Healthiest Nation in One Generation

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  1. Listen to this while watching this video, because why not?

  2. I continue to really appreciate this video. Happy Public Health Week 2015.  People don't realize how much Public Health really does.  For the haters:  it is difficult to believe you have an educated or informed opinion when you misspell the very things you protest.   But its ok, don't worry, public health professionals work to create a healthier community for everyone, in spite of the few who spew their negativity on the rest of us.

  3. I love this video on Healthiest Nation In one Generation, now i understand why my mom taught how to do  and choose the right things now I am teaching my daughters to do the same.

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  5. I like the goal of the video and it's very catchy. However, public health is not a competition, and "THIS IS THE USA" is a silly reason to think that public health should be better in the USA. Actually, "THIS IS THE USA" is the reason there's so much terrible health (we're the #1 consumers, what do you expect?!). Everyone in the world should be healthier, and deserves to be healthier, regardless of circumstances.

  6. Great video, but one thing. Who is the target audience? I'm concerned that the people who choose to watch this video are people whom are already taking action on public health issues. To target those in the pre-contemplation stage and contemplation stage of making behavioural changes we need an initiative to show HOW to make change, rather than simply showing that change is needed. The ordinary person watching this will most definitely agree with the video, but they will say "So what can I do?"

  7. I felt like the words moved a little too fast, though I'm a slow reader (and easily distracted). Other than that, it offered a broad range of tactics to increase public health knowledge and programs. Public officials, especially ones in low-income areas, should be shown this video to promote policy changes!

  8. it should also say 'diet and exercise' for how we fix this- its called, don't get sick in the first place.

  9. hey, I dont have a fast internet connection but I'm very interested on knowing what is in this presentation. So could you please tell me in writing? Thanks!

  10. @ladybrrd What may be obvious to you is not to impoverished or disenfranchised people who don't have access to quality food, education, and effective role models. This is not some political or ideological conspiracy, it's to reach the average persopn who doesn't consider the impact of diverse public health programs in their community.

  11. @poisonplumbs Not sure where you get your facts from, but this is not propaganda or some conspiracy plot. The goal of this video is to simply show the personal impact of public health programs. This video captures a personal narrative within a larger context.

  12. Furthermore poisonplumbs I would point out that the kids these days you are speaking of are only "dumb" becuase parents don't take the time to discipline their children properly and teach them to be diligent in their work! Just like with grades in school Health is an OPTION. It is our job to provide all the resources we can so people can CHOOSE to be healthy we can't force them. Just like here at my college I choose to do my best in school and to work out and eat properly!

  13. Unless you can produce scientific evidence linking immunization and fluoridation to children being "dumb" I don't think I would make such a haughty claim becuase the fact of the matter is YOU CAN NOT! The fluoride count in the water is 3 ppb (that's parts per BILLION for those of you (obviously) non science types) And ladybrrd like was said everything that is for the well being and quality of life is considered public health not just epidemiology & washing your hands!

  14. This is retarded. This stuff is obvious without a public health system.

    I hate it when politicians use this heartfelt bit to get their way.

  15. US indeed needs a public health system, but unfortunately even Obama will doubtfully support this.
    "Safe sex" is great, but abstinence is much safer- let's not forget that it is possible to remain abstinent.

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