Health and Wellbeing Segment – SPORTSMED·SA Profile

During the week we were lucky enough to head down to Sportsmed. With their magnificent team down there, get back to being you with SPORTSMED SA. Visit Take a look at the great team down at Sportsmed. Sportsmed is a multidisciplinary clinic. We’ve got orthopaedic surgeons, sports physicians, podiatrists, physios and more, all onsite here at Sportsmed. We specialise in injuries and conditions for the musculoskeletal system. That includes arthritis and a lot of joint replacement surgery. You do see a lot of different injuries and a lot of sporting injuries, so our aim is to get our patients back on track doing what they love. So it might be getting someone back in the garden, doing the gardening, a child back on the monkey bars or even the Olympian actually getting back to their training. We are about to open up some new facilities here which will bring a full radiology suite on board and pharmacy. Our sports physicians have grown into a bigger area. We’ll have a coffee shop and we’ll have Clinpath on board. We’re very lucky here, we have a team of practitioners that all work really collaboratively together. Traditionally patients will see their GP for a conditional injury that they may have. They might be sent off the scans or an MRI, CT scan and then have to go back their GP, to have those assessed and then referred on to an orthopaedic surgeon. What we have onsite now, is the ability to have all of that done in one visit, which is absolutely fantastic for our patients – it provides a one-stop shop. What we try to do here is offer a very seamless, integrated service from the first contact with the clinic through reception, through to your admission to the reception here in the hospital, into the operating theatres with very high-class specialised teams, who provide orthopaedic surgeries – they are very experienced in that. Through to the care and recovery and on to the wards. Then finally discharged back to a happy and active lifestyle. We do it all here onsite in a very integrated and seamless way, which we think is highly beneficial to those people suffering those conditions.

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