Hey folks it is barry here welcome to my virgin
kitchen, now one of the most googled recipes of last year was something called chicken
marsala, ok not chicken masala which I had heard of more, like a curry kind of vibe this
is marsala which uses marsala wine. Basically this stuff and for a change I am not going
to drink it on camera today but it adds a really nice flavourful sweet vibe in there
and with it being the fat boy slimming month this is a slightly lighter version of it it
is the first time I have discovered this recipe first time I have tried it and absolutely
love it, mrs barry raved about it and pretty darn good for you as the original had cream
in it and we have just omitted that so if you want to have a go the full recipe and
steps are at my virgin kitchen .com but this is how you do it.
We are going to use some chicken today and I opted for chicken breast but of course you
could use chicken thigh, they are obviously quite thick at first so what we are going
to do is bash them between greaseproof paper with a rolling pin to get it nice and thin
and even it is quite a soothing task. Get yourself a bowl of flour, season it with
salt and pepper also add in some garlic powder, oregano and thyme, just give that a little
mix around to season now that flour my friends was not just any flour I get a lot of people
asking for gluten free recipes that was gluten free flour how cool is that and to me it did
not seem any different when I made the recipe. So we have some sliced onions and mushrooms
here and again I am just loving using my gadgets to make things easier but all we are going
to do is use some spray oil in a pan a lot of you have suggested using spray oil so I
have done that and added in the onions and mushrooms you just want to fry that up so
it starts to wilt and smell really good so the onions give way and the mushrooms shrivel
up smelling stonking in your kitchen. So from that pan for the moment remove the
mushrooms and the onions, then you are going to dunk the pieces of chicken into that seasoned
flour get it nice and coated just shake off any excess.
Using the same pan a bit more spray oil put the chicken in there and cook until browned
both sides looking gorgeous, once that is done, remove from the pan. I do not know about you but I love one pan
recipes, there seems to be some sort of laziness about it and it seems to make sense with this
recipe in particular so what we do with that same pan is add in the stock and the marsala
wine, do not be afraid to scrape up some of those flavours over the low flame you know
from the chicken and the vegetables that we cooked before and then what we do is lay in
the chicken breasts we have cooked and return the onions and mushrooms now this is my favourite
scenes from the whole video, it is just simmering those flavours down, oh my gosh you just want
to reduce it down until all absorbed into those other ingredients in the pan looking
so good. Then it is just a case of serving it up so
I just piled it on a plate with some kale, rice and an extra sprinkling of coriander
on top, visually it does not look like the best recipe ever, but I promise you it tasted
phenomenal. I loved it. Oh my gosh that chicken is so soft and gorgeous
and we have not put any cream in it, no wonder this recipe was one of the most popular of
2016, I am had not heard of it before but it is gorgeous give it a go. There we are then another lighter recipe for
you to get involved in particularly if you are getting involved in the fat boy slimming
month, I do not know about you but I am feeling pretty darn good, it has only been a week
and yeah feeling more energetic, dancing and stuff, do not forget to subscribe for regular
recipe videos let me know down below what recipes you want to see next, follow me on
social media for behind the scenes bits and bobs, and see you next time, ta ta for now,
try you are going to love it.

99 thoughts on “HEALTHY CHICKEN MARSALA RECIPE | Fat Boy Slimming #3

  1. This looks delicious. I love anything with mushrooms so this is right up my street! I need one of those chopping gadgets too. Where did you get it?

  2. Yo Barry, what's the gadget that you used to chop the onions and mushrooms?? It looks like it'll be good for my mum, love the videos ๐Ÿ‘

  3. This looks fantastic! I have chicken ready to go for tonight. I'm doing it! thanks again Barry. I don't do social media so can't send a pic but YUM.

  4. Chicken Marsala is my favorite. It is a common menu item here in the states. Can't beleive you have never heard of it?!?! French dish I am guessing though. Usually loaded with cream and butter. Love it with some mashed potatoes and putting some of the sauce on them too. Will have to try this lighter version….and gluten free…. go you! Chicken picatta is quite good as well, I am not a fan of capers though so I did it with out it. Usually has white wine, lemon, mushrooms and capers with chicken. Good falvor. If you liked teh Marsala you would probably like the picatta.

  5. I have a family recipe I use all the time and I find it really cool to see someone else make the same dish. Still looks amazing! I'll be trying this for sure. You always make some really bangin' food.

  6. Thank you so so much for making this without gluten! I will make this. You are the best! Hug from Norway.

  7. Also consider for the breading to season the chicken directly, and leave the floor plain, only spooning over as much flour as you need. You get a lot more seasoning on the chicken that way, and don't end up wasting most of a bowl of flour.

  8. Looks delicious and can't wait to try this!!! Always love your videos! I am down 7lbs so far for the month and feeling great!!!

  9. Barry is there any way you could specify coriander leaf vs seed. Obviously in your videos using fresh leaves is well … obvious but on the web site not so clear. I'm from the US where they call the leaves something else.

  10. can you make some more videos with your younger doughter she รฎs cute.
    by the way can you teach her to say "my mind is telling me nooo!!, but my body, my body… is telling me yeeeeeeeeess! (please)
    when you older doughter said it it was so nice

  11. yum yum. don't have marsala wine but have sherry and port – sure it will be scrumptious! I am also trying to cook healthier this year and this looks so good – and i love one pot cooking! What was the rice you served?

  12. Hey Barry I was wondering, do you ever create a recipe on video, taste it and then find out it tastes absolutely terrible and toss the whole thing and video? Just wondering. Love your foods thanks.

  13. hey Barry if your reading this my mam is disabled and it's her birthday soon and so loves cooking so I was wondering if you have 5 good gadgets that u think I could afford it would be greatly apreasheated thx
    ps I'm new to ur channel and I love it ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

  14. Love chicken marsala. Maybe it's more of an Italian thing (?) since I grew up with this. Great recipe. Love your twist on it.

  15. I have just started the vid and you said that you won't swig the wine??? Why Barry why??????? Soz.. u don't have to… but pls do a shoutout!!! ๐Ÿ’—

  16. Gotta say, fry light is great and all, but it has ruined multiple frying pans and woks in my house. maybe try coconut oil.

  17. Whats the purpose of the flour coating on the chicken? Could it be used with other spice/herb mixes when pan frying chicken?

  18. So you guys in England that have something called something similar? This pretty much on every menu here especially at Italian places.

  19. 3:04 he doesn't even taste anything, he's put an empty fork into his mouth and pretended that he is eating the dish…… lost a lot of respect after that

  20. Back in 2001, I learned this recipe for my cousin's wife's birthday, it was her favorite dish. The Marsala Wine was a little hard to find, but it has now become a staple in our kitchen. I have substituted pork cutlets for the chicken and it is just as amazing of a dish! The thing I like most about this recipe is you change the Marsala to Lemon Juice and you have Chicken Piccata.

  21. Thank you for the gluten free shout out! I love your recipes, but sometimes I struggle to pick out the gluten free alternatives I can use. This looks delicious and I can't wait to try it, but I was wondering if there were any other wines (maybe cheaper/more common) that I could substitute with, unless Marsala is decently priced and available?

  22. Barry do you not think the reason that "marsala" was the most googled recipe is simply because people can't spell "masala" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  23. This is one of my favorite meals, hands down! I figured out how to make it when I was about 16.. and this is pretty much how I've always made mine. The only thing I really do different is, I don't add onions and I cook the chicken first and then use any leftover oil to fry up the mushrooms. Then I add the Marsala to the mushrooms and let it pick up all that flavor and reduce before adding a little stock. I'm sure that it really doesn't matter now that I think about it… I ended up having to figure it out myself, so that's why I've done it this way all along.

  24. I used to be okay looking at raw meat, but I recently started working in the meat department of a grocery store and now seeing it outside of work makes me nauseous.

    Anyway, how was your day?

  25. Those gluten free flour mixes are often not the healthiest things. If you need gluten free flour in a recipe like that, to make chicken/veggies crispy or to thicken sauces, try corn starch/flour (as it is called in England). It's naturally gluten free and makes things extremely crispy!
    Also, for thickening sauces the best thing ever is arrowroot flour! It works exactly like corn starch, but it binds free radicals from your body! I love it and ALWAYS use it for thickening sauces! ๐Ÿ™‚

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