How to Choose the Right Fitness Device for You | Go365

One way to get started with Go365 is to choose a fitness device and get moving. But where should you begin? First, think about your favorite way to exercise. Do you like to walk? Run? Bike? Swim? Different devices offer different options, so it’s important to choose one that fits best with your personal lifestyle. Devices generally record one or more of three different kinds of data: 1)steps, 2) calorie burn, or 3) heart rate. With a step-based device like a pedometer or a wearable activity tracker, you’ll earn one Point for every thousand steps you walk. If you get most of your activity in small bits throughout the day, one of these may be the best choice for you. Calorie-based devices require you to burn at least 100 calories within a 30-minute period. So go for a run outside using a GPS fitness tracking app on your smartphone. The app tracks your route via GPS and records the calories you’ve burned during your workout. You can earn more Points for each additional 100 calories you burn, as long as you maintain a rate of at least 200 calories per hour Heart rate monitors require you to exercise at an average of 60% or more of your maximum heart rate for a minimum of 15 minutes in a single workout session. You can earn more Points for each additional 15 minutes you complete at this level of intensity. Using a fitness device is a great way to make progress on your health journey because you can earn Points every day. Once you’ve chosen a general device type, visit to learn which devices are compatible, and shop for a device with Bucks or cash in the Go365 Mall.

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