Health Coverage Options for First Americans: Jace's Story

our homeland is part of our identity it's part of our identity because of our our history and shine people currently i am the tribal health administrator for the Northern Cheyenne tribal border health being a tribal leader for close to a decade I've been an advocate for them and a big major part of this health care ice bath we've always had the Indian Health Service to give us health care when we are sick we go to the local service unit my wife started out with pain and her abdomen she was suffering from a gallstone attack it brought to our attention the need for health insurance so i signed up for the marketplace i pay about 155 dollars a month for my premium for my house with a fly those offers i am able to go straight to a provider have a next day or even same day appointment my children are able to do regular schedule checkups her baby my wife is doing very well right now she is healthy health insurance initially was good for my wife but it's also good for me and my family

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