It’s no secret that stress sucks. We’re all
very familiar with the negative impacts that it can have on our emotions. But what we oftentimes
don’t realize is it can physically kill us. It’s linked to the six leading causes of death
in the United States. So knowing how to reduce and how to eliminate our stress is one of
the most valuable life skills that I can think of, and that’s what this video is about. It’s
about the three levers that each and everyone of us has to eliminate the stress in his or
her own life. But before I get into that, we got to cover
the biggest misconception that I hear all the time, and I even am guilty of myself when
it comes to stress, and that is externalizing stress, saying that it comes from an event;
that it’s this job interview that we have, that it’s the conversation that we have coming up
that we’re nervous about, or, maybe, we’re just nervous about flying on an airplane,
and we think that that is creating the stress. The truth is, there are people all over the
world that just do not get stressed about those things, right? People that can walk
into a job interview cool as a cucumber or who can fly on an airplane without caring.
I happen to be one of them. It doesn’t bother me. But there are other triggers that I have
and that I’m sure you have. So for the rest of this video, I encourage
you. Play along with this. Go through the exercises for one particular thing that you
know causes you stress in your life and let’s see if we can eliminate it for good. So let’s start by defining what stress actually
is. It’s a mindset and it’s this. Stress comes from needing to have something turn out a
certain way that we feel that we can’t control and that we worry could go badly. Those are
your three levers. That sentence has all three components that we can use to destroy
stress. So let’s start at the beginning with this
first part. Stress comes from needing something to happen. If we stopped needing things, if
we stopped getting so caught up in what we wish would happen and trying to control so
much, we wouldn’t feel stressed. This is the whole Buddhist philosophy is letting go of
desires. Now I don’t advocate going that far. I
do believe, though, that the quality of your life is going to be directly impacted by how
many things you think you need. And trust me, fewer things is going to be better here. So, if we can eliminate feeling like we have
to have things to happen, that’s going to save us tons of stress. So the first thing
to let go of is the past. If you have done something in the past that you’re regretful
about, and that you wished you could do differently, and you turned over in your head. You can’t
control it, right? You’re not going to be able to influence it that way. So it just
got to be let go. For things in the future that we need to turn
out a certain way–a job interview. I feel this all the time when I’m on an airplane,
and I had a connecting flight, and I need to get to that flight on time. The best way
to handle this is something called “fear setting.” And this is something that Tim Ferriss discusses
in his book The 4-Hour Workweek, but it goes like this. Let’s take the example of the airplane. So
I’m on an airplane, I’m going somewhere. I have a connecting flight. It’s got an hour and
45 minutes and we took off 45 minutes late, so I’m going, “Crap, this is going to be a
really tight lay over. I don’t think I’m gonna make it. I got to rush off this plane.” The
way that I calm myself, that I deal with that stress in that situation is by stopping needing
to make that flight. And I do that by fear setting. I go, “You know what? Let’s assume
the worst thing happens.” I’m not going to make this flight. I’m going to be stuck all
day in this airport, maybe, even through another night. I have to get a hotel. I’m going to
be a day late to my vacation or my meeting or wherever it is I am going. And then, all of a sudden, even though that’s
doom and gloom, and that’s not what I want, I can relax, because I clarified what’s going
to happen in the future and I go, “You know what? That would suck, but I can deal with
it.” That is the best way to deal with neediness. If you’re worried about breaking up with someone,
right? Go through fear setting. Go what would happen if I broke up? Would I actually die
or would I be sad for a while and get over it? If you left your job or we’re fired, would
you starve, live on the street, be left out in the cold? Probably not. You probably have
to move in back home or with a friend, or take a smaller apartment and a pay cut at
a job that you didn’t like, but you would survive. When you start to fear set, truthfully, things
are not as bad as they seem. That’s the first piece. You want to get rid of feeling like
you need things. Second piece, moving on to the control part. If we can increase our feeling
of control. If we can increase the feeling of certainty, we can actually reduce stress.
And this is why most people feel safer when they’re driving than they do when they’re
flying. When they’re flying, they have no control. When they’re driving, even though
it’s more dangerous, and way more people die driving, they feel like they’re in control,
so they don’t get nervous. So if we can increase that feeling of control,
that’s going to reduce the stress. The best way to do this is something called tree planning.
And I did this when I left my job for the first time. I was very nervous. How would
I pay my rent? How would I make any money? And what I had that I just dug up for this
video is a 5-paged document of all the things that I could do that could generate money. I have, on there, I could lower my student
loans by casting them over 30 years. I could reapply to college so that I didn’t have to
pay my loans for another year. I could bask on the street playing the guitar for tips.
I could bartender. I could wait tables. I could do odd jobs. I could AirBnB my bedroom
and sleep on the coach, which I did. I have 5 pages of things that I did. And the
weird thing about this is that even though I left my job, and this is a longer story,
but got down to $300 in my bank account, sleeping on the floor, I wasn’t ever stressed, because
I knew, okay, if I get to the end of this, and this business doesn’t work, all that I
have to do is go back to this sheet and start at the top, and work my way down, and I’ll
be fine. It won’t be pleasant, but I’m not going to die. So when you can kill that uncertainty by tree
planning– The reason I call it tree planning is because most people have a stick plan.
Here’s where I am, here’s what I need. If I don’t get there, I’m screwed. It’s terrible.
A tree plan has different divergent paths, right? If it doesn’t work, I’d go here. If
that doesn’t work, I’d go here. When you have If-Then statements in your plan,
you have more certainty that it’s going to work out, that’s going to reduce your stress.
That’s the second thing. We got fear setting, we got tree planning. The third part, you think will go badly. Now,
for this, I know that I’ve used airplanes a lot, but actually because my roommate inspired
this, and he is somebody who is really not stressed in his life. But when he gets on
an airplane, he gets very nervous. He’s worried that it’s going to crash. I always found that
interesting about him, which made me start thinking about the ways that stress occurs
in our life. And for him and me, the difference is not that I need my life any less than him.
The difference is not that I control the airplane more. The difference is that he thinks it’s
gonna crash and I think it’s gonna land safely. So the best way to change our beliefs, yes,
he’s read the statistics, he knows, but we want to do that on an emotional level and
the best tool that I know of for this is an NLP Tool called the Swish Pattern. You can
YouTube this, Google it in greater detail, but I’m going to give you the 1-minute version
right now. Basically, what you do is, on this hand, you
place the image that you do not want to happen. You failed the job interview, the plane goes
and crash and burn, the conversation goes terrible, the girl rejects you, whatever it
is. And you play it out on this hand. On this hand, you have the good things that
you’d like to see. The plane lands safely, the job interview goes well, you got a date
with the girl, whatever it is. And you look at this hand and play it in your head vividly
as you see it in the way that makes you nervous. And as soon as you start to feel that heart
race, or get a little bit nervous, in your head and with your hands, in your mind’s eye,
you swish them out, right? You have this image. Explode through this
image coming towards your center of vision, right here. And what that’s going to do after
you do it 10, 20 times; it can take several minutes to do. But it starts to train your
habits, right? You’d get in the habit of every time I think
of the plane crash, and boom! Think of the plane landing safely and having a great vacation.
You do that consciously. You direct your brain to say, “This is what I want you to do,” for
10 minutes, for maybe 20 minutes. It’s not that long of a time. It seems like it. But,
then, even unconsciously, when you’re sitting on that plane and you start to go here, your
brain will automatically go down that new route. I don’t know, when we do that, Boom!
We see this new image and you won’t feel so badly about it. So, those are the best three things that I
have for eliminating stress in our lives. It is a mindset. It doesn’t have to be part
of our every day existence. And those are–just to go over them again–Fear
setting. That will kill neediness. You’ll feel like you don’t need things to go in a
certain directness or certain route that you have your overarching goals that you can achieve
in a ton of different ways. Tree planning. That’s going to give you all
the different paths to get to those goals. And then, of course, the Swish pattern, which
is just going to make you more optimistic and feel better. That’s it for stress. That’s all I got right
now, but I do have an announcement. I want to thank two people for actually setting up
Charisma on Command channels in different languages, and those people are Jose and Eric.
Jose for the Spanish channel and Eric for the Russian channel. If you want to check
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I have links to those. If you like this channel in English, go ahead
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this, Q and A style, go ahead, write them in the bottom, or people you’d like to see
me break down, I’d be happy to do that. And, of course, I hope that you guys have enjoyed
this video and I’ll see you in the next one.

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