Health Intervention for Obese Daughter

Julie’s daughter Miranda is 11 years old and 286 pounds. We’ve sent Miranda to internist and nutritionist Dr. Melina Jampolis to see what damage may already have been done. Hi, Julie, I’m Dr. Jampolis.
Hello. Tell me a little bit about Miranda’s development. She started gaining weight when she was seven years old. What’s a day in the life of Miranda eating? I don’t usually eat breakfast, and then I eat lunch, which is usually a sub sandwich. I eat turkey, lettuce, onions. And do they put, like, mayo or anything on the sub? Yes, mayo. And it’s on white bread, right? Yes. Do you eat any fast food?
Sometimes. How many times a week? Maybe once at the most. The fast food in our house is frozen pizza. How often do you guys have frozen pizza? On the weekend, probably two. So, three days a week total?
Yeah. So, what about sweets and other snacks? Sometimes I get a little hungry and I go and get, like, pretzels and dip. From what you say, it doesn’t sound to me like you’re eating a lot of food. I need to understand kind of what got us here and, right now, this doesn’t sound like what got us here. I’m just gonna take Miranda into my exam room, I’m gonna get an accurate weight on her and a body fat percentage, and I’m gonna check her blood pressure. Let me just take a quick look at the back of your neck. Okay, mom, can we talk for a couple of minutes? Sure. She’s severely obese. I have the results of her blood test, and the results of my physical exam, then I’ve gotta tell you, mom, there are some things that I’m very, very concerned about. We’re joined right now by Miranda’s mom Julie. Julie, before we get into everything that Dr. Jampolis uncovered, I think the hardest part for me in watching, and I know you’ve met Miranda, is to keep reminding myself she’s 11 years old. Mm-Hmm. 11 years old and having the body of an oversized adult. What challenges has that even brought on just day-to-day? Oh, a lot, I mean, she can’t do the things that most kids can do. Running, sit-ups, push-ups, all the exercises that you have to do in gym class. And she’s having a hard time. So, Dr. Jampolis, clearly Miranda has a propensity to put on weight, you know, there are plenty of other 11-year-olds who eat everything in sight and they’re real thin. Right. So, acknowledging that, you obviously did the full exam, sent blood work on Miranda, because you’re worried, I’m worried, I think everyone here is worried, where are things at with her right now? They’re not good, and both her parents are diabetic, so, what I found, you know, already, is that she is already insulin resistant, so her insulin levels are very high, but the blood sugar is still normal. So her pancreas is still working, it’s still pumping out insulin, but it’s working way too hard for what it should be for an 11-year-old, and it’s gonna peter out fast, which means diabetes at a much younger age, which means a higher risk of kidney transplant, blindness, amputations. She already has evidence of fatty liver disease, she has high cholesterol and high blood pressure. And her vitamin D levels, which is very common in more obese people, are low, which is important for bone density, because up till 20, with girls, their bone density is really being optimized for life then. So, there are so many red flags with her. I don’t wanna scare you, but she’s 11, and this is real, and this is serious, and I don’t get like this very often, with patients, but, I mean, it’s just not the weight and the psychological impact, the health right now, it’s something that the family has to be 100%– Is it fair to say you’re– The whole family needs to be in that, and that’s where a lot of us comes in, you know, we’re not all in it together, and we’ve got to, otherwise she’s just, we’re just dragging her down with us. Yeah, ’cause your husband is on insulin. Yes. But you say he’s, really with the sugar is kind of out of control, and he enables her consumption of sugar. And with insulin, you’re just fueling the fatty liver disease, all the processes that are involved with what she’s going through are being fueled by sugar, and if your husband, and I understand that, he only sees her on weekends, so, giving her a candy bar is like bonding, but that has to change, that has to change for all of you as a family. We talked in the last, say minute, how confusing food can be. Right.
Right. And a lot of people out there will hear, “Well, turkey is healthy, so I eat a turkey sandwich, “no big deal.” But then, you mentioned all the white breads, and that’s all sugar and, literally, that sugar, every time your daughter eats it, it’s like taking a gun and loading it with bullets. Yeah. We need to rethink about how we approach the food that she’s eating, because it’s her poison now. And when I saw the results that Dr. Jampolis received through her analysis, that’s scary. At 11 years of age, to already have fatty liver disease, high cholesterol, insulin resistance. We wanted to talk with you alone before we meet your lovely daughter because it’s gotta start with you and your husband together. And so, this is going to require, when your daughter comes out here, I can’t wait to meet her, we’re gonna go positive, because we know shes’ 11 years of age, and that she’s has her whole life ahead of her. But, really, the moment of truth is right here, right now, on this stage, with you, and I know you’re gonna, you know, team up, hopefully, with your husband, ’cause we’ve gotta change, ’cause we’ve gotta save your daughter’s life here. Yeah. (applause) So, this is our moment where we’re gonna flip the script, we’re gonna start looking at all the potential, all the positive, ’cause I can tell by looking in your eyes, you’re ready for this. I am, I’m ready for everybody to… Well, this is a turning point, you coming on our show and Miranda being willing to do this, this is a turning point. When we come back, we’re gonna meet Miranda and, like I said, this is gonna be all about hope going forward.

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  1. I’m a 150 pound pre teen which I’m embarrassed about- should I be trying to lose weight or should I try to keep the weight that I have right now as I grow, I keep on getting mixed answers :/

  2. They’re lying about what she’s eating because if she was eating like that she would probably just be like a regular weight so they should really actually tell the doctors what she’s eating so they can actually help her I feel bad for her gym class tomorrow because even I have a hard time doing push-ups so she must have The worst time doing the exercises

  3. I get that her health is at risk but can you imagine being that beautiful young girl and constantly hearing you are fat I am sure she gets enough of that but just saying she is the weight of an oversized adult at 11 I am sure will not make her feel good of herself

  4. First of she’s lying about what she eats and I’m 11 and no body at my school weighs what much even 13 year olds at my school don’t weigh that much

  5. how did she get that big tho ?? like she must have something wrong with her. i have a normal metabolism and eat so much and i’m looking alright. she must have some kind of condition because that’s much more than just having a slow metabolism. or they could be lying about what she eats ??

  6. So put the hamburgers down then. Why do they treat this like a disease? She just loves eating too much. Fat asses

  7. Coming from someone that was raised on very poor meals from a mother that was going through a lot of psychological problems. Growing up obese is a living hell. Your comfort is food and it becomes an addiction as it's the only thing that brings happiness. I'm pregnant with my first child now who has given me the strength to cut out junk food and focus on my health. I will never neglect my child by over feeding them like this woman has. It's just plain lazy and selfish

  8. You know damn well she was eating way more then some damn pretzels when she get a “SnAck” but if she really wanted the help she would tell the truth so they can help…She obviously didn’t want help🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. So I’m 11 and about 100 pounds. I eat relatively healthy, fast food maybe once or twice a month. I also do 40 sit-ups a night, because I’m trying to lose some weight. I eat some sort of fruit or veggie every day. Usually a treat every night too. I also walk to school and walk my dog everyday as exercise. But, in this situation it’s the parents fault. Why would u wait until she was almost 300 pounds to do something? I know she prob gets bullied really bad. And as well as lying about what they eat, it’s ridiculous. There trying to help u, don’t lie🤨😒

  10. There’s no way she’s just eating that little I eat more than that and you can never skip breakfast because then you stuff your face later

  11. Don't you think it would be embarrassing to be obese and have a room full of people watching you and being called fat on TV would make you feel bad? Exactly. This show disgusts me.

  12. I'm am 11 years old and I wiegh 180 I have low self asteam im fat and ugly I want to change that but it is very hard for becuase my mom is diabetic and my dad is healthy I was born when my mom was diabetic

  13. Me:This girl is totally lying about what she eats!
    Fat activist: She does not need to change I have had that forever, its normal- WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY I EAT PERFECTLY HEALTHY STUFF AND I'M STILL FAT!!!
    Me: Yea sure Patrica!

  14. i used to be 118 lbs and everyone called me “fatass” so i can imagine how terrible her life must’ve been😢

  15. Eating is only half the battle for weight loss. Working out will both help you lose the weight but also from personal experience keep you sane

  16. I myself very rarely eat white bread my doctor calls it the white death you are a literally just pumping sugar down your throat every single time you eat white bread. This family needs to switch to wheat bread and cut Pizza majorly out of the diet

  17. i’m guessing why the girl is overweight is because of her mom and dad. like genetics are linked into your weight. like i eat everything i want and i’m still underweight. her metabolism must be very slow tho.

  18. yes, it’s the parents fault, but i still feel bad for the mom because i don’t think she realized what she was doing.

  19. I am 11 years old and I weigh 174 pounds. I am trying to change my life around. I want to loose weight, not to be "pretty" but to be healthier. I'm on summer break, and in these two months I at least want to loose 10 pounds.

  20. This is just my opinion and i know its not gonna change anything but i just wanna put it out there.
    I honestly think this video is pointless. Yeah she’s a little overweight (not being rude) but putting it on a show for extreme things, putting miranda’s weight on it may idk,, cause her to become depressed. Just go on a diet and be done, dont put it on a show for millions of people to see, with a lot of disrespectful comments. I mean if you asked Miranda if its okay for them to do all of this, then that’s that. That’s just my opinon.

  21. Sorry but like why was the blonde doctor screening when talking, like we get you have to talk loudly but you have a mic on, her voice is already annoying but I know I have to hear it again because it echoes.

  22. on weekends we ate junk food with my dad, its only every sunday though, sometimes i don't even eat food.

  23. Some of y’all idiots have never heard of genetics or health conditions not all obese people are severe over eaters

  24. She was talking on the show before they showed the mom and she’s kinda a hypocrite because she is obese too

  25. I'm 15, weigh 220, I did weigh 236 about a month and a half ago. I decided to go on a low carb diet (tried keto but that shit is too hard) And yeah I know 16 pounds in a month and a half is nothing to you, but to me it's amazing. Well thanks for reading

  26. I always blame the parents maybe if you got her use to healthier choices she wouldent be obese like this!

  27. The first moment i saw her mom in the first video i knew she doesnt have healthy habits for herself first of all and then what can you expect for the kids! Same thing

  28. People in these comments lmao. Not every obese person eats all day. I’m fat and I only eat dinner. It’s a real thing.

  29. I don’t really think they’re being honest about how much she eats.. slow metabolism doesn’t make you 300 pounds

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  31. it’s true that they might be intentionally lying about what she’s eating, but it’s also possible they don’t realize how much they’re eating. snacking, going into the kitchen and mindlessly eating without realizing, having too big of portions without even knowing it’s too much. it’s possible that they’re just uneducated on how to eat.

  32. this is child abuse. It's the Mother's fault 100%. The mother is feeding her daughter much more junk food than she's leading on. All parents are responsible for their child til they become 18, that means they need to make sure their children don't become fat.

  33. Did the mom cut her hair with safety scissors? And take care of your kid. At 11 you provide the food !

  34. I don’t get it I’m 162 pounds 5”9 and not fat but not super skinny so idk what to do I’m completely self conscious about my weight and I don’t look it

  35. When I watch tv shows about overweight people, usually all of the family look very obese to me. Like this mother here. But it's not acknowledged in shows. I guess it's because I'm from Asia and standards are different in the world.

  36. bruh how are these people fat like it’s not that hard just stop eating shit and workout and don’t lie to the doctor abt what u eat they’re trying to help u the mom is literally killing her daughter

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