How Does Implicit Bias Affect Health Care?

so in healthcare bias comes in various forms and I would say there's three primary ways that we could actually track bias one of course is an interpersonal interaction let's say between a patient and provider so the unconscious ways that we may have associated certain groups certain gender identity people with certain gender identities people from certain racial ethnic backgrounds manifest in the diagnosis were making the interactions we're making with the patient as well as the warmth with which we're working with them which impact the amount of trust that they have in the providers themselves how does that manifest one of the one one of the major ways that's been studied and shown and reported over and over again is pain management so patients with darker skin african-americans receive lower dosages of pain medication across the board from infants to the elderly for the same type of ailment they come to practitioners for because of assumptions that are being made around addiction or their ability to actually be truthful around what they're experiencing the second way bias really plays in to all of this particularly unconscious bias is the internal dynamics of organizations how employees and staff members communicate with one another team collaboration team dynamics but as well as performance reviews reviews around compensation who gets to be promoted who gets to be a leader of an organization of a team based on assumptions that we may have about those people purely based on phenotype their origins whatever that may be and a third way bias really plays out in healthcare and this is you know quite the quite well documented across the board is its cost wasted cost so racial bias just one particular identity of a concentrating on cost the US economy health care system 310 billion dollars a year and for me I just want to think about what can we do with that money if we didn't have buys in the world you

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