Health – Sign Language Tutorial (BSL)

On-screen CC, enjoy!

18 thoughts on “Health – Sign Language Tutorial (BSL)

  1. my girlfriend is going to love this series! She's studying to be an ASL interpreter but loves to see the difference between that and BSL. Plus once she found out you were also a lesbian I think she fell in love πŸ€”

  2. Thank you for the video Jessica. I'm a nurse and maybe this will be helpful someday. Although I don't live in England πŸ™ˆ love your videos 😁

  3. This is going to sound proper weird… but here goes anyway! Could you do one of these tutorial videos for a fish and chip shop? Because I work in a F&C Shop and I'm trying to learn some so I can take orders for someone that signs! I can't hear to take orders verbally or on the phone – so signing i could! πŸ˜‚ thankyou 😊❀ xx

  4. This is great! My sister wears hearing aids and relies a lot on lip reading, so we use the signing as like a little something extra. Hope you dont mind me asking, are you completely deaf?

  5. Hey I was wondering how different asl and bsl are such as if one person uses asl and the other bsl would you be able to understand each other like some one hearing from America could understand someone hearing from Britain

  6. I'm learning ASL but checked out this video and the one on Deafness. Very cool! I was surprised they didn't include the BSL word for cochlear implant though.

  7. Would love to have some more words to learn in this category to help us communicate in the medical field for nurses and caregivers etc. Your videos have been very helpful!

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