Happy Atoms – Digital and Physical Chemistry Set

Build, scan, and discover the world of molecules…
with Happy Atoms! The revolutionary chemistry learning tool! The physical and digital chemistry modeling
set lets you learn about atoms and molecules in an intuitive, hands-on way. The complete set contains 50 atom models representing 16 elements. The atoms connect easily with magnets
to form molecules. Then, use the Happy Atoms app on your tablet
or smartphone to scan your molecules. The state-of-the-art image recognition technology
identifies the molecules that you build, and provides detailed information about them. The free app invites you to explore the world
of molecules in a fun and engaging way. Follow rookie chemists Harper and Andee on
guided quests to discover new molecules and track your progress along the way. A 16-page quickstart guide and experiment
manual provides an overview of the app and hands-on experiments to get you started. These are the building blocks of the Universe
— Let’s build it! with Happy Atoms! Ages 10 and up From Thames & Kosmos and Schell Games

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