91 thoughts on “Homeless Woman Denies Adult Children’s Claim That She Has A Mental Health Disorder

  1. This woman is in a huge denial she needs to get help she has mental issues. She’s a nasty condescending, narcissist, rude person and her kids should show her some tough love.

  2. i feel bad for her.

    hope my kids dont turn on me like this if i ever end up like this, dragging me on national TV to embarrass me.

  3. What kind of kid lets their parent be homeless? The parent that birthed them after 9 months of pregnancy, provided them with a home for 18 years, and this is the thanks she gets?

  4. Why her kids kick her out. No matter what . its her kids false. Same will happen to them. They must takecare of their mum. Job or jobless she is their mother.

  5. At 60 she had every right to stop working. She was tired obviously. Could no longer afford her apartment. Found a younger man to love, so what? Men do this all the time and are not called mentally ill. If the kids won't accommodate her, her car is the only solution. She took care of them but they cannot take care of their mother. No wonder she is upset. All they can do is label her and bring her onto Dr Phil.

  6. She definitely needs help,but I could NEVER let one of my parents be homeless…no matter what. They don't have to stay with me, but they would be taken care of.

  7. In a different video, she said she went to live with her daughter after she lost her home, but was thrown out there too…….her daughter……..

  8. She is unbalanced. STOP GETTING ANGRY AT HER! This is NOT her fault! She needs a group home setting, like my uncle has, where he's thriving. Her children shouldn't be allowed to see her or talk to her until they get some counseling. They want her to be their "mom" again. They want her to be magically all better cause dealing with mental illness is hard on them. Disgusting behavior, grow up.

  9. Dr Phil just simply confirms how out of touch elite philosophy is with the average person . The system in America has failed people and broken down, and Dr Phil is rewarded with power and affluence for reminding people of how its all their fault . The ideology of the super rich is 100% pathological, meritocratic nonsense . People ought to watch Pulitzer prize winning author ,Chris Hedges , Youtube video entitled "The Pathology of The Super Rich"

  10. I was homeless in California for nine months before it was so niche. I moved to Northern California in the ‘01, I had a good job but still couldn’t afford to rent a place. I slept in my car and in vacant apartments at the complex I was the assistant manager of. California will eat your sole if you let it, get smart & get out before it eats your too.

  11. People don't realize the multitude of problems that sleep deprivation causes. It can alter everything in your life in the most negative of ways.

  12. Boy the daughter is absolutely nasty towards her mother. She should be ashamed!!! Treat your mother and father with respect always!!!

  13. That's the trouble with mental illness it precludes you from seeing that you have a problem, or that there is no logic to what you are feeling.
    A good place to start is understanding that this isn't a logical thing, that your friends and family didn't just one day change, what changed was you, and that there is no logic to it because it's a feeling. All of these mental issues are feelings not facts not logical but feelings.

  14. Her kids didn't turn on her.
    She left before she couldn't pay 2 months rent.
    This is why we need gov sanctioned mental hospitals in this country as part of the medicare4all!

  15. That's good, he had a breakthrough with her, she admitted to the possibility of it being a filter problem which is to say, she's got emotional issues.

  16. I think she definitely has a mental disorder… but she feels like her kids SHOULD take her in no matter what. Adult children should make an effort be there for their parents but this lady messed up her own life and is bitter because her kids aren't taking on her dead weight. And its everybody's fault but not her's.

  17. Imagine carrying a baby in your tummy for 9 months,feeding it, clothing it , putting a roof over the baby’s head and most of all nursing it back to health when it’s sick, just so the baby grows up and doesn’t let you live with him/her and not giving you the same love and care you gave it. These kids make me sick

  18. “Theres a lot of different explanations”

    Proceeds to offer only a false dichotomy

    That my friends is why he is not allowed to practice psychology anymore

  19. So she’s justifying quitting her job and moving out of her apartment to live on the streets and a homeless shelter? There’s no excuse she can create.

  20. Wow….lots of angry word salad in the family. Not sure how Phil doesn't do shots constantly through the ramble rants. 🍶🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

  21. For all those saying 'the kids should take her in' (not even taking into account that the daughter DID take her in)

    It is absolutely unrealistic to ask relatives to take care of someone they don't know how to. For which doctors have literally studied YEARS to help. Being a blood relative doesn't automatically make you able to deal with that, nor should it.

    The children ARE helping by guiding her into the right direction (she should go to the hospital, they are.on Dr Phil because they are trying for her to see sense)

    All of you saying that clearly never had to deal with a similar situation!

  22. 4:40 that's a false dichotomy DrPhil! fallacious!

    I think this woman is just understandably stressed and has shiftless deadbeat kids who can't afford to pay her rent like they ought be. At least a quarter eacj plus pension is reasonable and no huge sum.

  23. Your mom is mentally unstable, confrontation is not going to help this situation, being evaluated and put on meds ASAP will.

  24. On a separate note: The Stasi used to break into people's homes and do little things like move hangers around, open doors, leave water running, move furniture a few inches … all to make people insane. This was only revealed after the fall of the Eastern Bloc. I'm not saying this is happening to this woman but like … what if it was? Think of all the mind control experiments the CIA has done, things that seem totally unbelievable.

  25. If the kids love their mother why the didn’t not help her to paying the rent to her she been look after from day one now the can even paying the rent to their mother that’s a shame

  26. I think she was a good mother but her children they doesn't help her at all when she was in her bad times , the true children they must help their own mother's in life .

  27. ugh as entertaining as this show is this one kinda hurts to watch. that lady is clearly mentally ill and delusional and Dr phil just keeps entertaining the delusions.

  28. Her daughter could show a little more empathy because it is her mother and most are a paycheck away from homelessness…the daughter is a b*tch!! She seems like a nice person just needs some help.

  29. I think she worked at Stonybrook hospital. Anybody from Long Island else think so? She’s definitely got something going on.

  30. let’s be real. dr. phil can really be too aggressive sometimes with his guests. sometimes i really see how “important” dr.phil sees himself in comparison with some of the guests he has on his show. he can come off as arrogant and i don’t like how sometimes he literally victim blames. for the most part i like and respect him but i do see these little things sometimes and it bothers me

  31. Confused as why Dr. Phil told her she's not that important knowing she's going thru some kind of emotional break. Words are risky in situations like this. Gonna give him a pass bc he usually approaches situations differently

  32. I honestly feel really bad for her she seems like she really needs help hope she gets it so she can be the woman she used to be.

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