How to Do Burpees Without Back Injury Risk + Max Fitness in 1 Minute

47 thoughts on “How to Do Burpees Without Back Injury Risk + Max Fitness in 1 Minute

  1. Wouldnt landing all of that weight on the hands cause wrist pain down the line? Youre eliminating a lot of lower back pain. But the motion suggest that the pain is going to the upper back, wrist and arms. I want to see what athleen x would say about this.

  2. Not sure my ankles nor back can withstand the impact of my feet hitting the ground. That's alot of impact . Maybe great for a younger athlete. Being 46 years old that made me cringe lol. Thanks for sharing tho.

  3. Wouldn't that place additional weight and stress on the arms/shoulders/chest with that move.
    I mean dropping all of your body weight, plus the sudden stop of the impact will result in shearing forces much like a jump squat, but without the larger group of muscles of the legs to cushion the impact.
    Just asking.
    Maybe this should be regarded as an advanced move ???

  4. I dont know why you guys get a thumbs down. Makes me mad. I have not been able to do any when I have to try and balance πŸ˜„ or using my arms to lift myself up. I'm going to a Neuroscience drs this Friday so I demand answers. I'm going to share this to my fb page. Thank you very much!!!

  5. Im 55 and do burpees on occasion because lower back will get aggravated, however those alternative one seem they would be harder to do.

  6. LOL that aint neutral whatsoever. He's almost in posterior tilt when he stands. And the way he does burpess probably puts a lot of back pressure as well jumping down like that. The safest way is to jump and squat down. If you dont have the mobility to squat with ease, do not do burpees. Burpees requires mobility in certain ranges. But ya try squating down then hands on floor and then into plank.

  7. Not that I'm going to do this. But I'm concerned about the impact on the knees and ankles for the tips of the toes hit the floor?

  8. I screwed up my back doing this in college lifting class, we used medicine ball with this and that's why I screwed it up :/

  9. No way! . . . It doesn't look like anyone, at any age, should be doing that. It looks very hurtful and taxing on the back, knees, wrist and hands. Interview him again in about a year to see how he's doing with that!

  10. I'm a mixed martial artist and with all due respect. I wouldn't recommend this variation for exercise OR for combat sports like Wrestling and Jits. That sprawl wouldn't stop a JV freshman.

  11. Nicely understated manner, thanks Sam.

    I'm sure this is good for Sam, but I doubt it is in reality any better than a standard burpee for most for the reasons stated by others.

    I also noted that Sam always led with the left leg when rising up. Perhaps that was just due to the limited time, but otherwise I doubt that is good either.

    An alternative video with variations on burpees for beginners is here:

  12. Main problem with burpees IMO is you need like a huge house if you want to do them at home. I never do them because I have no space and I refuse to be seen in public doing burpees. Hurting your back is another good reason not to do them.

  13. more true to the original burpees
    which were invented as military assessment/training
    so no push-up component or hands-up jump
    — I like em even better w/ minimal knee stress
    by using straddle and hip flexion… also better
    to use yoga-style curve down to full flat
    on floor then curve up to switch-flex
    into the pike (getting both dogs)
    before standing w/ hands up
    to touch the ceiling in the
    basement where I usually wkt

  14. Great videos usually but I don’t like this recommendation at all.

    1 The impact of his body weight on his toes will probably lead to joint damage in the future.
    2 in this demo he stood up with his left leg leading with only two alternations to his right leg.
    Surely that will lead to a muscular imbalance over time. At least alternate the reps evenly with this version.
    3 he still had spinal flexion before standing.

    If, when he squatted, he put his hands on a raised platform like an aerobic step (height adjusted for the individual) he could maintain a completely neutral spine before kicking back to a plank.

  15. I learned much from this video. Well done. But one question on the shoulder impact comes to mind. Much better for one's back. Good workout for legs. And much better from a practical real world perspective this motion is much more like what I'd do in the real world…in a trip and fall, or other similar situation. I like this move.

  16. For everyone saying this is an advanced movement, well yes it is. BUT, a good gym (and I'm not talking these chains that are on every street corner) will see how you are currently moving, assess your current fitness level and adapt the movement for you.

  17. Jarring the shoulder, wrist, elbow joints. There's other exercises you can do aside from burpees to get the same cardiovascular workout.

  18. In the military. This was one of our exercises. I remember when performing this, as I came back up to my feet with the exploxion; I rapidly callaps not feeling anything from the waist down. For rapid moments I did feel what it would be like being paralyzed. It was frighting. The drill Sarget behing me told me not do the exercise as he saw what had accured. Since then I have avoided. It is almost 9 years later and it has seemed that that episode caused me a hurniated disc. I will always avoid it, as now I suffer from sevior lower back pain. Thanks burpees.

  19. I'm a 53 y/o vet, I do a 20 -23 minute calisthenics workout that usually consists 80-100 burpees (we called them 8 count bodybuilders in the navy ) done in usually 5 sets. I will definitely switch to this new and improved method.

  20. I was certainly worried about him throwing 150β€”170 lbs onto his hands, along with the extra force of the fall onto the hands. Maybe taping and wrist braces like weight – lifters wear can help take some of that stress. And padding of course (like a thick tatami) would help disperse the pressure.

  21. A number of times you mentioned the word "moment" when you talked about flexion. I don't think you meant a slice of time.

    I think you meant the force exerted in the direction of a circle. Like the force used to move a merry – go – round causes a moment, force which is directed in a circle to turn the platform.
    Flexion of the lower back happens when the pelvis is tilted at the bottom of the spinal column, using the end of the spinal column around which to rotate. At the wrist joint is the rotation point around which the hand flexes, and the force follows the rotational direction of the hand around the wrist.

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