a great resource, thank you. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  5. The cold versus hot therapy works well in seconds. Starting with 5 on 5 seconds and build it up to 30 on 30 seconds. Reps. 5 to 10 times each chosen duration. End the session with the cold water for at least a minute. Your body is than active to heat it by her self up to body temperature. During the therapy water has to be realy hot and ice cold. Not every day of the week. There has to be a surprice effect.
    Sorry for my bad English.

  6. Gentlemen you may be famous on the internet and can help people with some issues but your video's are rather useless for people with real injury issues or those need a fluid routine to achieve the full benefits.
    I have followed and worked with your videos religiously and never have they corrected any issues caused by a lightening strike in 2005 or a 16 foot fall with blunt trauma force in 2010, rarely even relief but am sure others have had some success
    I went searching and found this other video with a girl name Nicol (an exercise/flexion fitness/yoga instructor) and in one session-the hip doctors said would never go/remain in the socket is in the socket and the pain that plague me daily requiring oxi-codiene is now gone and so are the nasty drug.
    I wish you luck and others in their quest for soundness but if these videos need "something" additional to help you reach your goal may I suggest you research Stretches for the Inflexible-a beginners routine

  7. They have found the cure for arthritis in Australia. Please look into pentosan injections. Just seven injections in seven weeks saved my thumbs.

  8. i have done the contrast baths for CTS and it helps tremendously. Also when I've had PT for both of my wrist since I'm diagnosed with CTS in both hands, when I've had my hand(s) in the warm part of the contrast bath i would have to do certain stretches and then move to the cold. I think even those are very beneficial for any type of hand or wrist condition. oh and the thing that you did with the ball I have used the puddy looking stuff too.

  9. Great info guys, I was a guitar player and model kit builder but I just can't do it anymore. Recently my left hand ring finger has been locking up and clicks when I straighten it. Don''t let me start talking about my knees

  10. Brad – I had really bad trigger finger that I needed my other hand to unlock. I changed my diet to Paleo/Keto/Carnivore and my finger no longer locks in place!!!
    Proper Diet is 95% of our health.

  11. 2 things: 1) Was curious if, as physical therapists you are prone to hand problems given the nature of your work and 2) before you even mentioned it in the video I was thinking that what I have found is that when my fingers ache, I need to go wash dishes cuz the hot water makes them all better. So maybe you folks with a spouse whom you ordinarily can't get to do the dishes, encourage them to wash dishes–for their own good. LOL!!!!

  12. Thank you guys, this video was a good reminder… I have been working a lot more with my hands lately and my index finger has been hurting… I just did the exercises and I have to tell you it's amazing how just a couple of minutes makes the pain disapear. Thanks again!β™‘

  13. As an older guitar player with arthritis, these do help, I would also add self massage, plus look up hand exercises for guitarists.

  14. Would these be good for relieving pain from swan-neck deformities? I’ve got that in 5 fingers (3 dominant hand, 2 non-dom) and traumatic arthritis from a deep frostbite injury in my childhood.
    I’m using ring splints and trying to put off joint replacement as long as possible. I’ve already had DIP fusions in my index fingers.

  15. Dearest Bob & Brad. Once again a SUPER informative video! Thank you both SO very much for sharing. .. your videos are truly SO helpful .. it’s very much appreciated.. Definitely grateful for you both..
    sending well wishes & blessings to y’all & your precious families. Shalom. Xx

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