Here’s Why the BlueDriver OBD2 is the Best Scan Tool in the World

Rev up Your Engines! Today I’m going to show you how you can fix
your car with your phone, and I’m not talking about calling up your
mechanic to come fix it either, even the cat wants to know whats going on,
I’m talking about using one of these wireless communication devices,
to analyze problems in your car, in this case, it’s called a Blue Driver,
now there’s tons of these little OBD readers out there,
my advice, don’t buy the $10 or $20 ones, they don’t do much,
this particular one is $90 and it does a whole bunch of stuff, as I’m going to show you,
you just plug it in the data port, right here, you can see it’s on, it’s blue now,
then start the car, then you can access all kinds of information,
in this case we are going to read codes, we have all kinds of choices, in this case,
we are going to do the whole system, and in this case there is no codes,
I know that because this is my car, but if there were codes, you can also clear
them after your fix it, and it automatically clears codes,
and if there were codes, it will show you the freeze frame data,
it will tell you with smog check whether it will pass the emissions test or not,
and as it says here, you passed the test and you can get your vehicle smog checked now,
and it even does mode 6 data, which is very complex data on your car,
to find out if you have a weird problem, you can pinpoint it this way,
and as you can see here, they are all check green,
if you go through them all and they are all green then, they are all fine,
if there is a problem in the system, it won’t be green anymore, it will be yellow or red,
and then you know to check that system, and perhaps the coolest is vehicle information,
check this out, it gets your VIN number it check through your
car, it can tell you if there is any recalls, and in this case there is three, one for air
bags, one for engine, and one for equipment, it shows that there is a recall for the main
computer, so if you ever have a problem with the main
computer on this vehicle, Toyota has to replace it for free,
now you know, it even includes service bulletins, look at
this, it shows you known problems that we mechanics
know all about, and that is a lot of information that’s really
in depth, that anybody might want to know if your going to fix your own car,
these Blue Driver guys are serious, they are always updating their information,
it’s worth the $90, you buy a $10 or $20 one, you get a little bit of information, but nothing
like this, so now you know how to use your phone to fix
your car, just don’t try using it as a screwdriver! more quick fixes on the Scotty Kilmer Channel.

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  2. Can the blue driver recalibrate steering angle sensor on Nissan Armada?
    Thanks in advance for your advise.

  3. When codes are cleared but not fixed in a vehicle, can this obd2 scanner see the issue even though it’s been “cleared?” If so, how? In scenario of buying a used car from someone who’s car has issues but no lights because they cleared the codes… if this was used can it show their deception?

  4. Hi Scotty, any update on latest scanners. can scan transmission, diesel engine cars and likewise trucks..
    any recommendation

  5. These BlueDrivers are great and you better get one or "YOU'LL BE LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER"!!!!!!

  6. Californians Scotty. Californians. I recommend the Californicode 3 reader..not only does it fix the car it has the black book section . Now this can get you in trouble I recommend protection eye wear gloves lots of gloves and watch out for the leather lady in Springfield with the caged doberman

  7. Im so impressed with the info Scotty provides to us trust me when I figure out how to set up a meeting in Houston with him….im giving a donation in support. Thank you Scotty

  8. Does it include its own app or you'll have to install it? why not show us how it operated from the point where you buy it and do a code reading.

  9. He's getting paid to advertise this tool. I bought it and its not that good. This just tells cheap codes you can take to AutoZone and get it checked free.

  10. I just watched a Scotty video yesterday telling us not to use scanners that work through your phone lol!

    i think it’s an electrical fault in the system

  12. Can it tell me p transmission codes. Because my ford150 transmission is acting up but not throwing any codes.

  13. Wait a minute, I just watched one of your videos where you said don't buy any of those Bluetooth code readers that work through your smartphone. Now you're advertising for one. What is a plugger to think?

  14. It's actually not the best because it doesn't support bidirectional control.. All it does is tell you the codes which any basic scanner can do! You can't actuate any of the systems or sensors in the car like the Foxwell obd2 scanner can!!

  15. hey scotty, will this bluedriver allow me to activate/deactivate the evap cannister vent valve on 2001 honda civic?

  16. Scotty I really appreciate the info. But, I have to ask is there another device slightly cheaper you would recommend? And could I use the devices if I were to go to an auction, like is it allowed? Thank you I've learned a lot from your videos.

  17. Hi scotty my sister in law has a 2007 jeep Cherokee 4wd 4cyl makes a clicking sound when trying to start also transmission over heat on dashboard any help is appreciated

  18. What do you think of the system that will break if you are about to hit something. They put it on the tractor and trailer I use to drive, and it is no fun for it to apply the break's going down interstate. Scares the hell out of you, just because a car cut back in to quickly, that will set it off. I Think it is dangerous myself.

  19. Scotty how does it measure up to the 5K unit you always show us? I have a 2004 911 & I have a problem w/ my oil pump going on and off.

  20. Hi Scott I was wondering will this do DIY push button remote programming as well? Not the FOB push start engines, thanks in advance mate.

  21. Good video as always Scotty but my car didn't read that my stereo was disconnected. I don't know if this is supposed to diagnose these problems with the bluedriver

  22. Based on company information I've gathered, it looks like Fixd will eventually be crowned king. They are aggressively fighting to be top dog and have twice as many employees as Lemur -which means more frequent updates for customers.

    The only big name competitor is AUTEL Automotive, buy they are high end ($800-$4,500) tools aimed at automotive professionals and mechanics who want top notch 24-hr phone support from engineers who will remote log into your device. BlueScanner offers some phone support while Fixd is email only.

    This technology looks like a great investment opportunity to invest in for another 10-15 years, but they are already making cars with bluetooth/wifi diagnostics so these readers will be obsolete one day, but not as long as there's cars from 1996-2020 on the road.

  23. Perfect!!! I knew if I searched "Scotty Kilmer OBD2", you would have a vid recommending the best Bluetooth diagnostic scanner 🙂 Thanks mate

  24. I had a 95 Celica Gt got rid of it kind of at your advice (clutch cable went out) and I got a 2004 4runner. Now I am buying this device cuz of your recommendation. Thanks for being direct about things

  25. The my question is the device OBD2 tools keep plug inside the socket as permanently …? no need remove pull out if only we need checking scan..? please give me the answer solution right way.. thanks bro.. greetings from jakarta…

  26. That's a lot of problems in a Toyota, they're not supposed to have any cuz they're the best cars in the world…signed- scotty

  27. Hey Scotty great video once again do you know if this reads transmission data like fluid temp. Primarily in a CVT transmission?

  28. Scotty, I take it that even if you have one or more years old OBD2 wouldn't make any difference since the App in the smart phone updates all the time. Second comment … even if your car runs perfectly well, this tool should give you peace of mind. Third comment: it is wonderful that this tool helps you keeping track of the maintenance schedule. Thank you again.

  29. I bought one of these almost 3 years ago and still get free updates. I love it! Best one out there as far as I’m concerned.

  30. The thing is will that read European cars especially Mercedes since regular OBD scanner can't do much with it

  31. Hello Scotty, what do you think about FIXD scan tool? it seems kind of similar to BlueDriver… any advice?

  32. You are the best to enlighten how to repair engine technical work I learn alot from a very short vedio nice vedio good work thanks yes you right don't buy cheap one makes sense

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