Houston Health Department – Harvey GRB Response

hey good morning everyone let’s get
straight to the breaking news Harvey provoking and unfolding flooding
disaster in America’s fourth largest city Houston Texas
this is all happening right now as we come on the air in the situation is
unfortunately dire people trapped in there flooded out homes they are fleeing
to their attics taking social media begging to be rescued you know it’s a it’s been incredible to
watch does this storm you know people think about it in terms of a hurricane
but it was much more than a hurricane this is about a hurricane tornadoes
floods so every Houstonian was impacted including our Health Department staff
but what I think has taken me aback is the fact that people have showed up to
work every day you know they’re helping to give and helping their neighbors and
stretching above and beyond the call of duty working long hours because that’s
what’s needed we stand in the gap so there are a number of agencies who are
tasked with you know emergency housing emergency food stamps and typically
those require a process an application process a waiting period so what the
Health Department does is really navigate and assist individuals with
getting access to those vital basic needs in the meantime and I think
another part of the vital work we’ve done here at the shelter is keeping
people healthy and preventing the spread of diseases so our sanitarians our
public health experts on surveillance have been monitoring what’s going on
with the food that we eat here with the sanitation of the shelter and just
making sure that things are you know of quality and as clean as they can be so I
think people miss that part about public health it sometimes is invisible when
things go well you know they necessarily don’t attribute that to an organization
including ours but that’s what the Health Department does and we’re the
invisible warriors you know we’re there throughout the shelter throughout the
community providing a variety of safety net roles
in a way that’s helping Houstonians stay healthy my glasses I got my glasses, food stamps they gave us
housing health department gave us our housing 30 days in a hotel so we could
get on our feet well basically they’re just trying to help us get all of our
stuff because we lost all of our IDs our Medicaid cards they also gave us a
lot of clothes it’s kind of like pretty awesome in a way that people are willing
to give us all this stuff they’ve been very very good to a lot of people here
and helped us in helping everybody and making sure everybody eats got clothes
got hygiene they’re just very City Houston a very much too care of us very well
we got a full wraparound service approach in our intent to bring
stabilization back to families who have been displaced by the flood this is an
enormous operation it requires a lot of coordination with agencies that are
outside of the Houston spectrum of work and certainly bringing those resources to
bear so that our folks our neighbors our friends our families can rebuild relive
and restore the quality of life that they once had prior to the flood and
that’s what the Houston Health Department is all about where we protect the H

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  1. Thank you for your humanity and for caring for people! You are amazing and inspire me to keep doing the good work of public health despite the challenges and the setbacks we face everyday in our work.

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