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And at Sportsmed, it’s our foot and ankle package. Like SPORTSMED SA on Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest news and information. If you’re in need of a podiatrist, mention ‘Footy SA’ when you’re making your booking for a priority appointment. Plenty more to come in the program – lots to come. Benny’s Barbecue up next and we’ll take a look at all the SANFL highlights and Adelaide. Their run home, will they finish on top of the ladder? Stay tuned to Footy SA. I think foot problems are fairly prevalent, however it seems that a lot of people don’t actually act on their symptoms when they first start and definitely something that we see a lot. The musculature in the feet is very important in creating stability and creating control. Definitely from our perspective we’re focusing more on trying to improve people’s strength and control. From a footballer and athlete perspective, if the mind is not in touch with the ankle, the foot or whatever joint we’re talking about, then certainly the instance of injuries is well documented that it will go up dramatically. And certainly that’s our challenge to make sure those injuries don’t happen, whether it be with physiotherapy or podiatry assistance, but also furthermore is that to try and avoid the need for surgery or if they do need surgery, trying to get them recover with as minimal fuss as possible. A lot of the way we used to fix things in the foot and the ankle, was quite immobilsation of the joint and because there’s so many bones in the joint, if it’s very hard to immobilise the joint and plaster without prolonged periods of time off the feet. Now with artificial ligament surgery, we can get people walking on the foot straight away in moon boots or certainly without plaster. You don’t need that second surgery to remove the hardware and because you can progress the rehabilitation in a lot earlier time, not only are complications lower, but the recurrence rates are lower and people can get on with their life with minimal fuss. The question I would imagine that we get asked the most in clinic is what shoes or what boots should I be wearing. Comfort is a real key and the ability to be able to have lots of options in choosing their footwear and then also to have the education and advice from us with regards to what should be comfortable and what also should be functional. I think our patients have really benefited from having that more global approach in regards to their boot fitting.

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