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you can get private coaching by me. Without further ado let’s go to our
question for the day! How long should the practice session for a specific
technical exercise be and can I repeat that session during the same day? Here is
a very straightforward technical question having to do with technical
exercises and how to practice them best and things are pretty clear-cut on this
front. So how long? Anywhere between 10 to 13 minutes. So 10 for some people it’s
too little mostly because they cannot focus immediately and they need some
warmup period 30 would be kind of pushing it I would say 20 minutes 20 to
30 minutes would be ideal. So if you have a specific exercise that you want to
practice practice it for 20 minutes per day and then come back next day and
practice it again. Now let’s move to the second part of the question can you
repeat this multiple times during the day? Well you could but there’s really no
reason to. As I have mentioned in previous videos we learn by
strengthening the connections in our brain some like vastly simplifying here
and to make this connection stronger you need to have new meaning created in your
brain again and vastly over simplifying here I hope no scientists ever
watch this video but this is the basic concept. Now to get
extra meal in your brain you need to go to sleep you need to rest so there is
this new meaning going through your brain and it strengthens the connection
between the different dendrites in your brain. If you don’t go to sleep if you
don’t get this high-quality rest you cannot learn you cannot develop your
skill set now you can memorize more stuff but you
can only learn your stuff. So you cannot develop your skill set so all in all I
would say there’s no reason to do more than one practice session for a specific
exercise per day. Now you have no other diseases that you are practicing at the
time that’s a problem with your materials and with your coaching. So if
you don’t have anything else yes do it more but it’s not going to do
anything but you’re gonna get slightly better but this time that you’re
spending on this one exercise would be better put to use doing something else. So if you’re practicing four hours a day
and you spend three hours on one exercise the problem here is that you
don’t have a good practice schedule which is one of the first thing that a
decent coach will create for you. So this is not a problem of practicing it’s a
problem with the rest of your guitar playing and guitar learning. Personally I’ve
had the best results when I practice things for 30 minutes per day but once
again this is my personal recommendation. The range that seems to be the best is
between ten minutes to thirty minutes. So there you have it! Practice a
technical exercise ten to thirty minutes you don’t need to practice again doing
the same day practice it the next day. I hope this was a helpful answer and I
will see you on the next episode of ask the guitar coach. Until then keep shredding
and keep those questions coming. Bye bye!

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