Health Hazards of Junk Food — The Doctors

my health habits aren't great but I look fine well Massa actually joins us and you told our producers you can relate to this I can totally really I mean I just love food in general and pizza burgers fries but why why should I change my diet if I'm comfortable with myself when I look at myself in the mirror and go out and get dressed well come up here with me and I think you know massa your story is very relatable but I also think you know a lot of people hear your story and they're frustrated because a lot of people say well no matter what I do I can't get to a weight I'm comfortable with they look at you and they think she looks fabulous and she eats all that crap here's the reality though it doesn't always matter what you look like when we talk about your health you got to look inside because there are a lot of things that go on inside the human body that you're never gonna see on the outside when you're eating a lot of bad food one of the things that you need to start thinking about is what's going on inside your body so let's start with this you have any idea what that is no it's part of your pancreas do you want to feel it I don't even know where that is well let me show you so I have to deconstruct armado yeah but come over here so your pancreas actually lives behind your stomach now I'm gonna try to pull this out oh god I'm gonna take the liver how – so back here is your pancreas okay and what it does is every time you eat a meal like french fries a meal that's loaded with sugar it releases insulin and here is where the sad situation can be for people who have normal weight a lot of people who are normal weight do get diagnosed with diabetes one in eight diagnosis of type 2 diabetics are normal weight but normal weight diabetics a recent study actually showed that they have twice the risk of dying of cardiovascular disease and the reason is that you may be normal weight but that doesn't mean that internally your body's responding any better to the insulin that you're releasing after all these meals it doesn't mean your body's not working twice as hard it just doesn't show on the outside because the other thing that can be happening is internally you know you may not be overweight but you can still internally have a lot of visceral fat covering your organs causing internal damage you know what else isn't in french fries or deep fried food or a lot of the other things you say you like what do you want to feel it you can put some gloves on and it's up to you okay I'm gonna jump in with you because we're really we're gonna do this and this is what a lot of women don't think about until it's too late but I can tell you when you're eating foods of that nature what you aren't doing is building strong bones strong bones okay you know women especially as women move on in life are susceptible to what's called osteoporosis I want you to feel that's a spine okay okay looking at that in profile but women who drink a lot of soda is much more likely to develop osteoporosis women who are not engaging in weight-bearing exercise a lot more likely to develop osteoporosis and that may not mean anything to you now but twenty thirty years down the road when you fall and you break your hip it's gonna mean something to you and right now is when your body wants to be at strongest it wants strong bones you're priming yourself right now with your eating habits to how you're gonna feel 20-30 years down the road oh my god I'm kind of afraid for that every time you eat a meal that's loaded with processed sugars salt butter saturated fats every single time you do that you are putting a burden on your internal organs that will add up over time will potentially prematurely in your life will potentially lead to premature fractures will potentially lead to things like diabetes will potentially lead to a heart attack and I don't care if you're the perfect spell figure or not you got to stop now so that 10 20 30 years from now you don't end up in the ER you know I want this to be the day where you say oh I turned it around and I still look fabulous but now so does the inside so does the inside are Yin [Applause]

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  1. The best and best program I have been MBC4 I watched on the channel was translated into Arabic I understand more

  2. I’m honestly ashamed I can’t believe I’ve done such a terrible thing to such a Precious Thing I feel like I don’t even deserve a second chance like how could I, be this way if I know who I am an who I want to be why did I do this why did I set my own self behind and why did I damage my vessel in such a way, I do it everyday and I am deeply sorry, you have served me so well throughout the years of hurt and damage you kept strong when you should’ve crumbled you resisted when you had no power and still here today after another day of yet again more damage as I am sadden for it is my fault I am the cause of my own bodies pains and damage. I am thankful so thankful you have not given up on me and I can live another day and my soul can have its vessel to make my dreams come true I hope that one day I can repay you by making u happy and healthy before it’s too late I know you have been good and strong but I known you won’t be forever , I wish you were but it’s impossible just please if only you could help me before it’s too late I want to live , life is so precious to me but yet I eat away my life and everyday I step closer to death as I tip over the line to my end. Help me change, I know I am in charge of my destiny and my body and life but why can’t you forone tell me what you need and want and direct me through my lost times. I don’t want to let you down and I don’t want to stop existing and send you to the ground to rot what a precious body even though I judge you sometimes for your brown eyes, or your skin sometimes your hair and the damage I have done myself to you I even though all of this is fact I am deeply thankful you are my vessel I couldn’t have been given a better vessel, there are people with the eyes of the ocean but can not see a thing and here I whine about my beautiful brown eyes that can see the light of day. I am so sorry for being the cause of your downfall I could never repay every blood cell or neurotransmitter or neuron or any cell or part of my body for all that u have done to keep me alive even if I don’t deserve it. Please forgive me.

  3. Just because you feel like you “can” get away with eating junk food doesn’t mean you should be. I believe there is always a cost to eating junk food. It’s not just appearance. It’s best for your health to eat real food for example: fruits, veggies, nuts, meats etc.

  4. I wish people of this world would stay the fuck out of my stomach & my personal business about how I eat & live my life & breathe. It's my life. I don't see one mother fucker jumping all over alcoholics & them drinking too much as the industry of health freaks that jump all over those who eat junk food or unhealthy food. What a hypocritical world we live in. I think my body is my decision & all the health nuts & health freaks in the world are not going to change my mind. I am not trying to live a full life or outlive someone else. When you die, you die. With the way the world is today, I don't see the benefits of wanting to eat healthy & live to see the world continue to got to Hell the way it has. America is nothing to be proud of anymore. The world is a terrible place & I am not trying to live any longer than the average person, but I am not trying to keep myself alive longer while all along doing it & sustaining the act of living longer by doing so by eating nasty ass tasting health food to survive with. I can get hit by a bus today or tomorrow & my eating healthy right now wouldn't have made a fucking difference if I died tomorrow. Today is all we have & tomorrow is never promised. I choose to live it up & eat what the fuck I want & will scrap with anyone who gets in my damn way who's business it is not on how I take care of or abuse my body. My body is not yours & you are a damned stranger who has nothing else better to do, but be a busy body & be nosey into other people's business & take other people's inventory. A bunch of damned nosey people in this world try to tell everyone how to live. I am the boss of my body & if I die, it has no effect on you or any of those people who were nosey about the way I lived. None of those nosey bitches are going to care about my death the way they were so nosey in my life about me staying alive. Do you think any of those health freaks would care enough about me in death as the pretend to care about me while I was alive to attend my funeral? No. They would just have this "I told you so attitude" & move onto the next living person & tell them how to live, food-wise. So fuck those health freaks who stick their nose in my stomach & my life & try to scare me into living longer when this world ain't shit to live any longer than I have to. I would rather die eating all the great tasting foods I loved & it was bliss than living longer & while still alive, I am cringing & frowning everyday that I live longer about the shitty tasting foods I am eating that is keeping me alive to live longer for whatever prize is waiting for me in this world that I will get for living longer. This world ain't shit for me to want to live any longer than what my body has plans for me for by my eating junk food versus eating healthy & still going on living in a world that has health freaks in it that I have to deal with for whatever extended period of time my living healthy yields me. No thanks. The world is not doing me any favors to make me want to decide that this world is worth me living longer than I should. America sucks & I wouldn't want to live any longer than I should eating health food & hating eating crappy tasting food in the name of living longer. Hell's No!!

  5. I wanted to buy those little bottles of the healthy, Slim Fast chocolate shakes… The friggin' price was outrageous!!! Fuck those prices!!! …. Sorry! I shouldn't have to go broke & be in the poor house eating healthy & looking & feeling good. If I am going to be poor, it will be me spending all my money on food that tastes good that isn't so good for me. So, fuck that to eating healthy bullshit. Money hungry health freak industries!! I have more money in my pocket eating what I want that costs tons less than buying healthy food for which all healthy food is expensive when bought over time. Healthy food costs more than regular food. Forget junk food. Any normal, everyday grocery store item food is cheaper than expensive healthy food.

  6. If eating healthy & buying healthy food didn't cost just as much money as fast food, then I might buy healthy food. But, if I had the same expensive price in front of me to choose between eating expensive healthy food & eating expensive junk food, then I am going to eat the junk food. Healthy food tastes nasty. I would rather eat junk & die young loving what I eat, than eat healthy, hate what I am eating, go broke eating it & live forever. If health food was cheaper than junk food or fast food, I might consider switching. But as long as they cost about the same, then I would rather die eating what I love & what tastes good, rather than live forever & eat what tastes nasty like health food. Yuck! I don't want to live forever, or live longer, eating what I don't like the taste of.

  7. You're not going to live forever anyway. You can eat healthy & get hit by a Mack truck tomorrow & it won't make a damn difference that you ate healthy if getting hit by a truck ends your healthy lifestyle living life. When you die is when you die.

  8. With the shitty, Un-American way this world is now, & being treated unfairly, politically, who wants to be alive 30 years from now? You people can keep this country & your health.

  9. That's for all the arrogant fools out there with a great metabolism that always say they can "eat & eat & eat & not gain a pound". This is a lesson for what's going on the outside is not necessarily different from what's going on, …. on the inside.

  10. What was the point of showing a bone if you weren't going to show a bone with osteoporosis for comparison?

  11. My friend is so fit, yet for lunch everyday at school she has like 5 or 6 really bad junk foods. No healthy food.

  12. Are tortilla chips free of this chemical? Would Doritos be a better option because they are not potato? Thank you

  13. And this is why I'm still always trying to eat well even though eating junk doesn't seem to show on me. I know it could be hurting me in another way.

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