Health and Wellbeing in Waltham Forest

All roads we’ve travelled
to find ourselves here. Our reasons varied as our nations. Curators all of stories told and handed down through generations. We artists and strivers cabbies and drivers traders, poets and loft converters. We weave our tales through
a thousand streets. We cannot be undone. Look west to the reservoirs,
the tow paths, the marshes, look east to the stations, the
high streets and markets. T o the north where forests
stretch on unhindered and the south where mirrored
calm still lingers We are Walthamstow. We are Leyton. We are Chingford. We are Leytonstone. From the Lea, the ponds,
the fountain and Ching, We are Waltham Forest and in
defiant unity we sing. Take heart for now the time has come. Take pride for all that
you’ve achieved. A family of sorts we are, a community of communities. We’re not famous like the West End. But then we don’t think we’re
better than everyone else. We might not be cool like the East End but we’re not pretentious either. We’re a patch of North East London where the City meets the countryside. Where urban life can get
some down time. Waltham Forest is home to 268,000 people! and it’s growing all the time. In Waltham Forest health and wellbeing
are not just buzz words. They’re our present and our future. This is where we live. Where we love. Where we work. Where we play. We have the space to breathe. The freedom to express ourselves. Where we can feel inspired. And be creative. Where everybody’s welcome. And we all rub along side by side. We’re not some little dormitory
for city workers. We’re a cultural destination. And place where arts, music
and poetry comes to life. Where you’ll find food for the belly
and food for the soul. Waltham Forest is vibrant. It’s a place to raise a family. Waltham Forest is adventurous. Buzzing. Entrepreneurial. Literary. It’s invigorating. We’re inventive. Caring. Waltham Forest is a place to
achieve, enjoy and grow. And we’re proud to live here. And thrive together. Waltham Forest is our home. Keep hope alive now gentle friend for journeys start, they do not end. From Chingford down to Leytonstone, and Leyton back to Walthamstow as rivers certain of their flow. And what one has, so should we all goo health, strong ties,
a voice equal. for in these streets and
stalls around us the spaces where the
earth unbounds us, a warm ovation now surrounds us, where happiness and home has found us.

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