‘He Gets Physical With Me,’ Says Teen Who Claims Dad Hits Her. He Denies It

Okay, I’m glad you’re here, Ashley. I’m glad I’m here, too. I’m sorry that you need to be, but I’m glad you’re here. You’ve been listening to everything so far ’cause I told them I wanted you to hear what was happening out here and know, straight up, I got a real problem with what’s happening in this home. Me too. What do you have to say about what you’ve heard so far? I agree with everything you’re saying. I couldn’t agree more and I’ve been trying to tell this to my mom, too. I tell her these things, and especially about the she doesn’t learn type of thing when it comes to my dad, bring my dad into the picture because every time it’s abusive; he gets physical with me, and I’m not doing that anymore, I’m not gonna see him, I’m not gonna deal with it anymore. So what do you wanna do with your life? Do you have plans? I know you’re young. I’m not asking what you wanna do when you’re 42 and a half. I’m just saying, what’s your general direction? I wanna go to law school, become a lawyer. Do what I can, support my mom, help my mom be on her feet more because she deserves a lot more than she’s been given. And why law? I mean, I’m pretty confrontational and I think I can defend somebody pretty good if I really need to. You oughta have arguing down to a… Oughta be able to argue a case, no question about it. How are you doing in school? I’m good, I get 80’s and 90’s. One of the things that the cameras pointed out that I’m sure you object to having showing you coming and going 2:45 in the morning, 12:30, two. Well, I’m not gonna deny that that’s happened obviously. I mean, it’s on recording. You’re 16, what are you doing out at that time of night? I mean, a lot of the time I’m with my friends or out, hanging out, doing whatever. It’s not anything horrendous. I mean, the hours, yeah, they’re a little weird. But besides that, it’s not… Is this okay with your mother? My mom, I mean, it’s more of like, all right, I’m going out, I’m already kinda out type of thing. I’m not gonna deny it. They’ve said it. I will admit it; I walk out of the house and I’ll tell her, yeah, like, I’m going out. So you don’t respect the hierarchy in the home, you just do what you wanna do? Not always. I didn’t say always. You do what you wanna do when you wanna do it. If you wanna go out, you go. If she tells me not to, then I’m not gonna. But a lot of the times, she’ll say it’s okay. She trusts me. Two battling exes. This is an entitled child. I’m not finished, I’m not finished! My dad gets physical with me. And their 16-year-old daughter You’re sitting over here patting her hand, like I won the popularity contest. I wasn’t patting. Caught in the middle. Do you have a boyfriend that stays over? He recently got arrested. He had no place to say. If you think he wasn’t going in that room at night, one of us is an idiot. All new Dr. Phil. (upbeat music)

24 thoughts on “‘He Gets Physical With Me,’ Says Teen Who Claims Dad Hits Her. He Denies It

  1. Dr. Phil out here posting at 5 am, that's wild

    Jokes aside, I feel terrible for this girl. I was also abused by my father at a young age and had issues with my mother, too. It feels awful, but I know she can pull through. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  2. This girl is blaming her parents but she hasn’t thought once maybe they are the way they are towards me because I don’t listen to them like I mean wtf is a 16 year old girl doing coming home at 1 or 2 in the morning don’t you got school in the morning but i mean at least she got her grades up so she must be doing something right

  3. These parents don’t look like they care what their daughter is feeling. They are the type that listen to that stupid quote spare the rod spoil the child. They feel it’s their right to control her.

  4. It is not trusting you or not … but it is not trusting others, many adult people, who go out at night, end badly, there are people who are forced, for impossible working hours, to come home very late, and at sometimes they don't come home. If a parent tells a child not to be late, it is because the orcs do not exist only in fairy tales.

  5. No one has the best interest in this child these parents need to grow up your relationship is over now it's time to focus on this child or her behavior will get worse

  6. She seems like she just needs to have a better home life and needs to stay away from her father…he seems abusive…

  7. This kid is living in a toxic environment. She is also taking advantage of the disfunction in the home. She is old enough to know better. I also wonder just how well she really is doing in school? I can't believe her grades are as good as she claims. It's hard to concentrate in class when your home life is that chaotic.

  8. You know, I get she's a "defiant teen" or whatever, but she almost has a better head on her shoulders than any of those adults in her life. I really hope that they get it together for her sake, because I think she'll go far

  9. This poor girl has been put in this very adult situation when she’s a child she’s mature because she feels like an adult she feels like she needs to defend her mother and it’s deteriorating her relationship with her other family members who handle the situation horribly hence the coming and going whenever she feels like it scenario because to her she’s an adult to her mother she’s an adult

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