How Scenar Works – How Using Scenar May Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

hi I am Doctor Irina from Health in the next three minutes I’m going to
introduce you to the technology that just may be the answer you’re
looking for when health is concerned that over the last two decades has been
quietly spreading under the radar Big Pharma the Russian
secret weapon to Olympic champions to the technology that is capable of helping you Heal like nothing ever happened the scenar technology. You now may ask what is scenar ? Scenar stands for
self controlled energy mural adaptive regularly to or regulation as it is that name given to both the technology as well as
the devices Scenar is holistic in nature energy healing technology that alignes
and strengthens the natural healing system of the body in
doing this it promotes a fast recovery from a wide
variety of maladies from simple colds and bruises to auto immune diseases and degenerative disorder Scenar
technology offers many benefits. it is highly
effective in roughly ninety-five percent of cases.
it is a non-drug therapy and it is completely safe. it is
non-invasive and not painful it does not have negative side effects or complications. it cuts healing time to
dramatically by one half to 2/3 , scenar devices are low-frequency adaptive electrical
stimulators Two unique features make them truly revolutionary and distinctly
different from any other medical technologies. first is
the shape of the scanner impulse and the second is the feedback feature
the shape of the scenar impulse resembles the shape of natural neural impulses all the signals that our nerves used
to communicate with each other and with the rest of the body the body
therefore recognizes scenar impulses as something
familiar and enters into a dialogue with the
device please note: that without the skin
contact scenar produces merely a tide by signal which however tunes into neural like signal when device is placed on the body due to
the tissues dampening the electric impulse the scenar impulse adds to the pain signals it
actually screams SOS help which forces the body to pay
more attention to the painful area so if scenar is placed on the
disease by the area the body will focus its attention on the
disease and amplify the healing response the second
distinctive feature of scenar is its ability to read the body and adjust its own activity to serve it the best way possible after
receiving an initial signal from the device the body responds in the protected manner
by increasing the electrical resistance of the skin or impedance this response the bodies feedback if then read by
the device which adjusts the signal which in turn elicits another different response from
the body and so on. this way the body never gets
used to the ever-changing signals that the device in these dialogues the body all these leads and the device follows scenar is an
adaptive stimulator because it adapts to the bodies needs
and not the other way around Scenar is a good listener and it
listens to the language of bio chemical reactions the bodies own
language the outcome of this process is that the
scenar device gains in intimate knowledge of where and when the body needs help and for how
long the scenar then provides the needed
help by facilitating the release of massive
amounts of healing chemical substances called neuro peptides or regulatory peptides from the bodies all internal pharmacy
after the body has what it needs the healing happens fast and completely and like nothing ever happened scenar technology was released on the
Russian market in the late eighties, but wasn’t available in
other countries until 1997 it has now been implemented in dozens as in some the
machines sold all over the world we call these early devices first generation scenars although they have very effective
healing tools they remain at the same level of technological
development as the basic scenar of 1987 was because the Russian troika the evolution of scenar in the last
few years has brought us a new development cosmodic
technology also a brainchild of doctor alexander
karesev will be called a smart devices second
generation scenars to learn more about scenar and how it
can help you download my free report on how to choose
your scena device just below this video you will see a box
that looks like this I want you to click the blue link that
the red arrows are pointing at that will bring you to the page where
will instantly download your free guide to success with scena and enjoy your day with your pHA your personal health assistant

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  1. I've been interested in SCENAR technology for years, but never had the time or patience to look into it. Thank you for explaining it so effortlessly. I'll be calling the office to place my order soon.

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