How To Escalate Physically With Women (From Hello To Kiss)

100 thoughts on “How To Escalate Physically With Women (From Hello To Kiss)

  1. Dame
    What's this feeling
    It's scarry and overwhelming
    My blood is rushing
    Cause There was a cobra
    It was by the Bush
    And it was in hiding
    She wasn't thinking

  2. Kyle I am brazilian and i speak english but i have friends who don't speak english could you leave the option to subtitle me subtitling your videos to portuguese so my friends will be able to see your video

  3. I find this very easy especially when a girl has tats,I touch them,asking questions,asking her what her least favourite is,i touch it,i laugh,she laughs ect.
    Once the girl starts being interested she'll try and actually show you tattoos that aren't showing,like foot,back ect,which means you can touch her around there as well,which means you have even more chance of kissing her.

  4. If you watch previously the girl with the black dress is another girl not the same one with purple dress , questions marks. Dude do u think we are donkeys asshole? Plus who cares everyone has a different way and there are many things important in life than picking up girls for one night stand, grow up boy what u r saying is totally the opposite of what girls are looking for and for sure if you have one daughter u wouldnt be happy if guys would approach just like you do, fuck that shit got get a life u aint teaching or mastering smtg, u r just too confident showing successfull videos that turned out right for the videos, show ppl the videos where u get rejected as well 😅

  5. this is all IF she's attracted to you in the first place. unfortunately some girls just like having nice conversations with random guys believe it or not

  6. Those were 2 different girls in the video. I mean if you want to show progression, keep it to one girl. Second, you are a white guy going after Hispanic girl. That is easy. Maybe do it with white girls.

  7. 3:42 is not good body language on her behalf dude. she's literally telling you with all kind of signs to slow down/back off. you crossed a line there and she CLEARLY didn't feel comfortable with that at all, yet you try to paint it likethis is how you escalate things correctly.

  8. the first one in the blue dress damn her booty omg i hope for you, you smashed her butt and have someone her instagram ?

  9. i was out , and my friend came a lil bit later with her other friend, and we just said hi, we danced and she started kissing me, so its easy af ..

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