Healthy High-Protein Recipe for Fat Loss and Fitness

High-Protein Popcorn Hey everyone! Today I want to share a delicious
high-protein popcorn recipe with you that’s perfect for fat loss and it tastes awesome
– you will love it. 

In fact, one of our success stories just recently switched
from his “healthy” popcorn that he used to eat, among other simple tricks that we
taught him, and he lost more than 40 lbs in just 12 weeks – without sacrificing any
of the foods he loves. Now, popcorn itself is a pretty healthy snack…
• It is a whole, unprocessed grain that’s full of fiber.
• It is packed with polyphenols — same ones found in red wine and many fruits and
vegetables, which help fight cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and other diseases.

there are 3 problems with most popcorns: 1. First, most store-bought kinds are loaded
with saturated fat and calories. A medium-sized popcorn at the movies typically has nearly
1,000 calories.  And although you can find low-calorie microwave popcorn packets in the
store, they are normally loaded with salt, sugar, and a variety mystery ingredients that
aren’t so good for you, such as… (I can’t even pronounce this) 2. Second, although popcorn is a whole unprocessed
grain that’s high in fiber, which is great, it doesn’t offer much protein – and definitely
not the high quality type… and as you hopefully know, it’s very important that you balance
a protein source with your carbs at each and every snack and meal, as this will help you
stay full longer, stabilizes your blood sugar, and improves your metabolism.

3. And the 3rd problem — without anything added to your popcorn, it pretty much tastes
like cardboard – and that’s no way to live. You absolutely have to balance healthy with
delicious or it’s just not at all realistic that you’ll stick with it.

The good news
is I have a high protein popcorn recipe that solves all three of these problems and is
FITera approved:
 – healthy and effective for fat loss
– quick and easy to make – no expensive or hard to find ingredients
– and absolutely delicious   So let’s get to it – you’ll need:

•             1 tablespoon coconut oil, which has all kinds of health benefits,
including lowering cholesterol •             1/3 cup popcorn
kernels •             1/4 teaspoon vanilla
extract (or you can use almond extract or even almond or coconut milk)
•             3 tablespoon protein powder, which is about 1 scoop (I’m using
vanilla, but any flavor work well) Directions:
Put coconut oil in bowl. Microwave just until oil is melted, about 20-30 seconds. Pour popcorn
kernels into bowl; stir to coat each kernel with oil mixture. Even out kernels in bottom
of bowl. Put vented microwave cover on top (you can get these at Target) and microwave
on high for 3-5 minutes, whenever there are about 2 seconds between pops. While still
hot, mist popcorn lightly with vanilla extract and sprinkle with protein powder; toss and
repeat until evenly coated. 
And that’s it! Now, you have a healthy
snack that’s a natural carb combined with a healthy source of fat and a really high
quality protein – and it’s really delicious, you’re going to love it. If you liked this
tip, please give it a thumbs up, share it with friends and those you care about, and
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recipes to share with you at the link below on the FITera website, which is 100% free
and I’m always there and available to answer any questions you might have!

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