21 thoughts on “How Does Cupping Reduce Stress?

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  2. I'm confused.  I have taken a cupping class and am certified.  One thing that was highly stressed was that the color that comes to the surface is NOT a bruise.  In fact, we were told to not refer to it as a bruise because we don't want to misinform the public.  Bruising is a result of broken capillaries; Cupping does not break capillaries.  The discoloration is also not necessarily a result of tension and stress, but of toxic, stagnant blood and fluids and other poisons that have been stuck in the tissues for years.  That of course will cause tension in the muscle, but it is not the tension that causes the discoloration.  So, I am just wondering, since you have clearly gotten training in this modality, why your explanations are what we learned not to say?

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  4. I have had this treatment done several times and it has done absolutely nothing at all. Not sure how it helps anything.  

  5. In my experience, using cups with regular massage has helped massively. I found a knot, put a cup on it, massages, cupped again and it disappeared. The client felt very relieved and was in disbelief. So there's that.

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  7. Yeah i stopped listening once she said it causes bruising. Its not a bruise ITS NOT A BRUISE there is no trauma to the tissue or blood vessels.

  8. She said the marks will stay 5-10 days I laugh so hard 🤣..she said they will look nasty wtf!😂🤣ahh! What a way 2 say it 🤣

  9. My question is, what acupuncture points did you use? I'm asking because this may contribute to the relaxing effects. I mean that not only because you put some cups on a "random" place, you are going to feel more relaxed.
    This could be misleading.

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