Health masks not necessary for healthy adults, children at poor ultrafine particle levels

now it’s more than common for people
here in South Korea to buy face masks to protect themselves from fine dust
pollution which unfortunately is a big problem here now to help the public arm
themselves with even more information the National Council on climate and air
quality has put forward guidance as to when to wear masks and when to avoid
outdoor activities park se-young has this report the negative effects of fine
dust and health have long been known this is why many people choose to wear
face masks when fine dust levels soar however the standards as to when to our
mass and when to avoid outdoor activities have been very vague this is
why the National Council on climate and air quality has come up with public
action recommendations for fine dust healthy adults and children do not need
to put on health mass even when they’re poor ultrafine dust levels as long as
the concentration is under 50 micrograms per cubic meter the standard for outdoor
activities which used to be restricted on polluted days has also been east for
the healthy group vulnerable groups like the elderly pregnant women and people
with lung conditions are still advice to put on health masks when there’s poor
air quality and ultrafine dust concentration of 50 micrograms per cubic
meter is bad however recommending face masks or
restricting physical activity can cause other health problems experts added that
it’s also better to vanilli indoor areas even on polluted days they recommend
three ten-minute ventilation periods a day park se-young arirang news

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