How I Lost 43 Pounds On A Plant-Based Diet

so how did one average Joe aka me with great hair though lose 43 pounds on a plant-based diet and go from being obsessed with Pop Tarts eating Ben and Jerry's ice cream every single night being a broke student to somebody who has lost weight who has maintained that weight loss over an extended period of time now and genuinely loves eating fiber-filled vit cinnamon and mineral-rich plant foods how did I do it guys I'm Ryan Adams from natural weight loss mastery calm that's exactly what I'm going to share with you in this short video let's jump in so I'm always referencing on this channel my 40 pound weight loss since going plant-based and actually jumped on the scales a couple of days ago to find that I've actually dropped another three pounds over the past however long it's been since I've weighed in five or six months which isn't a great deal in that time but it's a particularly large amount given that I was actually taking start steps excuse me not to lose any more weight because I'm really kind of happy with where I am in terms of my body weight my health my nutrition and whatnot and I'm actually sometimes on the verge of getting too skinny in my opinion at least and so I just want to kind of stop that altogether maybe even gain a couple of pounds here and there well maybe not gain so much but certainly I've made a concerted effort not to lose any more weight and I still have and that is really testament to this plant-based thesis for losing weight it really is now being plant-based following a plant-based diet there are some nice kind of variations within that there all OH nowadays you vent you down any kind of diet pathway ketogenic paleo plant-based and whatnot and there's a lot of subcategories appearing so my particular kind of thesis or philosophy if you like is to follow generally speaking a low-fat plant-based diet focus on lots of kind of carb rich starches buy potatoes sweet potatoes rice quinoa bulgur wheat beans different types of legumes like split peas I love regular peas lentils and what basing most of my meals around those foods that's what served me well those low-fat coverage moderate protein foods that really been the staple throughout my transformation now with that said there have been no doubt a number of strategies that I've taken throughout that time that might have sped up or slowed down my weight loss but that guy is to keep this video short sweet here that has been the fundamental that has really been the pillar for me eating the starchy fifth starch-filled fiber rich whole foods day in day out consistently whilst not being perfect admittedly whilst every now and again eating out every now and again making a mistake every now and again having a beer and perhaps regretting it the next day that has been the staple are still stuck with this day in day out roughly and that is what has yielded these tremendous results me over the past couple years now don't get me wrong I haven't had some smashing transformation that's when people online have lost one hundred hundred and fifty pounds of my some of my clients at moment are doing incredible things for me I was chunky Ryan Adams I was chunky Ryan Adams but I wasn't huge I haven't had some amazing if you compare my before-and-after photos it's not mind-blowing or anything like that it's not Instagram worthy but having said that I was going down a bad path I was really really addictive addicted excuse me as I say to certain foods namely pop-tarts and Bennett cherries Lethal lethal lethal and cereal as well used to have so much cereal so much things like Cookie Crisp things like crave cereal if you're in the UK you know what I'm talking about those things that were killing my attempts to lose weight healing my health as well no doubt on the inside and so really just cleaning that up and switching largely to Whole Foods that in itself without too much thought without too much worried about the nuances the semantics the particular weight loss strategies that weight loss tips and tricks here and there I didn't have to I didn't really have to kind of worry or or focus on the small things than my new shoes so much and that was a really refreshing surprise for me I tried all these different diets and weight loss programs in the past with varying degrees of success but ultimately no real sustained success you guys perhaps know what I'm talking about here if you've tried other diets and weight loss programs what not in the past I lost a little bit of weight here and there but eventually I'd rebound gain it back because of this this this this sometimes it wasn't necessarily the diet itself sometimes it was you know my poor relationships my mindset motivation accountability these sorts of things that were really you know holding me back in patience was a huge one for me as well class but sorry that's a huge tangent there but you know I was addicted some of this toxic stuff simply switching to eating whole plant foods as much as I practically could that yielded a great loss for me without having to worry about loads of things without having to necessarily worry about which exercises to do in the gym which sneaker to invest in which supplements today so many people get caught up in all these things how many calories were in that meal I just think you get to kind of switch off I find with a lot of that you get to put on the back burner let's say a lot of those other factors that you perhaps thought were really important to weight loss in the past when you start focusing on just eating as a rule of thumb there are right foods now you're all thinking well what's the right foods Ryan well what I do I think it really in this could well be my ego talking what a bit of bias and prejudice this is but what I do I'm trying to follow what looks to be the optimal diet in the medical literature out there I'm listening to the upper echelons of the nutrition medical world and there's a great deal of agreement that it is the likes of these whole fiber-rich plant foods making up the bulk of our meals that are essential to the slimmest populations on the planet to also avoiding a lot and limiting your risk factors to a lot of those major chronic diseases that killing people ultimately that are playing in the West nowadays and actually starting to spread really more globally and that has been work well absolutely life-changing for me in my own personal way and so that's been it guys I haven't been worrying about meal frequency meal timing portion sizes worrying about intermittent fasting I have thought about those things I've tried those things in the past couple of years even whilst I've lost weight I've toyed with things here and there and really what kind of sitting in a dark room and really honestly thinking about these subjects I have found through my own experiences through the clients I help and with some reflection on the medical literature or there I'm not a medical doctor I'm not an expert in that area but some reflection on it and attempt at least to be fair and honest in reading that stuff as a newbie as much so as a newbie could possibly do a non-medical person could possibly kind of draw from that stuff I've been ruminating on this subject and it really is about what you're eating it really isn't about the exercise the sleep so on and so forth those things are important those things are important for a healthy life they do contribute to weight loss but the fundamental guys that I've learned is to focus on eating the right foods in the first place for me that has been these low-fat starch-filled grains fruits lots of veggies as well some healthy fats in the form of nuts and seeds and avocados but really making that small part of my diet acting as though as a supplement these high fat diets guys they're causing people to you know if you kind of plop correlations between the amount of fat consumed especially animal fat and weight gain and whatnot it's astronomical I'll link some of the graphics on the screen for you now so for me that has been the secret to my success over the past couple of years it has been refreshing given all of the stuff I tried in the past given that I thought weightless had to be this sure where you're restricting your calories you're always eating less food that's such an ideology really for me it's been focusing on eating the right food enjoying generous portions of those foods because they're so low in calories so volume is so fiber filled then negative calorie affects us as well there I'm not going to dive into that in this video but that has has a role to play too and so for me this has been an awesome experience so very happy very blessed to share this with you guys if you're looking for more advice on how to start a plant-based diet guys I shall link a couple of really key videos what I think of my best videos on this subject down below in the description box so check those out if you're new to this if you're just getting started and I really hope they helped as I hope this video has helped you guys say if you found it useful make sure you give this video a like guys really helps my channel grow here subscribe if you're just running into Ryan Adams right now for more of my stuff and I'll see you guys in the next one all the best

24 thoughts on “How I Lost 43 Pounds On A Plant-Based Diet

  1. Have you heard of Medical Medium? I’m curious if you have read over his protocol for diet. All plant based, high carb, low fat, no oil.

  2. Hi Ryan, which book would you recommend me purchasing first? I am 48 yr old woman who is trying my very hardest to get 10 lbs off, but can’t figure out how to do it. I am eating very good foods, but not losing weight!!! If anything, since going plant based, I’m gaining, HELP!

  3. Your videos are always so encouraging and your food looks so yummy 😋… Was that Kimchi I saw at 5.20? 😁

  4. Ryan, I love ypur videos but trying to turn vegetarian is not easy after being used to eating tasty food. Is the same good for women? Man tend to loose faster than woman. How about supplements for menoupause woman? Thks for sharing 💁❤

  5. Thanks for reminding me to keep it simple. I'm an overthinker, get overwhelmed and give up. This helps, thanks Ryan 🙂

  6. Ryan..Why the background music???? So not necessary or relevant for your topic or the message you are trying to convey. You are not alone as a YouTuber including background noise and I as a viewer find it an extreme distraction and diversion Thanks!

  7. Really enjoy your videos, Ryan, but don’t think you should downplay your transformation. 43lbs is huge, and definitely instagram worthy :). Not only that, but listening to you talk about breaking habits and a Ben and Jerry’s addiction and sticking with something is also a great inspiration

  8. Your skin in clear and glowing! I love all the pictures of your food it helps alot. Really enjoying your channel.

  9. I’m eating fruits and vegetables and rice with lentils but I’m not losing weight I also fast for 18 hrs

  10. Ryan, do you eat peanut butter? I haven’t for a long time, but I was thinking of adding it as a snack on Melba toast, just a little bit. Not sure if this would jeopardize my weight loss effort which is slow.

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