Health ATM Installed at Lucknow Railway Station

At Railway stations, there are many facilities such as WiFi, water, etc. Now they have installed ‘Health ATMs’ at railway stations. They have done so that passengers can use it and improve their health. It was installed at the Charbagh railway station in Lucknow on 4th November 2019. At these Health ATMs people can walk-in alone and get checkups such as hemoglobin levels, blood pressure test, body fat, sugar levels, bones, weight, height, etc. The ATM offers 16 different health check-ups. There are two types of check-ups. One check-up is for 9 mins and costs Rs 100. The other is for 6 minutes and costs Rs 50. A medical attendant is also available to help the passengers. After the checkup, passengers are required to enter their details such as name, age, phone number etc. and scan their fingerprint as well. After this the report is generated instantly and delivered via email or SMS. In Lucknow 50-60 passengers use the Health ATM everyday.

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