How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure? – Interview Question (Interactive)

No, Janet, listen, I know, I know it’s called
a footlong, but that’s just the name. You see, they’re actually — alright, look, we’re
gonna get to the bottom of this. Thanks for taking the time to come in today. Now, for
this job you might have a lot of simultaneous responsibilities. So, tell me, how well do
you handle stress and pressure? Well, normally when I encounter a stressful situation I tend
to get really angry and flustered, I’ll scream, break things, cry, whimper, go in a corner
in a fetal position, maybe ask for my mom and, you know, pretty normal reaction. Alright…
While the interviewee’s answer was honest and in good intent, there was little to no
follow-up on his positive qualities, instead we’re only left with a negative impression.
You might want to try that again, how well do you handle stress and pressure? Well, I don’t really foresee me getting too stressed out in the work environment, it’s not really
my thing…I see. Here the employee fails to provide us with a clear image of how he handles stress and shirks the question altogether. You might want to try that again. How well
do you handle stress and pressure? I’d say I’m pretty good at handling stress. Part of that is having a very effective management of the workload that’s in front of you. Whether
that be having a very tight schedule, making sure you’re hitting those deadlines. I think
it’s also very important to realize that there will be stress in the work environment, but
not letting that negatively affect your work or your production. That’s excellent. Stress
in the workplace is inevitable. What employers want to see is how well you can manage it.
Here the interviewee demonstrated that he is organized and responsible when it comes
to working under pressure. That all sounds great. So, now I’d like to talk to you about
your availability. Oh, and one more thing. In your professional opinion, how long would
you say a foot long is?

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  1. :)) what I liked most is showing al, types of answers and the evaluation of each one so we can avoid giving bad answers that ruin our chances of getting hired. Great Job

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