How To Do the Raw Dog Food Diet Right

Hey there, Mark here from Unleashed in
Calgary, I wanna share some information that is very important for raw feeders to know,
there’s a correct way to do it and it must follow the whole animal carcass model, so I’ve
got some items in front of me that will help you do that correctly, we
need to have muscle meat, organ meat, ground-up bone, some tripe and perhaps some fruit and veg in their
diet, patties like this are amazing to use because they’re easy
and they are complete this consists of perhaps two-thirds of
their diet maybe a little bit more what you also have to include is
chewing dogs, cats as, well need to chew they need
to clean their teeth they need to exercise, so on this plate
this is referred to as meaty bones, I’ve got whole chicken back
here that you bet it’s crunch, crunch, crunch, you’re cleaning teeth they’re exercising their entire bodies,
this is an example of more recreational bone,
as well as this one, we’ve got a beef rib and it’s sort of a knuckley bone, here
they’re consuming most of this, perhaps the entire thing,
mouth clean lots of exercise, a turkey neck as you
see here is an amazing toothbrush for your carnivore, so if they’re getting two or three of these a
week they’re going to have those beautiful teeth their entire lives so what I’m going to do here is I’m
gonna take one of these patties and show you the way I do it for my own
dogs, we’ve got Drake here really waiting for breakfast, so take a
patty I like to break it up, you probably
don’t have to, pull it apart throw it in the bowl, you can use tongs if
you want to touch the meat, let’s see how Drake enjoys his breakfast okay Drake so as you can see, the raw diet, done correctly, is amazing, he loves it, he
looks amazing and he’ll be healthy his entire life

75 thoughts on “How To Do the Raw Dog Food Diet Right

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  3. Raw meaty bones are perfectly fine.Its the cooked naked bones that can be a problem.I feel theres more risk from feeding highly processed kibble remember melamine incident from 2007 not to mention all the preservatives and fillers.I recently heard of a poodle that has been feed raw ever since she was a puppy.She is 22 years old and acts like a puppy.

  4. Rabbit and chicken bones are fine when raw and covered with a fair amount of meat. Cooked bones are the ones to worry about.

  5. Can i feed to my dog, only chicken back and necks, chicken liver, raw egg, apple and carrot, every day ? is something missing here ?

  6. Thanks for the responce! and its okay no worries 🙂 She is doing good sleeping under a blanket right now lol its getting hot here in nevada summer time eww. Just thinking of how i should feed her better.

  7. i have a 8 week rottweiler, and i want to put him on the raw meat diet i did all my research but i still do not know if he is still to young and i dont know how much to feed him since all the videos i have come across is for adult dogs. please respond

  8. I just got a new border collie puppy and want to get her started on the raw meat diet. Where is it okay to purchase the meat from? Would a normal supermarket be okay? Or would one like Fresh and Easy or trader joes be good? Also how much should I feed her now and when she is fully grown? Thank you, sorry for so many questions.

  9. I have a 7 week old husky just got it and he's been fed kibble from his previous owner at least 90 grams a day divided in two meals , I want to introduce him to the raw diet how can I do it and what can I give to him I feel so lost with this issue

  10. No grain at all, vegetables are fine but make sure the majority of it is meat that is eats. Remember dogs are carnivores and although they can eat plant matter, they still need a lot of meat to thrive, so as a vegan it may be difficult, but it's what's healthiest for your dog. Be very careful when feeding the dog homemade foods aswell, you will need to research more specifically to what you are/will be feeding it.

  11. hello, i have a 7 month old american bulldog, i was thinking about adding ground beef to my dogs diet, what do you think about that? PLEASE ANSWER

  12. I'm Korean and wow I came here to feed my dog raw food diet and see your comment. You know assuming Koreans=dog meat is kind of racist. I'm a dog lover myself and your comment is really disturbing

  13. 2to 3 %of your dogs weight is generally the rough guide so if you have a 10kg dog for example and he's a tad skinny, try 10000×0.025 giving your dog 250 g food daily. 80%should be meat (includes muscle met such as heart) 10%bone and 1o%organs (of which 50%must be liver)

  14. are there benefits on feeding them veg? and for the bones do you give it to them as a meal (no grounded meat included) on these 3 times a week? and also what is the latest time of the night feeding the kitten/ cat is best?

  15. what kind of concerns are there with feeding wild-sourced raw food? i know deer and wild pig have pathogens that can damage humans, should we worry about dogs eating that stuff? i mean, ovwr the years my dogs have eaten of many deer during deer season, and probably more gutpiles than i care to think of, but never any problems. of course, worm meds/prevention were always in place for parasites, but what about the cystic stuff?

  16. I have a 50lb. Australian Shepherd that we've decided to start on a raw diet just a few days ago because of constant food allergies and expensive vet visits. I've started her off on 1lb. of meat a day split between two meals. So far we're using chicken breast as the muscle meat and chicken liver as her organ source. We're aiming for 80% muscle meat, 10% organ meat and 10% bone. We supplement it with a tablespoon portion of blended veggies and no fat plain yogurt and eggs with the shells.

  17. My main question is this. Is a raw chicken drumstick ok as a source of bone? How often should she get it? I was thinking of twice a week, perhaps as a dinner replacement for two days. She has had loose stools, not necessarily diarrhea, but will feeding her the bones make her stools more firm?

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  19. You should but a link to your site in your video description. I love feeding my dog a raw food diet. I made the switch and haven't looked back. It took some research and effort to get everything right but I know that my dog is healthier now than he's ever been.

  20. Hello my name is John and i have a 2yr old Doberman and currently feeding him costco brand dog food and ive been feeding it to him for the last year and would like to change his diet up a little bit and give him some raw meat now and then along with his dry food. what would you suggest for a diet or recipe? He weighs 194lbs.
    Answer back thanks-John

  21. Hi I am a newbie at going RAW and I have just found a slaughter house near where I live, who can provide mince at 50c for 2 1/2 pounds. I ordered 70 lbs, and I found the meat to be very smelly (It wasn't off as it was produced the day before and put into storage). I guess my question is to you (And anyone else) – is it supposed to smell really that strong? Ive never prepared my own dog food, and man – its really putting me off!!

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  23. If you want to keep your dog safe and healthy, you must know how to choose the healthiest dog food to suit your dog's requirements.

  24. lol. My 5 year old Yorkie's name is Drake as well. First time I have ever seen someone else use that name.

  25. I don't do weight bearing bones for fear of canine dental damage and/or ingesting too much bone content.

    I have a 7 year old German Shepherd who I switched to 100% raw diet. 80% meat, 10% edible bone (raw of course), 5% liver, 5% other organ. What a difference this has made. GSD's have very sensitive bodies and digestive tracts, and seem to be inherently reactive to processed foods. I only wished I had fed him raw as a puppy. He no longer needs joint pills, and his skin and ear issues are gone. Also, no stomach upset and diarrhea. The hair on his elbows grew back and his poop is tiny, and doesn't need picking up. It dries up and crumbles away. I was feeding Orijen but my GSD has never liked this or other kibble food. His overall health has really improved since raw. I joined a local raw dog food co-op and buy bulk meat at $1.90 a pound OR LESS depending on the protein. I sometimes pickup store bought meats if on sale. I feed 2.5 – 3.0 % of his ideal body weight. It cost a little more and requires a bit more effort than opening a bag and scooping out dry food, but now I know exactly what he is eating and he loves it. He never ate kibble well. Best decision I've made regarding his food. Research and make the switch. It has changed my opinion about dry dog food.

  26. I want to start feeding my puppy raw so i started giving him chicken breast for this whole week and veggies. I want to add bones since theyre pretty important. My puppy eats about 892 grams a day.

    I go with 70% meat
    10% bones
    10% heart
    5%organ meat

    The 70% is all chicken breast.. So as you could tell, i go through a lot of chicken breast a day. I want to try buying chicken legs and thighs from you guys.

    Would i be able to make that 70% all chicken legs and thighs or it has too much bones? I dont wanna keep giving 10% bones cause thats extra to buy for me. If i buy a chicken leg, it has the meat and the bone so it will save me money so im just really curious if thats a good ratio or too much.

    I have an american bully who is 3 months old that weighs 22 pounds

    I want to start feeding chicken quarters but it says it has 35% bones. from what I know im not suppose to go over 25%? Do i take out some of the bones from the chicken quarters or what? please help!

  27. After nearly two months of having my (not 5 month old) dachshund I learned that she much prefers her food if she has to work for it, such as working on our training or ripping up paper or cardboard I have hidden the food in. I recently introduced raw chicken wings and she absolutely loves it! She takes at least 30 minutes to finish one. I also make her chew whole chicken breast so that she takes the extra time to eat it. She also likes raw eggs.

  28. I can't find chicken hearts. my dog is on an all chicken and pork diet with pork tripe. I can't find organs or hearts. I got her the bone of a cow today.

  29. MAn, so many videos. I just want to know what exactly to do and not to do. I have a 40lb APBT. What I was going to do is buy bulk frozen chicken and feed only raw chicken for the first week. Maybe 1.5lbs per day? Then what? Give a leg, a kidney? I just want an example of a morning/afternoon meal RAW. Thansk!

  30. Ive been feeding our dogs raw for 6 years and they have bad tartar buildup on their front fang teeth, well the two large dogs do. The tiny dog has very nice teeth. They are fed meaty bones, muscle meat, and organ daily, I do buy these recreational type of knuckle bones for them to chew on as well but those fang teeth on the big dogs just are never clear of tartar. I really didn't think this would happen on a raw diet. I don't feed my dogs fruit or veggies in their meals, never thought they needed it, although I know they'd eat it if given to them, I think they'd eat mud if I offered it to them .

  31. is heart considered muscle meat? i know its inside the animal, but it is a muscle right? i've given my dog liver, gizzard, egg with shell, sprinkle of oats, some steamed spinach,and a heart. shes small only 16 pounds. is that good?

  32. Perhaps fruit and veg? Fruit and veg is a must! In the wild a dog would also eat the contents of the animals stomach which would be mainly vegetation. If you’re feeding meat alone, it’s not enough.

  33. You gave no real information for someone that never done this before. Just a hint specific information maybe direct viewers where they might be able to get patties like those.

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  36. Oh no. .. Why is he eating the same amount as my 11 pound dauchshund? Please do research before listening to this stuff, it is NOT balanced and you can really mess up your dog. YOU NEED TO ADD CALCIUM. WHERES THE ORGANS? Check out Peter Caine for raw diet info. His dogs are aged 14 -18 and he is an experienced raw feeder for a proper balanced canine diet

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  38. wow your a dumbass were is the calcium just meat without any bones does not represent the stomach wtf are you doing to your dog he must ahave a shitting problem or any other problem this shit is disgusting

  39. You need fruit and veggies and some rice in there.. just meat leaves out some important vitamins in their diet!

  40. My research for raw feeding an adult dog is to feed 2-3% of the dogs body weight. Very active 3%, not very active 2%. So a 50lb dog getting 3% would get 11/2 pounds a day of raw food. 80% should be lean meat, 10% should be edible bone, and 10% should be organ meats, like liver. This is a good starting point, but you can adjust and customize according to your dog.

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