How To Eliminate Financial Stress

Hey gang, welcome back. Kris Krohn and
today i want to talk about how to eliminate financial stress. So, many
people think you have to have money to feel less financial stress. And I really
want to question whether that’s true. Listen, we’ve been trained from the time
that we were knee-high that when we grow up become adults that there’s going to be
some financial stress. I mean, I don’t know about you but my parents, I didn’t
have no silver spoon. And there’s a good chance you didn’t either. The reality is
is that becoming an adult has some stressful moments, right? One of the rites
of passage is, you get kicked out of the house and it’s totally up for you to
figure out how to do life. How do I pay for the car? How do I pay for the cell
phone? How do I cover the rent? How do I pay my mortgage? How do I pay my utility
bills? And that can be super stressful. Some of us though, we get caught there.
It’s like a Kodak moment that doesn’t end. And we’re screwed. It takes us down.
And what we need to do is we need to replace some of those early moments. For
some of you you are a couple decades overdue. Do not do that to yourself. Today,
I’m going to give you 3 amazing empowering beliefs that if you’ll infuse
the right energy into them, can totally wake you up to a whole new world.
So, get your pen and paper, get ready. We’re goin gto do some serious breakthrough.
Here’s belief number 1. “I’m at peace with my finances.” Now, this is a really
simple statement. But just for a moment, have you ever said it before? I guarantee
not. Man, if you’re out there actually feeling stressed over money, you probably
haven’t been saying this. And when people come to me and they say, “Kris, teach me
about money.” Because I have a 4-day course. It’s on my website where I educate people on how to become financially liberated. And I’m not just
talking about making millions of dollars, I’m talking about changing just the way
that you perceive your world, so that you can live in a wealthy place when? Right
now. Regardless of your bank account. And it’s going to start with these simple ideas.
This idea right here, “I’m peace with my finances.” Friends,
you don’t need an enemy of your finances. You don’t want to feel stress over it. So,
I want to invite you to like meditate on that peace of it. Like, chill. So, that, yeah.
Me and finances? Sure, I got some things to figure out. But I choose to feel peace.
Peace doesn’t come when you have lots of money. Peace comes when you choose for it
to come. Belief number 2. “I financially educate myself. I financially educated
myself.” Like, we’re batting zero when it comes to financial literacy. We’ve got
the wealthy and then we’ve got the everybody else. And if you want to know
what makes them special, they’re educated on money. They’re not lucky, they didn’t
win the lottery. These are people that actually understand the little way that
money works. This is why actually I put on a course, training people how to do
this because knowledge applied is power. the knowledge itself, you read a book
isn’t necessarily powerful. but when you start acting on. and I’ll tell you if
you’re feeling stressed, it’s because you don’t know enough about
money. You might think, “No, no. Kris you’re wrong. I need more money and then I’ll
feel better.” It’s like, “Uh, how do you like living in a world that when finances are
tight, you have to feel stressed?” If anything, that’s make it even more
difficult to find the solution. I did Taekwondo for a number of years and in
martial arts I’ll tell you something, if you want to get faster, you have to relax.
Because they say that the true measure of power comes in speed. It’s not
how big your muscles are, it’s not how big you are. It really comes down to how
fast you can be. And if you want to be twice as fast, you limit 4 times the
power in the equation of power. And if you want to get faster, you got to do it
by being relaxed. So, financial literacy, it relaxes you because you’ll start
learning basic little things like this. Most important financial decision you
will ever make in your life is one thing — pay yourself first. P-Y-F, right? I mean in
this video, I’m trying to teach you the mindset. But I’m just going to show you a
little skill set thing right here. You read “The Richest Man in Babylon”? Great
book. Many other books will say the exact same thing. That if you’re actually just
learning how to pay yourself first instead of your bills, that little bit
with compound interest in a lifetime can become millions of dollars. So, you need
some financial literacy. So, I financially educate myself. I get financially
educated. That’s belief number 2. Belief number 3 is I feel positive vibes
about money. Yep, I’m talking about energy. Money is
more than just a paper thing. It’s a feeling, it’s a way that we feel about
life. Do not let money control you. Don’t go into slavery instead of trading
dollars and hours. You got to get on top of the game. And the way that you do that
is by choosing into a different relationship with this inanimate object.
Which in and of itself is neutral and meaningless, right? It only has the value
that we as society assign to it. Plus, the value that you assign to it whether it’s
positive or negative. If you’re choosing stress about money, I’m going to tell you
right now, you got a negative relationship with money. You turn that
around by choosing into positive vibes about money. I feel positive about money,
I feel great about money. I feel really good about money. I’ve got really great,
juicy, positive vibes going on with me and my relationship with money. Friends,
these 3 beliefs, I’m going to tell you right now that if you’ll take time
in the morning, throughout the day, write them down, revisit them with energy and
if you do this, I’m going to tell you right now, it’s going
to change your perception and it’s going to open up different doors. And those
doors are marked abundance and prosperity. Guess what happens to your
financial stress? It goes away. But because you chose it first where with
the real estate between your ears. So friends, today’s three beliefs that we
want you to write down. Make sure you’ve got nailed is number 1, I’m at peace
with my finances. Number 2, I financially educate myself. And number
3, I feel positive about money. And you know we call that friends? That is
breakthrough. Look what just came in the mail. It’s a pile of money. Friends,
listen. Money will be attracted to you if it has a reason to. You’re in a
relationship with it whether you like it or not. You choose negativity and let me
ask you, when you have a negative relationship with a friend, do you feel
polarized and want to move out of their way? Or do you want to get like nice and
tight and cuddle them so hard? Man, there ain’t going to be no cuddles because you’re
pushing them out of your life. So, you get on good positive grounds by choosing
into amazing financial beliefs. And one last thing that could be useful for you,
I put on a life-changing experience. It’s called “Liberate.” It’s a 4-day event to
teach you everything about money. And to have you walk out with a 360 degree
financial game plan and open doors for creating wealth amassing wealth while
living life in a wealthy state. Today is what we’re going to be rocking. So, if you
want to learn more about that, head over the website. Otherwise, make sure that you
subscribed. Ting the doorbell, so that we can tell
you when the videos come up. And I wan to invite you to comment below on just one
thing that you’re going to do different to create greater peace and positivity in
your life about money.

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  1. Is it true that the real estate buble in the States is slowly about to pop now? Production cost of houses went up due to increased labour cost and lumber cost due to anti-subsidy duties on imports of Canadian lumber. To top it off the mortgage rates have significantly increased therefore hindering the growth of the market.

    Do you think that the real estate market is about to take a dip now? If so, possibly how deep and how long?

  2. It's a conundrum: feeling positively about your financial situation while it's the bane of your existence.

  3. I HAVE A QUESTION! If per say, someone wanted to mirror your steps, what videos would you say to watch and in what order? With that being said, I am subscribed and I watch every video I can all while taking notes.

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