Health Hacks

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m the COO of Health
First Outpatient Services. I’m a leader. But I’d like to think of
myself more than that. I’m an inspiration. And I want to inspire
our associates to be their very best self. And there’s no better
way to encourage them than to show them all the tools,
like me, to reach their health and wellness goals. And I’m starting with this guy. Clearly, he needs a little help. Good thing I’m a pro. Brian said that I needed
to lead by example and show the associates how
important working out is. I told him that I was part
of a speed-walking group, but he told me this
was a No Excuse Zone. I guess I’ll be working
out twice as much now. Are you ready to get after it? Yeah, I guess. We’re going to do this. It’s going to be
good, I promise. Just trust me on this one. Hey there, this
is my buddy, Pat. And today, we’re going
to change his life. We’re going to sign him
up for a membership. He’s going to be
my new gym buddy. Great. You have come at
the perfect time, because in January, we are
waiving our enrollment fees. Listen, I know there
are specials right now. But are there any super special
deals for insiders like us? We’re pretty important
people around here. That’s an OR, not an ER. Let me look up and
see what I can find. See, man, I told you
I would hook you up. I’ve got connections. Let’s get some personal
information from you, and I will get started. Can you spell your name for me? So listen, before you get
too far down the road, you should probably know I’m
super tight with Steve Johnson, you know, Stevie? Steve-o? Estefan? What about SJ? That’s what I call him. Man, what are you wearing? Oh, yeah, perfection. Unreal. Hey, man, what are you doing? I’m warming up. Listen, first piece of advice,
warm ups are for losers. We go full throttle all the way. Well, I just read something
in a recent issue of American You’re wrong, wrong, wrong. I don’t go this fast, but OK. Let’s get it. Alright Pat, second
piece of advice, you’ve got to go
heavy, real heavy. Your turn. I don’t know if I can do this. You’ve got this. Oh, man, I don’t know. Come on, Pat, you’ve
got to feel pain. You’ve got to feel
like you want to die. Come on, pull that thing. Alright Pat, time to move
on to some ab presses. Let’s get to pressing. How many do I have to do? As many as I tell you to. You should do so many,
you feel like you’re going to throw up on someone. Come on, press. Come on more, a little
faster, 55 more, easy weight, easy weight. Hey guys, what are you doing? We’re doing a little ab presses. Oh, well, I’m a
personal trainer here. My name’s Laura. Laura, I think we’re
pretty good here. We’re midway in our I have a couple tips. I think I could help you get
more out of this machine. We’ve used these
machines a lot, actually. Yeah, yeah. So let’s lighten up the
weight a little bit. Let me pull this
back around here. He said to go heavy. Wait a minute. Yeah, but we want to
get you all the way out. I am so stoked that I now have
two personal trainers to help me reach my goals. Awesome sauce is what I say. Are you even a real trainer? They wouldn’t have
hired me if I wasn’t. This is ridiculous. I’m out of here. As a leader, sometimes
I have to know when to step out
of the spotlight, you know, to support my own
colleagues’ emotional, uh, support. They need to feel
important, too. Do I know what I’m
doing more than Laura? Absolutely, 100%. But she’s the “expert.” Certainly, I don’t want her to
feel threatened or embarrassed by my fitness
expertise, so we’re going to let them have
their little moment. I wouldn’t want to
embarrass the lady. I’m here to help Health First
pave their pathway to wellness. I promised my buddy, Steve. He’s counting on me. I can’t let him down. Brian who? [MUSIC PLAYING]

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