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Hi and welcome back to another episode of Ask a Trainer, I’m your host Candice Currie, joined here today with Pro Results® Trainer, Morgan Connors. Morgan, are you ready for another question? Yes, ma’am. Awesome, so this one comes to us from Andrea S. She says she’s been going to the gym for about 4 to 5 years now, she’s put on muscle and she’s built up her strength,
but now she doesn’t want to get any bigger So, how can she maintain or even get leaner? Oh, that’s a fantastic question.
So, first off, congratulations reaching your goal. Right? And so, when we talk about, you know,
a fitness program and putting on the muscle and then wanting to maintain, when we want to build that muscle we’re doing kind of lower reps, higher weight, really stressing that muscle out, so it kind of has to tear down and rebuild. But when we want to maintain that muscle
we want to lower that weight and go higher in the reps, so that muscle really gets that, kind of, physical movement in there and it can also help that muscle become just a little bit leaner as well, getting that good stretch and that good little kind of twerk on there. So, with that, when we talk about, you know, leaning down we want to assess what we’re doing with our diet, everyone says that abs happen in the kitchen. Right. So, that’s going to be really, really, important
as far as making sure that we’re having all the appropriate veggies and, you know, the proteins
to maintain that muscle mass that we do currently have. And then that second part is really stretch, you know, stretching is one of those things that is definitely
kind of an oversite for most people in their fitness programs and you can’t stress enough how important it is to stretch. But that can also help relax that muscle so we don’t get that real, kind of,
real-stacked-look to it and kind of help lean down a little as well. That’s a fantastic answer! Hope that helps you. If you have a fitness question you’d like to send to us, go ahead a submit it to the [email protected], don’t forget to subscribe, and we’ll see you next time.

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