Health and moving updates!

Hey guys! so we haven’t had much time to film any of our updates because we’ve been so busy at the end of this year, but we’re driving to my orthodontist right now. So I figured now was probably the best time I’m gonna get. Sorry, if it’s really shaky. I’m just holding the camera up in front of my face. So Oh no what did I- AHHHH That was the lens cap ; – ; Oh GOD ~ Who needs a lens cap? Here we go I think it’s ~ um.. *stressed laugh* We can find it later, so all the health stuff, uh, breast lump was just a cyst so that’s fine, the high platelet count, the doctor was like it’s not that high, so it’s not something he would worry about yet. It was – mine was like between 45 to 50 usually or something, above 40 to like 50 but he said they don’t usually start worrying about it until it’s like 100 to 150 so, we’re nowhere near that, just a little bit high. And then some of you mentioned that you can actually like donate platelets if you have like a high platelet count, and I don’t know if mine is high enough to warrant doing that yet? But that’s definitely something I could do, so when we move to Fukuoka I’ll look into that and see if that’s something that might be a good idea What else was there? So I had a colonoscopy about those results and the colonoscopy was clean so they were like, yeah, you probably just have IBS so it’s good to know, at least, that I don’t have anything as severe as some people in my family do have, I just have regular old IBS which is probably partially from diet and partially from stress. It’s usually manageable as long as I know my routine. The high eye pressure, they tested my eyes again and let me tell you I have no memory of doing this because this was after my colonoscopy, which I was fully sedated for and for some reason I remember waking up from my colonoscopy and I remember, like, leaving the colonoscopy office, but I do not remember going to the eye clinic afterward. Jun- you were so loud, you were singing, like, karaoke stuff (XD). No, I was not. I know I was not doing that. But I have no memory of the eye clinic But I guess I did an eye test again and they said my pressure was normal this time. So they said sometimes it fluctuates a little. Some of you guys mentioned that if you’re like squinting or holding your breath it can be higher on the initial test oh my god my arms are getting so tired (^。^;) I’m so weak now, I can’t do this. Do you guys want like the under chin? No, that’s gonna be bad, I just gotta do my best. So, I mean I’ll get a test again in a year about that, but it’s probably fine so basically everything was probably fine. So, a little sad we came back from America early and I didn’t get to see my family, but we’ve had so much to do that maybe it was kind of better anyway, especially for this time of year when we’re moving so, the New Year’s Christmas is not like a big thing here in Japan. It’s kind of more like a date holiday, but New Year’s is a huge holiday. Basically everyone gets off work and you go visit your family. So we spent time with both sides of Jun’s family June went and filmed his Uncle making mochi, which he wants to use in a Jun’s Kitchen video, so that’s something to look forward to in the future. What else have we done? We, when we went down to Fukuoka I’ve only been in our new apartment twice we’re trying to figure out what furniture we should take and what new furniture we’ll need before we get there because we can’t just go back and forth all the time, you know because it’s really it’s really far away. So, um Jun- it’s very expensive ~ I mean, it’s as expensive as us going to Tokyo from here, which is surprising considering it’s much farther than Tokyo, but it’s not bad when you consider it’s all the way down to Fukuoka anyway~ We, what was I saying? Okay, so right after we decided to sign the contract for our apartment, I asked the real estate person if I could spend a few hours in our apartment measuring everything. So I did that and I wrote down very very detailed measured floor plans of every single room. I measured everything from like the height to where – the height to where different panels on the walls where like button panels like you know the ones to answer the door and the one for the bathtub and stuff so we knew where that stuff was, so we knew how high the furniture we got could be. So, we have measurements for everything. So we’re actually able to do a lot of our furniture shopping here, before we even move there. So we’ve done a little bit of furniture shopping. We went and got a new bed. I posted on Twitter sometime over the past year like my – what my dream house would entail and I said something something about it being like an extremely large bed, or two giant beds pushed together to make one monster bed so that I could sleep like a starfish XD. And that’s kind of what we did. We ended up buying two semi-double beds that we’re gonna put together. It takes of our entire bedroom! According to my measurements, but we’re finally going to have enough room for us to both sleep comfortably. Right now, we sleep on a double bed and it is not big enough, especially when our cats sleep with us. We have not been getting good sleep for a long time just because there’s not enough room So we’re gonna have a very nice big bed Finally, I cannot wait to be able to sleep on that. We’ve also bought some furniture, Jun’s making a special Jun’s Kitchen sort of room So we’ve bought some furniture for that we have, bought, the – our new apartment comes with nothing so like it doesn’t even have, um Jun- air conditioner ; – ; it doesn’t have air conditioners, it doesn’t even have curtain rods. We have to I did not measure the inside of the window sills though, which is one thing I need to do because there’s some curtains you can get that like go inside the window sills, and some – anyway. So we need … everything, but it’s been very fun, I really really enjoy shopping for furniture, like, decorating the inside of our apartment is one of the most fun parts of moving for me. So, with all the stress of moving, that’s one of the things that has been really enjoyable for us is doing all of the shopping. While I was doing the furniture, there are these websites you can use now that, where you can like literally draw out your floor plans of your specific rooms and they measure it and then you can like add furniture with specific measurements so you can see what it will be like So I’ve been using that, to try to very accurately figure out what we can fit in our new apartment and what we can’t. The moving company is coming in like a week-ish? In like a week-ish. Jun- we don’t have enough time 0-0 Yeah, we need to get rid of a bunch of stuff before they come the first time they come it’s just gonna be for them to get an idea of what they’ll need to do to prepare for a move, I guess. Jun- but we also need to organize a little bit. Yeah, I need to, oh my god, we have so much to do we need to clean we need to get rid of the furniture that we’re not gonna move. Jun- we should make the list today then before the recycling center comes. Yeah, like the thing that really sucks is, you can sell furniture yourself like in Facebook groups or in different websites to other people who are moving and then you can kind of get a little bit of your money back doing that, but because it’s I don’t have – neither of us have – a Facebook anymore and like, we don’t want to let people know where we live, like we feel like maybe that’s not such a good idea. So, in the end, I think we’re just going to sell them to recycle shops like our old furniture Jun- I will give some of my kitchen boards to my Mom

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  1. You had said your dentist recommends how to prevent and heal cavities. In the US they tell you that you can't make them better once you have a cavity it just needs to be filled. I was curious what there tips for healing cavities were?

  2. Man, those doctor's tests really over-react! Why did they give you such a low score when everything was fine? It made it look like you were dying!

  3. Hey guys, I saw somewhere that in some areas in Japan, houses and apartments are being made available for free or very low rent because of underpopulation — maybe you'll be able to take advantage of this.

  4. I've been thinking about you Rachel since your medical report video and am so happy to hear you are not having any serious problems !!!! Hugs and love !!!! 🙂

  5. Rachel, check out myofunctional therapy so all the work you're having done on your teeth doesn't go to waste and so that your jawline gets strengthened and doesn't recess. Look at orthotropics and myofunctional therapy before after images to get an idea. It corrects and prevents the relapse of dental work, which is brought on by poor orofacial habits or poor treatment strategy. I'm really not doing the topic any justice. I'm not trying to offend you either, you're lovely. Just making a suggestion to help you achieve the optimal results you're looking for and to prevent you from spending a superfluous amount on redoing dental work that in a few years could cause aches and pains because the root of the issue wasn't corrected. & hi from canada! : )

  6. It's really awesome that you blur faces when filming in public, that respect for the people around you is so important! <3

  7. I appreciate you guys blurring out strangers faces and protecting their privacy. It always irks me when other vloggers don't take the time to do that so I really like that you guys do!

  8. Its a relief that you are okay but you look stressed out. I hope you guys will have all that you need to much into the new house and be comfortable

  9. Rachel, you might also be interested in the PATH system in Toronto for walking around underground and visiting shops there – though maybe not the crowds. It's also quite different because a lot of the stores are closed on weekends as many are for office workers.
    I can't wait to visit Japan. Thanks for your videos 🙂

  10. What brand of xylitol gum do you use? Recently I've been watching Marie Kondo show on Netflix, do you and Jun fold like that to save room? Does Jun have a way to organize his kitchen stuff?

  11. I recently found all you guys' channels again and I have been binged watching for a whole week already, I'm in love with your videos!!! And your kitties too! 😀

  12. Who watches the kitty children when you both come to America ? Do you bring them with you? 💕 looking to moving to Japan soon but idk how it will work out when flying out of the country with my own fur babies

  13. Just letting everyone know-
    Xylitol is found in a lot of American chewing gum, but if you live outside of America, the recipe for gum may change (even for American brands). Go for sugar-free gum and check the label to make sure it has xylitol. In addition to aiding your teeth, it helps feed the good bacteria in your digestive system. (This doesn't mean you should swallow the gum. I'm talking about when the xylitol is carried to the digestive system through saliva.) Xylitol may be partially banned in certain EU countries, as well, but you should still be able to find it in gum.

  14. USApes🦍🦍🦍 rApe Human.

  15. Hey Rachel and Jun
    I'm a young woman from Belgium and started watching your videos some time ago when I saw they involved both cats and Japan. You both seem like really nice people and your videos are really cool. It's really cool of you to let us follow your life like that, it's nice to see how other people are living their lives around the world. Some day, I would really like to visit Japan, and although I'm not that long together with my boyfriend, we are dreaming of living a year abroad in Japan together.
    I wish you good luck with moving! Don't stress too much, it will all turn out just fine.

  16. I usually use xylitol (more precisely: granulated birch tree sugar) as a sweetener in my tea and coffee and I always sprinkle some on my oatmeal instead of regular sugar. It's not just good for your teeth, but it also has a lower impact on your blood-sugar levels than regular sugar. The taste is quite similar to normal sugar too, unlike some other sweeteners, but it does have a laxative effect if you eat too much so you need to be careful about that. (^..^')

  17. After you finish your Invisaline treatment,

    Don’t get a permanent retainer. Its makes flossing really difficult. You can break it if you floss incorrectly

  18. Hi!! love your videos!!! i like to know if you´d recommend or know something about the toothpaste apagard? thaks!!!!

  19. Rachel – so glad you got good feedback on your health. Please take time to rest and heal, though, as you look absolutely exhausted. I have learned the hard way over the years that if you don't take care of yourself, your body will find ways to make sure you do. And you will usually not like it. 🙂 So please rest and don't worry about all of us.

  20. At first I was like "THE LENS CAP CAN WAIT, KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD" and then I remembered, the Japanese drive on the wrong side of the road, like the British. So Jun was driving, phew ;o

  21. Half my family has IBS and is lactose intolerant. It isn't that hard, even if you can't reduce stress, exercising and keeping track of what you eat, and how you feel after is hugely helpful. I had to severely limit gluten and soy, and have to only have one serving of brassica veggies. Luckily my lactose intolerance isn't so bad, that I can have goat and sheep dairy products, just not cow dairy.
    It isn't a bad lifestyle, just forces me to be creative cooking.
    IBS isn't that complicated, just listen to your body, and adjust as needed.

  22. Oh my god the teeth changing is SO COOL. I wish I could have seen my change. I even had an over bite the needed to be fixed.

  23. Hi! I'm Brazilian dentist and must say that since the beginning of ur video I did realise u were using some kind of invisible braces. Nice! For some cases can be the top treatment. Nice to see.

  24. Please please pleaseeee look up Gojiman on youtube, he's such an expert on gut healing and overall holistic treatment. He also has ibs, candida kits that. Once you send in your kit he'll give you a detailed breakdown of whats wrong and how to fit it.

  25. Is it expensive going to the dentist in Japan??
    Because here in Denmark it is very expensive. I mean even a checkup is expensive.

  26. @Rachel & Jun's Adventures, I know what you are talking about when it comes to eating outside while you have braces. I have Smile Direct Club (no promotions here:) and I even lost weight because I stopped eating like before. Brushing your teeth every time you eat, especially in public places. The 3D scan is really cool, it gives you the motivation to keep going. I am doing mine for 7 months, you for a year? wow.

  27. We NEED underground tunnels like that in Phoenix, Arizona it gets to be like 130 degrees and my pale skin can’t handle it

  28. 💡 IDEA: YOU GUYS COULD MAKE A IDIOTS GUIDE TO MOVING HOMES IN JAPAN! i understand that moving is stressful and its ok if you cant make a video, ITS JUST AN IDEA ❤️❤️❤️

  29. All that teeth care sounds like torture and I told my dentists I couldn't even stand the elastics. (Noe they do irritate the inside of my mouth) but you've got dedication!

  30. I totally get how you feel about those underground walkways. I went to Matsuyama and the underground walkway was pretty straight forward because it does not have a lot of corners or random turns so it was easy to navigate. But Osaka's underground walkway is quite confusing to say the least. I am just thankful that I am quite good with directions and I can remember the places I passed by and stuff so my friend and I were able to get to where we wanna go despite being lost. But it was such a memorable experience because we managed to find such random shops and it had been an adventure.

  31. You may want to look into Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Its much more common in red heads and…Alllll of these random health issues that may seem unconnected… Could be because you have poor connective tissue. :-/

  32. Rachel, if I can make a suggestion about the IBS. I'm in Canada and I had a similar experience a few years ago and none of my doctors were helpful, it was just "ok, you have IBS, so watch what you eat", but I learned that IBS is really just a blanket term for any sort of gastro-intestinal problem, and most doctors are not helpful in solving it.

    So then I tried a Naturopathic Doctor (Naturopath) and with her I was finally able to figure out what had been affecting me – basically intolerances to a few foods (dairy, corn and shellfish) as well as histamines (present in leftovers after 3 days), and an imbalance of the helpful-harmful gut bacteria. So over the course of about 1 year, with diet changes and a few supplements I am so much better! I hadn't realized how crappy I was feeling until I started to feel good.

    So .. just wanted to offer this to help. I've really enjoyed your YouTube channel and wanted to offer something in return! Try Naturopathic Medicine, if that's available in Japan. All the best from Canada!

  33. Did you ever try some sort of detox and chiropractic stuff? detox could help kill some bacteria and stuff… Chiropractic maybe could make organs work better or something… U seem to be pretty tall… Like me i have all kind of issues because of talness too. Something like Yoga could help too getting things in place better. Give you better flow of energy you know…

  34. Sorry for personal question. Did you go through a full biopsy with that suspicious breast lump. How did they find out it was a cyst?

  35. Almost had a heart attack thinking Rachel was filming WHILE driving, then remembered that Japan drives the same as the UK and sighed loudly from relief …..

  36. first i thought "how can she see where she is driving with the camera in front of her face" … but ahhh yes japan has left traffic haha

  37. I reduced my IBS symptoms 95% by eating a Japanese traditional macrobiotic diet. Brown rice, natto, fish, vegetables, tofu. No sugar, no meat, dairy or eggs. Eat miso soup every day.

  38. The part about your health, dental care and invisalign is so interesting because none of the doctors and dentists will tell their patients all of this. Thank you so much!

  39. You might consider that you have a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. I had similar issues and they cleared up within a few weeks of me giving up gluten.

  40. That's very cool about your Invisalign. I want to get that done too! I live in Germany (although I'm from London). May I ask how much you're paying – or is that too personal? I buy xylitol from a health food shop and use it as a sugar substitute, as it has a zero glycemic index (GI) and is good for your teeth. By the way, xylitol even in small amounts is fatal to dogs (not sure about cats). I've been trying to find xylitol gum without talc, which is a know carcinogen, but it's not easy to find this. I have a friend in Japan who'd like to know the name of your orthodontist if you don't mind sharing this info. I often watch your videos, as I loved my visit to Japan (my daughter and I spent a month there last year: Tokyo – Kyoto – Osaka), and we'd love to see more and also visit during the sakura season. I even went to the hairdresser in Tokyo who you recommended and got the straightening treatment and told him that your video took me to him! I find your videos about Japanese culture and your life there very interesting, and I love watching Jun's kitchen and of course the fluffies, haha. May I ask what you and Jun do for a living (i.e. what are your jobs, and how easy is it for you an to work there)? Good luck with your new adventure in a new city. It's always fun to explore your new neighbourhood and community, and it would be interesting to see a comparison video between the place where you used to live and the new one – once you've lived there for a bit. Best wishes from Leipzig in Germany! 🙋🏻‍♀️✨

  41. Yeah I would think diet you know the one thing that nobody thinks is getting them? sugar And alcohol which is sugar

  42. I love so much that even your videos like this get like half a million views. It makes me so happy that Rachel and Jun, the most wholesome and friendly YouTube couple on the planet, are so popular

  43. I was trial and error like crazy… the only time my skin clears up if when i cut out gluten and i am on a regular sleep schedule with around 9 hours a night… and when i say regular i mean like it has to be the same times everyday. the slightest lack of sleep and i will break out………………

  44. I was diagnosed with IBS a few weeks ago and thank god, they found out about this. Not being able to eat for months because I felt like vomiting instantly after eating something wasn't fun, especially not when your about to graduate and have to learn for your exams and can't do it because you can't concentrate and pay attention because of not being able to eat and drink. I mean, it's an effective way to lose a lot of weight in a small amount of time, but you're not feeling well at all (I often felt like collapsing after five minutes of walking). I'm so relieved to know about this now and can change my daily routine because of it, especially now that I moved out because of university, and can stay healthy.
    It needs a bit of time to test out which products are fine and which don't (and when it is okay to eat/drink certain things, for example, I can't eat milk products past five pm) but in the end, I (personally) can really tell the difference from my state of health from a few months ago and being able to eat again is also an improvement for my mental health.

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