What’s up champ! I’m Vince Del Monte of In this video we’re going to talk about how to burn belly fat for good. We are going to teach you how to listen to your hunger level. This is something nobody’s talking about and pretty much I’d say the majority of the industry is actually teaching you how to store fat and not how to burn fat and it all comes down to this very simple concept and deciphering this and it’s a surprising that people don’t teach this. Everybody wants to like fit you into an app. Fit you into a formula. They want to take your physiological state your biofeedback out of the experience and that’s never going to work long-term.You have to be coming in tune with what your body is speaking to you. It’s so so simple if we don’t try and make it complicated. So here we go. There’s two hunger states you can be in. One is good and one is a bad. Hunger State One is called Tolerable Hunger. Tolerable hunger equals fat burning mode. When you’re slightly hunger, when you’re like man I could eat something right now but you’re okay you’re dealing with it that’s a good thing it means your body’s surrendering fat. Alright. You have to be comfortable with this state. In fact this is the state that all mammals are in. This is a natural state to be in. Every mammal on this planet moves around seeking noticing and wanting food because it’s in a hunger state this is normal. That’s why I laugh at these stupid stupid people and these stupid supplement companies that sell you their craving crushing shakes. The moment you satisfy your hunger, when you don’t like really need to eat something, it’s the moment you stop burning fat. So sometimes these supplements you’re buying, these pills your body are actually taking you out of the state you want to be in. It’s just that you haven’t accepted the fact that hunger is a good thing. You’ve been told oh my god you’re hungry you got to eat quickly quickly quickly. Okay so now with all that said there is a sweet point okay. Because there’s different levels of hunger and I want to keep this simple for you. So the other state of hunger is intolerable hunger. This is bad. You do not want to be in a state of intolerable hunger. Intolerable hunger equals fat storing mode. Alright. Fat storinig mode and over here tolerable hunger equals fat burning mode. Okay. Good bad. Alright. Why don’t they teach this stuff right. Here’s the problem. When you experience intolerable hunger you know what happens? What happens when you experience intolerable hunger? You binge. And what do you go for? You don’t go for the broccoli. You don’t go for you know the steamed carrots. You go for yummy carbohydrates. Highly palatable foods that you can stuff in your mouth because you feel like a bottomless pit and you gorge and you eat and you eat and then you get feelings of shame and guilt and you feel bad and then you repeat the process. Alright, because you’re not listening to your body. See you have to be in tune with tolerable hunger and if you have a healthy and built up metabolism you’ll likely be hungry every three to four hours which is good. hat
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is the point of eating? Let me ask you
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When you have a meal with context to losing fat what is the goal of the meal? It’s to satisfy your hunger. It’s not to overindulge. It’s not to feel ah feel full. It’s not to prepare you for like you know two days of not eating. It’s simply to satisfy those feelings in the moment so that you can go another couple hours and still satisfy them again. That’s it. You eat to eliminate that tolerable hunger and then to get on with your day. That make sense? That is a healthy eating habit. That means you’re in tune with your physiological state. If you don’t pay attention about what happens again I think I just said it you’re going to over eat in the short term but then what happens in the long term is you’re going to down regulate your metabolism then you get all these people who are following these extreme diet protocols where they’re not eating they’re like yeah I’m never hungry well no shit Sherlock because you down regulated your metabolism. That’s not healthy. Your body is stripping muscle tissue and the problem becomes worse you slow your metabolism even further and you’re losing weight but you’re not losing fat you’re losing muscle tissue. Okay. So I think that’s about it guys. Again I can’t stress this enough. You’ve got to get in tune with your body. Your body is smart. It will communicate things to you. Now if you’re like Vince, you know, this all makes sense and all, but I really never am hungry that’s another video that’s another topic we have to talk about rebuilding your metabolism starting with weight training and regular meal frequencies are all good places to start but we can cover that in another video for now when you’re hungry eat and eat until you’re satisfied and no further. This is a skill. This is a habit. This takes discipline. This takes years. Alright. You do not need to go out and buy craving crushing shakes. That takes you out of the state you want to be in. You don’t supplement… all the people selling you the stuff doesn’t they don’t even understand how the body works. It’s insane. It’s absolutely crazy. so again I could probably go on for a while but this is a simple concept so let’s wrap up the video. Thank you so much for watching. Let me know what you guys want me to cover in future videos or anything you need closed in terms of loops I open here on this channel. Did I just squeak? Loops you need closed from this current video in the comment section below and if you need some hand-holding if you want a done-for-you meal plan system click the link on the page here or the first link in the description box below you can download my already designed done for you meal plans that are already created on all the different calorie levels and it will tell you how much to eat and all you need to do is listen to your hunger levels. And when you’re hungry have the next meal in the plan. It’s that simple and that will help rebuild your metabolism as well. Alright. It’ll tell you how much to eat based on how much you currently weigh what your body fat levels are and whether you want to gain muscle or lose fat. It’s all done for you. As long as you can read and follow something you’re all set to go alright. Thank you again for watching.Thumbs up if you enjoyed this video. I know I’m getting pretty passionate about these topics and if you want me to keep sharing this kind of information all I need to see is that thumbs up button get hit and let me know in the comments below. I’ll see you guys next time. Thank you.

37 thoughts on “How to Burn Belly Fat FOR GOOD (THE REAL HUNGER GAMES!)

  1. Hope this vid helped!! If so, you know what to do! Also, I'm filming this week so be sure to let me know what to cover next … thanks!

  2. VD,
    I feel that my metabolism is definitely building, however, after my workouts, based on the fact I'm doing more powerlifting style workouts, my fatigue after I eat rapidly increases to the point where I simply want to 'crash'. Is this normal? Also, does your non nonsense meal plans support those with high blood pressure?

  3. Can you cover first timers to the gym and what equipment to start with to build muscle and lose fat, Thanks , good information in your video .

  4. This is so true. Been living like this for the last 17years. Only when I'm going for for a 100km or more mountain bike ride I have to have a great en fat breakfast to maintain my energy level. And eat some carbs during, before I get hungry. Otherwise I bunk.

  5. Great info Vince. If people who want to keep ripped, and want to build muscle, they have to adopt this psychology and put it into practice. Everyday, always. I live by this psychological discipline and it really works for me. There are two types of hunger: Hormonal hunger and Real hunger. The hormonal hunger are the "hunger pangs" caused from low blood sugar levels(tolerance depends on the individual), and Real Hunger( when your body NEEDS food). It's a balance. At least for me, I have to practice the discipline of pushing thru hunger pangs. And when I get there, I live with it because I know Im getting more ripped, and it counteracts the hunger pangs. Eventually, Real Hunger sets in and if YOU dont feed your body you will lose muscle, become weak, and slow the metabolism. This is the discipline.

  6. I'd like to know what other mammal on the face of the earth needs to eat every 4 hours? you couldn't be more misinformed if you tried.

  7. Hey Vince, thanks for all your videos and tips. For others like me that have craving for sweets at night what would you recommend? I've tried everything…thanks in advance.

  8. Thank you thank you. I thought I was crazy for thinking like this. I pack hubby and I bag everyday with healthy food. We eat every four to five hours. Sometimes every two to three. Nuts, apples, veggies, tuna packs things like that. I cook meals when I get home for dinner. Where always moving. But not in a way that's working out really Hard. And we both are fit. I'm 48 and he 52. Been married going on 30 years now. Your right!!

  9. Bro you are so right I use to lose a lot of weight fast by eating less but I notice I need to provide my diet with more protein. I stared losing weight slower but I have been maintains my muscle mass. Like you said your body adapt very quickly GREAT VID!!!

  10. Hi Vince,
    My name is Brian and I’m 52 years old.
    I’ve been doing intermittent fasting and I’ve had no results with it.
    My question is should I eat a nighttime snack, or will that turn to fat, I heard eating at night is bad.
    What do you think?
    Thanks vince

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