How to Deal With Stress in Med School or College and Other Questions! | 3rd Year of Med School Vlog

Good morning guys! It’s Tuesday. My vlog from yesterday just went live. Let me show you guys. Yesterday’s vlog was all about my coffee gadgets. And today I think I’m gonna go to the mall
because I still have a lot of Christmas shopping to do, cards to write, gifts to wrap and all
that so I’m gonna try to do that but first I’m gonna go to the post office to mail out
some stuff and then I’m gonna go the gym cause I don’t wanna wait too late to go later. Then I’m gonna head to the mall. Hope you guys are enjoying your Tuesday. Or Wednesday I guess. So I just finished my workout. Today was day three of 5/3/1 workout that
I’m doing. Today was mainly focused on Bench and other
upper body accessories. I haven’t benched in forever so I wasn’t sure
if I could do the weights that the program made for me but luckily I maintained most
of my strength probably because I’ve been eating so much. So that was good. I’m looking forward to getting stronger this
winter break and now I’m headed to the mall to get some Christmas shopping done. So I just ate at this really fun restaurant
inside the mall. It’s like a conveyer style sushi place. They had a ton of different types of rolls. They had hot food it was really fun to eat
here and watch all the food go by. I wanted to answer a couple questions while
I’m just sitting here from snapchat. Question: Hey Jamie, how do you study in coffee
shops. Don’t you find the noise and the people distracting? Thank you! I typically don’t do a lot of studying in
coffee shops for the reason that you mentioned. I do find it sometimes distracting that people
are always coming in and out. And you’re never sure if you’re gonna find
a good table to study so I don’t do that but if I do I usually go at a time when it’s not
too busy and I’ll usually go to the favorite table that I go to so I’m comfortable at the
table. There’s certain types of studying that I can
do at a coffee shop. It will be things that I can do kinda mindlessly
so like doing questions, or something that I can do well while listening to music. So it depends on the subject so I try to reserve
that type of studying for coffee shops studying and I do most of my more intense/focused studying
at home, where it’s quiet or I’ll go to the school where it’s quiet. Question: Hey Jamie, I was wondering if you
can give me some advice on how to deal with stress and school. So I think the best way to deal with stress
in school is to have a life outside of school. So things that you will really enjoy doing
that has nothing to do with what you’re learning at school. So for me that was working out, going to the
gym, doing YouTube stuff and also hanging out with friends. Those things really help me take my mind off
all the school work and relieve my stress. After I take some time off of school, hanging
out friends and doing all the other things I like to do. I feel more ready to go back to studying and
focusing on school. So I hope that was helpful. That was really quick. I’ll try to do more questions later but for
now I’m gonna go back to more shopping. Hey guys! So I’m back from the mall. I got a lot of my Christmas shopping done
and I’m really happy. There’s honestly no better feeling that finding
what you think is a good gift for somebody that you’re thinking of. I really enjoy like I got something really
good for a friend or a family member. So I had a good time. It wasn’t too crowded actually, surprisingly,
I guess it’s because it’s a week day. So before I close the vlog, I wanna answer
a few more of your questions with Candy here. She’s a little needy because she was alone
all day today. So she’ll be here with us for the questions. Alright so lets answer some questions. Question: Hey Jamie, does one rough semester
lessen your chances of getting into medical school? I have to say, I’m not on any medical school
admissions board so I can’t answer this officially but I will tell you what I think is the answer
is to this question. So I think when medical school look at your
transcript and your overall applications from AMCAS, they look at the big picture. They kinda look at the trends, or they look
at your grades from first year of college to your last year or whatever the last grade
is. I think if you have one bad semester, it might
be one of the essay questions you answer. Like if you had one bad grade, they might
ask you to explain that but I don’t think it severely affects your chances of getting
into medical school. You have all these other grades and you have
all these other activities that really tell the story of who you are so I don’t think
that one bad semester is going to totally ruin your chances of getting into medical
school but that’s my personal opinion so nothing official. Question: What are some tips to make sure
you get a good reference letter from your professor. This is also my personal opinion. I don’t know and I have never written a reference
letter so this is what I’ve experienced as a student asking for a reference letter but
I think some of the things keep in mind when you’re asking for a recommendation letter
is to make sure that the person that’s writing the letter really knows you. You should make sure that it’s someone who’s
had a lot of contact with you and knows you beyond just seeing you do your job and that’s
it. They should know you, they should have seen
you interact with other people. You should have interacted with this person
a bunch of times and they should really know you as a person not just as a student. You wanna give them plenty of time to write
the letter and you wanna make the process as easy as possible so that means having a
stamped envelope and giving pre-writtened. And if you sense a little bit of hesitation
you should just ask somebody else because you don’t what to do it just to be polite. You don’t want them to do it just to be polite
and you want a good letter so you should keep that in mind. So that’s my answer for that. Next question. Question: Hello! So, I’m a student in first year dental school. I just wanted to ask you if first year was
the easiest or the hardest year. I think it was hard in a different way. So I think every year of medical school so
far has been challenging in different ways and I think one of the most challenging thing
about first year is really figuring out your studying style, what works for you and how
do I start studying as a medical student. How do I learn this brand new type of information
and really have it stick in my mind. So I think figuring that out was probably
the hardest part of first year. And I wanna say that second year was almost
easier I had that foundation laid out from first year. I knew how to study for certain courses. First year, material wise, there’s a lot of
overlap from a lot of things that you learn from MCAT, obviously there’s anatomy and physiology
so that’s something new but that’s mostly just memorization. There’s a lot of physiology usually. The way that traditional med school is set
up. There is a lot of physiology in your first
year. I think once you figure out how to study in
your first year your second year will be a lot easier. So I guess in that way it is a little harder–it’s
a big adjustment. So I think that’s all the questions I’m gonna
answer for this vlog. I think I’m gonna close the vlog here and
head to bed. Tomorrow I’m actually gonna be in Philadelphia. So I’m gonna–I have something to do in the
morning there so I’m gonna stay the rest of the day and kinda play tourist cause I’ve
never really gone to any touristy in Philly so I might do that tomorrow. So I guess by the time this video goes live,
I’ll already be in Philly so why don’t you guys leave a comment in this video if you
guys have any recommendations for restaurants or places that I should visit and I will try
to check those places out. So thank you guys so much for watching and
I will see you guys in the next vlog! Bye πŸ˜€ Okay bye!

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  1. Aww Candy looks so comfy in your arms! Philly is awesome. That's where I want to go to med school. Check out the Liberty Bell!

  2. Hi how are you? I have a question and I really hope if you could answer it.
    Question: do you have any pieces of advice that you can give me on how to memorize new words and diseases in medical biology and biochemistry since this is my first year in Medical school. Im asking this because I'm studying medicine in my second language which is English (my mother language is Arabic) so I find it hard to memorize some diseases and other new medical words.
    Again, I hope you answer my question because my committee exam is on the way HAHAHA. And good luck with your studies as well ❀️

  3. Hi,
    I was wondering if you could make a video on how to study for tests and exams? Not just tips, but the whole process. I am first year student and my midterms are coming up in a few weeks and i have no idea how to study. The amount of content we need to cover is just…a whole a lot. And i have no idea how to start. In high school, i used to have a method of reading through everything to get a basic concept and then try to memorize it but thats not really working for me anymore. And i would incredibly grateful to get an insight on your study methods and see if they work for me.
    I know i am asking a lot and you already have so much on your hands, but you would be helping a really desperate girl in need. Thank you so much for your time. I love your videos and hope you never stop making them.

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    Also, what has been your favorite year of medical school so far and why?

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