Health & Wellbeing Life Domain

This is the Health and Wellbeing Life Domain.
Here you think about both your physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Please start with thinking about what you currently do, that you want to continue.
Let’s have a look at Tom. Tom currently plays soccer once a week and
eats quite healthily, however he drinks soft drinks every day. Tom has epilepsy and is supported
to take his medication by a staff member or his family. When Tom can’t have soft drink he becomes
upset and won’t play soccer. He also doesn’t like taking his medication because he likes
to do things himself but this poses a risk on him.
With his family, Tom thinks about what he wants this area of his life to look like,
and how he could be as healthy and well as possible, while having the things he enjoys
present in his life. Tom would like to be more in control of his
health and have the skills to manage a balance of a healthy lifestyle and the odd treat so
that the things he enjoys stay in his life. Tom would like to maintain his current soccer
arrangements. This is very important to him. He would also like to be more independent
in his health management including taking his own medication.
Tom’s healthy eating is something he also wants to maintain. He has thought about all
the actions and supports involved to maintain this
including visits to appointments, specialists needed, transport, support with meal preparation,
and all the support he currently receives to manage his epilepsy
Now, when you consider this area of your life, remember to think about both your physical
and emotional health and wellbeing. Consider all of the steps involved to support
you to achieve your health and wellbeing goals. Consider any training, direct support, transport
or other supports that may be needed Remember you can look back at the instructional
video if you need tips on how to fill out the tool below. Good Luck!

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