How to Cure PCOS | Diet + Workout = FAT LOSS! (Hindi / Punjabi)

hey thanks for tuning into my volley with body mouth go honey thank you very much for Vanessa FBI it's an aside subscribers it's an Isetta views from Columbia receive a summons I salute my Erin – ahoy and piatti Tsukiji hamas who thought oh give it a say thank you very much raja baath karenge a again it's a very hype topic every week non-accessible participate females at the end ladies tea about PCOS mep see us give an immense i'm so first we need to understand what is PCOS job – PCOS have beginning so there's two there is PCOS and pcod they're the same thing Western countries may the world your terminology able PCOS uses the error up like this see countries may we use it as PCOD polycystic ovarian syndrome or polycystic ovarian disorder it's the same thing so what is that I'm not really going to go in depth of it number one I get if you feel like I'm going to give you a little bit of a pointers if you think that you fit into that criteria above need doctors in jockey me leg see a family physician and MDC and obstetrician see a gynecologist magic a song or YouTube Twitter energy open up fitness trainer Kakuma pattern because doctor is doctor at the end of the day how maybe I maybe go problem with here again made it but just an indicator than what I can make it a done some when check program is no problem I can you maybe talk to the coach Anna so let's cover the basics what what is P cos people PTO SK I have skinny sham you can get up key body as a female ik male hormone you say androgen cat they had open up the air up get your estrogen level and yoke a female hormone hair become hood attain devaki body androgen banana let Bo speaker K up could chart punches and your very basic and your heart do see ladies kiss upon L exert enormous appeal you know Jack attack on credit again I might have PCOD or PCOS number one g bulky body androgens other produced cartier produce kurta get up keyboarding he rica fidgety so as compared to ik arm Latika Aki body Posada here on get specially facial here mucukunda again would change even the a nap in which Anna clangy not a lot of gate duty for devotee mechanical monkey butt more hair one number two okay period join either a regular Virginia totally cut emerging irregular means too hard OT mainly but you won't have even period you have a little bit of for spotting that that's another thing third thing can be out key you'll be very stinky up get to see name a because that's one of the reasons K Diller killer qma nigga be difference a negative K when they go to a gym they stink let here they sting for very little making a few bodies producing a lot of energy earner for example just test roster which are in the category of male hormones of Cocina be put up a booth dot whatever so these are and the main thing is your appetite is going to go down the drain hepatitis up to Bucknell agree Europe tourists can be occupied by jaga but regardless doing all that sometimes it's there has nothing to do with PCOS so that's why unique at Google Bob Knepper to al-qaeda clean are you Google Lake Avenue PC us overture community no it's not like that you have to go you have to see a doctor they have to do the preliminary testing and then they have to diagnose you that you have PCOS so let's say for doctor says you have PCOS how a piece us is cured that's a very good question hum we're not YouTube trainers we matter of fact I manage a memory and thousands and thousands of from the clients trained cry ways a lot of ladies American Indian Pakistani Bangladesh wonky ladies from the Train courage and Capezio SF and we don't claim k Hamad capezios cut them cutting it because we're not God nor we have a magic wand but even when a doctor when you go to a doctor I would often be a cook I think an exercise curry one I'm going to adopt in a PCOD of this year's the diagnose key and appellate is about pukenga K up exercise can induce Luigi's Walker medication without a and in majority of the cases you end up going on birth controls and in a nutshell I mean I'm not going to take a look once you medication during it but basic knowledge Gilead they'll put you on birth control just to stabilize your hormones one so when they when they say exercise what do you mean by exercise upper kiss-kiss and exercise can injure your up north korean majority majority mapping experience vodka no just me and a lady's PCOS is a key hand they're mostly bottom heading a very our energy on teeth equals bernini leg until you've got the idea we're going to do 30 here that's that okay so these ladies a bottom heavy bottom heavy means above their chest line I mean stomach and hips are going to end while legs are going to be very thick a lot of PCOS our clients they have that very common problem object numbers do you work out cutting of coverage come a HOSA and the cure to PCOS as per the doctor as well as exercise they say carafe of nevada gadot percent fat come to Lena graph let's say Sookie look again okay if you 100 kg and if you only lose 10kg weight you will be up get your PCOS a problem about Kiko jiggy on PCOS PCOS carriage area with AC language moment are kept easier to RP uterus and ovaries er well skipper chhoti to this this one just in your whiskey but that's that's what it is and in some cases was test you have or is nella getting on my bleeding Shailaja the Oh buddy advanced case in that Lake in again I'm not going to go into that's why I keep repeating I'm not going to go into the desktop give all contact is trying to throw in a located coming because Giamatti field opinion we know everything about it but again you have to go to a doctor can give all right channel back to the topic of doctor something writing about weight loose porosity koga a but leave it loose criminals came that there is a diet which is one option okay and then the other option is exercised so you need to make sure that you die and you exercise at the same time diet clinics are a couch up for grabs our coaches okay there is that banda ghana you rather stay with PCOS you know who cares but you need to eat you need to play your cards right teen chart season you're going to keep that in mind care how you have to set up your like number one let's say for example you are 100 kilos okay if you are 100 kilos justanna activate has uh Tony acne protein living it justanna activated Kootenay asking Garbo orgies masturbated Kootenay percent of Michigan linear orgies now after we have say ten percent of dispatches is your guide that's it so for an example of Sookie looking at ticket I want you to take 100 grams of protein I want you to take 100 you got 100 carbs a day and I want you to take 10% of that which is a 100 K 10 percent 10 10 grams of sugar 1 BLK 10 gram of sugar O'Gara or 10 grams of fat earlier that's it 10 percent of all 10 10 grandmother's right a be a total kidney above on the homogeny precise percentage many pathologic without without consuming calories for 8 gram protein k and the charcoal is Ooty meketa 100 kalupians of so gram protein linked to up even which are so calories of key proteins healthy or a gram card can search our calories within so currently up the chart so calories monetary sugar canes at 4.2 calories per car booty at 10 percent 10 currently 42 carries ma theory and after 8 gram fat in the no calories hooking at 10 percent 10 grumbling talking 90 Marsala charge so nervous charge so arts own away and this is 932 calories that's it you need to take 932 calories you take its very low but Emily work believe me it always works i up now the problem is how okay so listen images homogenous Oh gram protein linear so gram toward linear minutes us gram sugar linear does gram fat linear but this is based on so kilo for an example optimism say Circulo everything changes you calorie come even comes low now with this the main again this is not for a weight loss this is to fix your PCOS while exercising and dieting and these things they change up you see a fancy nutritionist could be hard cutting in is they're going to charge you to $300 just to give you a dive for four weeks because this is generic I have to shoot a video I have to put together video which is very generic and how audience or sanyasis summer setting so just to start you off I want you to do this and with time the diet never comes down the diet always goes up because of the fact as you work out your body is going to start gaining muscle let go of the fat your weight will change but the more push you need you need to put in more food in your body so above calcaneal America PR the diet key videos I am a vegetarian diet has a Murray non-veg die ladies kill em Natalya look into that so Tina Marie videos now look into that you get a better idea one of the videos thank you very much again is about a million views so back to the topic of this is your diet very basic diet just to start you off Kim Jesus you have to budge Kate energy in PCOS I normally recommend starchy cheese also have too much care energy a stay away from sugar charge pop recuperation get kinda blasted ooh right eat lots of veggies because they try to follow strict ID without veggies you'll be constipated you need fiber you know you can have eggs in again I don't want to get into that video can take you with Iggy we already have those die plants we might have annotations popping up right now look into those lines marichuy punchy director ladies Kelly make sure you check them out so this is one particular mataichi basics amazake how about exercise any GM kanji exercise correct you need to do high-intensity workouts you don't need to do bread milk which are key Julio real fog along with religion there is no point doing that that's garbage stuff you normally I'm up Nick you may be okay this acute treatment when i am i any comes a facility would read mel which runs will know we make them work out using your own body of the body co use creative or cup cream or bar my extra time logically treadmill elliptical silo because easy poocho enjoy and dizzy bridge mt membership recuse you make a curtain are may other internet milker to your basement cycling objective but america sound que habla you need to work out what the grammy Bosnia's al you need to water you need to make every single muscle your body burned or skill you ladies clear we have 100 day series going on 100 days series my little redhead on day 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 is from Lily Colorado grab my research get a day 1 day 2 day 3 so I normally recommend her then Co push then repeat current so they want a vodka those in then repeat current payday 2 can work up to those in and repeat grandchildren workers made into Teelin next week I am on deck of the bar and a frico workout those in India default our karate linckia eggs into today and those are catered for even if you have tired of it even if you have PCOS even even if you have problem losing very extreme obese to you just want to lose 20 pounds we just want to tone in 100 days or how many videos I believe me if you believe in what I say you are going to lose weight you follow this diet Patrick you follow this basic exercise stay away from starchy food rest well stay hydrated hydrated means drink enough water believe me you'll do wonders making against our couch Carnegie Bobby grabbed away from me Jota you know it means a cada dia whole Bullock and Kuchar horse sadaqa de la rasilla teacher cadet Kelly Becky Sochi sikhi mahiti relay you three of em a subscriber named aquila my Bollywood body follows on Facebook Instagram and Twitter

39 thoughts on “How to Cure PCOS | Diet + Workout = FAT LOSS! (Hindi / Punjabi)

  1. Sunny Ji,
    Firstly, you made me very uncomfortable with the language you used. Saying hip is better than saying bottom section. Secondly, I have PCOS for 8+ years now and I have changed my lifestyle 100% so 100 gm carbs are too much and I am very tiny at the bottom and I gain weight on the upper half of the boy. Thirdly, maximum women with PCOS have weight on their stomach. Fourthly, PCOS is an insulin-resistant condition and weight gain is an effect of that, so working on that is important. What you say about workout is right, but really study more about PCOS

  2. Kea ap meri help karen gy me gym nhi join kr skti mjhe pcos ,or high b.p ka b prblm hy. Weight 80kg h mjhy bht km krna h weight plz guide me.

  3. Sir I am doing high intensity workout my weight is 80 kgs height is 5.5 par meri bleeding Nahi rukh rahi should I continue or stop am following your diet also plz sir reply

  4. Okay great video. the only video which convinced me that 1200 calorie se below is not a crash diet or a VLCD diet. This has worked on me but due to lack of protein intake I didn't go too long n made me quit. Thanks a lot sunny paji. U r a gem.

  5. Sir Mary c section ko 8 month ho gy hyn nursing mother nai hoon kiya mean app ka 100 day exercise ko follow kr saki hoon or mujhy pcos bhi hyn or dieastic racti bhi hy plz reply

  6. I’m 5.4 with 48.5 weight.. I’ll follow these exercises. thanks. your video is so informative πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  7. gynaecologists r the stupidest humans on the planet.. I’ve been through so much since so long… per koi faida ni each time they’ll give u different supplements along with hormones n dummm end of the story… phir maro jiyo they’ll never care… hate Pakistani gynaecologists πŸ™„ bitches

  8. Hii sunny plz Mujhe 923 calorie ka diet plan bataye, Mujhe pcos hai aap pcos pe ek proper diet plan bataye plzzzzzzzzzzz Mujhe pcos k wajah se bachche nhi hore jiske wajah se meri married life me bohut problem hori, mera weight 69 Kg hai

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