How I lost 70 lbs on a starch based diet…no deprivation, no "dieting," and no exercise

[Applause] [Applause] hi everyone I know it's been a while since I uploaded a video but we took a badly-needed vacation and went to Orlando so we spent some time at the parks there we did a lot of relaxing and we ate at some really great vegan places so I've logged my trip and I just need to put everything together in a video and that'll probably be the next one that I upload but as promised today's video is about how I lost 70 pounds eating a whole food plant-based diet with no dieting no calorie restriction and no exercise before I get started if you have any food addictions and you get triggered by even hearing the mention of certain foods don't watch my video because I do need to talk about how I used to eat as I've said before I didn't start eating a plant-based diet with the intent to lose weight it just kind of happened naturally and hopefully at the end of this video you will understand why that happened to better understand why and how I ended up losing weight you need to understand how I used to eat before I went plant-based my family and I ate the standard American diet and the acronym is sad and it's very appropriate because it is sad it's usually a diet that's centered on meat dairy and processed foods and it's very high in fat especially saturated fat and it's creating a lot of health problems in this country my family ate things like hamburgers hot dogs pizza french fries ice cream we ate a lot of processed in junk foods Cheetos were some of my favorites Ho Hos were my favorites we had a lot of chips a lot of cakes and candies and cookies I'm Generation X so I was a latchkey kid and anything that came out of the freezer that was convenient that I could throw in the microwave ended up being dinner we ate a lot of fast food and I did especially because I had a part-time job working at Arby's so I got lots of free food we ate at restaurants a lot my father and I would order a big steak with a baked potato loaded with sour cream butter and bacon and maybe a salad on the side I made sure I drank three glasses of cow's milk a day my mom was a very good cook and she had a rotation of meals that she would go through things like ham and cabbage meatloaf beef stew pork chops spaghetti and meatballs and her homemade pizza with lots and lots of cheese and sausage our breakfasts were typically eggs with bacon sausage greasy hash browns and toast that was slathered and slathered with butter we loved seafood we often had a clambake and went to a clambake so we did a couple of those a year we my dad and I could easily house hundreds of clams between the two of us and everything was dipped in butter butter was a favorite food in our household everything was in butter toast was loaded with butter seafood was dipped in butter my mom would cook of green called endive and it was very bitter tasting so the only way we could choke it down was with butter mayonnaise was another of my favorite foods it went on everything I even dipped french fries in it and another of my favorite foods was case'll like cheese the stuff that came out of the jar that you put on nachos and dipped tortilla chips and I could easily eat an entire jar myself so once the standard American diets wrath caught up to my father and I we started eating a plant-based diet together he needed to do it to save his life I also wasn't very healthy but I didn't want him to be alone in this and so I started eating plant-based right along with him to support him but what ended up happening is we each lost 70 pounds I certainly wasn't perfect when I started and I did not have all the information that I have now to do it correctly but we had enough information to get started so we started eating more fruits and vegetables we eliminated red meat and we were keeping things like chicken fish dairy and oil in the diet because we thought they were healthy but once we figured out that they were not healthy those were eliminated from the diet we naturally transitioned to a whole food plant-based low-fat vegan diet and we cooked with no oils and the more I learned from dr. mcdougal the more I learned to incorporate starch as the center of my meal because starches are high enough in calories that they can be the center of a meal and the carbohydrates are what satisfy the hunger so it became a starch based diet it was a little strange at first and it was a little bit intimidating because we were so used to building a played around meat with a little bit of veggies and starch on the side now building a meal around a starch with vegetables and fruits on the side it took a while to kind of wrap our heads around that that that was what we needed to be eating plus the standard American diet is just so concentrated in fat sugar and salt that when you go from eating things like nacho smothered in queso to eating a sweet potato with broccoli on the side it might not seem as exciting and sometimes it was a little bland at first but we learned how to season things we learned how to cook things and just how to combine flavors and build flavors and dishes and with some practice and patience everything just kind of came together give your taste buds time to adapt because they do change they do a death like now I can eat broccoli with nothing on it and I can pick up sweetness and saltiness and a lot of vegetables that I never used to be able to do so what we eat is a starch based diet so I build my plate around it a whole food starch and then I accent it with colorful fruits and vegetables and I learned all of this from dr. mcdougal the kinds of things that we eat now are things like seitan my dad makes an incredible seitan roast and he will bake one of those cut it up saute it with sweet potatoes asparagus and other vegetables and make a hash out of it and that's kind of like his you know his weekend brunch thing for breakfast I'll have things like oatmeal or rips big bowl which is a video that I did not too long ago for lunches and dinners things like baked potatoes topped with hummus with a side of broccoli maybe some steamed rice with some stir-fried vegetables of course stir-fried in water not oil the magic behind why all this worked for us was something called calorie density or calorie concentration so it's basically just the number of calories that are in a unit of food and there are certain foods namely the whole unprocessed plant-based foods that are lower in calorie density than other foods they're also higher in fiber and water and nutrients so they filled the stomach up with fewer calories compared to what I was eating on a standard American diet at the lowest end of the calorie density spectrum are things like your non starchy vegetables things like zucchini carrots tomatoes onions mushrooms greens those kinds of things fruits are a little bit higher and your whole food starches like potatoes sweet potatoes etc those are a little bit higher that's the spectrum that I ate in primarily that is why I lost weight effortlessly there are certain plant-based foods that are higher in calorie density and those are things like tofu avocado olives nuts seeds and nut and seed butters if I eat a lot of these foods I noticed that my weight creeps back up so there foods that I cannot eat in excess refined carbohydrates breads meat dairy those are things that are also higher in calorie density chocolate is about 2,500 calories per pound so that's up there nuts and seeds are actually about 3000 calories a pound and that's why I can't go around eating handfuls of those things and expect to lose weight they come in shells for a reason is what dr. mcdougal says and then at the tippy top of the spectrum are oils they are about 4,000 calories a pound and that's why I say if you're trying to lose weight stop eating oil I'll put a link below to this video that I saw dr. mcdougal in and he had these glass beakers that resembled the size of the human stomach and he demonstrated how much certain foods would fill up the stomach 500 calories of food is what he used so he used like butter and oil and it barely coated the bottom of the stomach so it's really not gonna make you feel full then he went on with things like cheese or chicken fills the stomach up a little bit more but really not enough to make you know that you're full and you would still want to eat more and then he tried to fill the stomach up with 500 calories of potatoes and he couldn't even fit 500 calories and potatoes in the stomach he could only fit about 400 in there so that is the principle of calorie density it's eating the right foods they have less calories in them but they fill you up they fill the stomach up they they satiate your hunger and they give you very clean burning energy and that is how I ended up losing 70 pounds on a plant-based diet it took me about a year and a half to lose that and I know some people will think that that's a really long time but that comes out to be a a pound a week and that's very healthy weight loss it was sustainable it was slow it was steady because it wasn't just a quick fix for me it was a change in habits it was a change in behaviors and it was a change in my lifestyle so I focus on progress not perfection I've been able to maintain a 70 pound weight loss for three years with no problem and I have never felt deprived eating this way there is a huge variety of food the food is beautiful its delicious and like I said once I got my tastes adjusted things no problem and I ended up losing all this weight with no exercise I think exercise is very important don't get me wrong but I didn't go to the gym all the time I didn't run a marathon I didn't lift weights I really didn't do much of anything until I lost 55 pounds and then I started walking and I walked to this day because it's something I really enjoy really the 70 pounds came off because of my change in diet it's much easier to control what's on the end of your fork and spoon that it is to go and run five miles so thank you for watching and I hope you got some value out of this video if you do like my video please give me a thumbs up I really appreciate it when you do and I hope you subscribe to my channel so that you can stay on top of all my future videos thanks again for watching we'll see you in the next video

49 thoughts on “How I lost 70 lbs on a starch based diet…no deprivation, no "dieting," and no exercise

  1. Whole food plant based isnt starch-based. And fat isnt to blame for American health issues. But you do you. Whatever worked for you… congratulations!👍💪💯

  2. Low fat? Oil free? Do you mean fake fats or fake oils such as fried foods in vegetable shortening or polyunsaturated liquid oils? When you say butter, do you mean margarine? When you say low fat do you mean you eat less fake fats or less real or natural fats? Because fake fats are not real, and leave you hungry.. they can fill every cell and after an hour you're feeling lousy because you got NO REAL NUTRITION.

  3. Thanl you its people like you who will trasform this world of disease ,disabilityand premature death to be meaningful again for living longer with excellent health.
    Alot of people prefer to make changes when they are sick its often to late then ,expensive,being a burden to your family ,fatherless motherless children and many other consequences.
    We are captain of our own health not. our doctors
    Thank you for the Compass """":

  4. VERY THOROUGH diet description! You explained everything fast, clear, and to the point. I am also transitioning to plant based, but can’t do completely raw YET because of the cost. However, I CAN do your diet method, as it is mixing sautéed carbs (sweet potatoes, potatoes, herbs as seasoning, etc) with raw fruits and vegetables. I now see why oils shouldn’t be used to cook with if one needs to lose weight. THANK YOU for posting this video and helping us.

  5. There’s not really anything wrong with the “bad” food you mentioned (except for the cakes/sweets/etc). It’s all portion control and exercise. There’s a reason most mammals eat meat and fat (for predators, that’s ALL they eat). Humans just don’t exercise. They just want to stuff their face. If you exercise like you should (I mean real exercise like sprints, weight lifting, laps in the pool), then you can basically eat about anything you want. And no, taking a walk is not exercise. You can’t get fit by taking a walk around your neighborhood.

  6. Really like your video. You should really make a cookbook.
    Today is the first time that I have heard of this particular kind of lifestyle.
    I have been loosing weight on the keto diet and I am very interested in learning more about what you have been doing.

  7. If you do not eat meat cheese or dairy how do you get your protein? Seems like our bodies
    need fats? You look great😊

  8. Fantastic! I've been eating like this for about a year…cutting out the oils really helped…you did a great job of synthesizing a lot of the authors/researchers…have you found Dr Greger is my hero. I found that I do better with the starches than a strict nutritiarian approach (dr. Fuhrman). Keep up the great work!

  9. 03:26 that's the traditional way we eat our french fries here in Belgium. We generally stay away from ketchup on fries. Of course we don't call them french fries, because it is a Belgian invention ;). We call'em les frites/frietjes/Fritten (fr/nl/ger), depending in which part of the country you are :).
    Seitan? Really? But this is basically concentrated gluten, as far as I know. I'm quite baffled that this goes with the Mc Dougall diet. Does he explicitly mention seitan in his book(s)? I'm asking because I always thought that gluten are unhealthy per se.

  10. I do keto…sugar and starch causes insulin resistance and diabetes….if you are on a high carb diet sure you dont want to add butter…but on keto butter is your friend….I eat 1 meal a day keto with organic livers, 3 cans of sardines on 5oz of kale…intermittent fasting is where it is at also on keto you actually put pink Himalayan salt in your water for electrolytes….

  11. YES! Finally another success story that is NOT keto! I found eating this way too is much healthier and my body responded so much better to it than keto. Thank you for posting this for others! Kill those chic peas honey!

  12. Carbs a sugar are the issues with the SAD diet not the meat and animal products. I'm full carnivore and have lost over 90 ilbs since December. I only eat grass fed and finished meat and butter/cheese. I can't do plant based because of the IBS and my small intestine issues. Every diet doesn't work for everyone, but I'm glad to see this diet works for you.

  13. I can’t believe the number of people following keto, I do not believe it’s healthy no matter what people say.

  14. Your diet before going plant based was awful. You could have just switched to a diet that includes lean meat, veggies and some starch with proper calories and your weight loss would have been similar.

  15. Yeah that is all I eat and feel great here is a link to the founder of the starch diet…just great I am going to be eating spuds for the rest of my life….

  16. How is your father doing? if you don't mind me asking, what was wrong with him that he needed to change his way of eating in order to save his life? is he cured? can you put up a breakfast, lunch & dinner video as to what you eat and how you season the foods? thank you

  17. I had a similar story. For some stupid gullable reason I tried the keto diet. During 2 years my previously perfect health constantly deterioated and culminated in a stroke. Luckily my cardiologist urged med to switch to a plant based diet. Since then I lost all the keto excess fat weight (10 kg) and am healing again. Complex carbs and whole plants are a blessing to mankind and its so easy and so incredibly healthy. Keep it up!

  18. AT 8:16 you mentioned a video by Mcdougal that you were going to put the link to. Do you have it by any chance as I didn't see it
    under the video?

  19. Im slowly losing all my baby weight, and im still eating carbs! My friends don’t believe me, it’s because i eat whole plants!

  20. Very good , straightforward and clearly explained. Obviously a sincere first person account. Pleasant to watch: nice setting, light etc. and sweet dogs. Thanks and best wishes. 🌻. This is an inspiring video, a video to share which I shall do.

  21. You are a great inspiration! To be honest, I've been a vegetarian for 10 years and love how I feel eating 8 to 10 cups of vegetables per day. What you mentioned about calorie density is so true! Lately I've felt conflicted because keto diets push how high carb diets cause inflammation and insulin resistance. You are clearly in amazing health and still eat these starchy foods. I like my beans, potatoes and whole grains so limiting them would be very difficult on my diet. (I don't eat animals mainly for sentimental reasons).

  22. Very encouraging miss, I’m looking to lose 50 lbs and seeing your journey has encouraged me immensely. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never get off meds or lose weight, but I know I will when I see others making a difference. Thanks for sharing your story! I appreciate it. Almost 2 months vegetarian and now 1 week vegan! ^_^

  23. We are on the same path!😀 I ate all the same things. I’m now on a whole food plant based diet and feeling much better!🥗🏋🏻‍♀️💪

  24. I have Chef AJ's cook book and I would like to find another similar book (preferably with photos for the recipes). Any suggestions?

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