How To: Face Pull

What’s going on Nation? I’m going to demonstrate for you guys how to do a face pull now this exercise It’s an isolation exercise. We’re gonna be hitting the traps really hard here and what this exercise is also gonna do is help you with doing a lot of movement such as cleans or power cleans now what you’re gonna need is a cable machine and a rope and what you want to do is set up your pulley so that it’s about chest height or a little bit lower. You don’t want to be pulling from too high now although this is an isolation exercise for the traps it’s not that easy and it’s gonna be a hard to really get those shoulder blades to retract which you guys gonna see in a minute But you’re also gonna be hitting a lot of muscles that are used throughout your external rotation of the shoulder Such as your teres major, teres minor posterior delts. Okay guys So what I want you to do is get an overhand grip on the rope take a couple steps back And make sure the shoulders are dropped. You don’t want to start up here drop those shoulders Your feet about shoulder width apart and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna pull the rope to your face That’s why it’s called a face pull and as you pull the rope you want to make sure those elbows are always higher than your wrists You don’t want them down here, and it doesn’t take that much movement to do it, so you really have to focus and pay attention Now once you have that part down and you’re able to pull the rope back and keep those elbows nice and high you want to focus on trying to get that retraction in your back and getting those shoulder blades to pinch so come on over here and take a look up I’m gonna pull back and really squeeze those shoulder blades while keeping those elbows higher than the wrists come back forward come back squeeze get those elbows high Just like this. We’ll do one more Nice big squeeze shoulder traction Bring it in so that’s how you do a face pull. Hope you guys enjoyed this great demonstration video for more information visit us on and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

100 thoughts on “How To: Face Pull


    Face pulls are great for working on some mountain top traps!

  2. good video i learned something new…even if the comments. i dont mind the "screaming/yelling", its called voice projection all effective teachers and leaders have it. and really if its "too loud" to handle…turn the volume down lmao buncha dumbasses.

  3. allmost every other video including athleanx and bodybuilding recommends doing this excercise with the lever above face height, wheras you recommend at chest height. Whats the difference ?

  4. Why is it called a face-pull when your pulling it towards your upper chest? I've seen 5 video's so far and they're all different… YU keep confusin me?!?

  5. Hey Scott, do a new video, if you watch this one today you will see how wrong this face pull was

    This will active the rear shoulders, for sure, but it is much better with inverted hands position, since it will target even more the rear delt without putting you in a compromise position for your shoulders

  6. Hey Scott! I was wondering if you would do the exercise different nowadays, since this video is made a couple of years ago?

  7. Great video but WHY ARE YOU YELLING IN YOUR VIDEOS? We can hear you just fine. And what’s with the “tsssst” every time you do a rep?

  8. Before I even read the commenta. I already knew. Per Athlean X, I keep my thumbs outward facing east n west slowing coming up to a bicep flex position. Feel it in my traps n shoulders

  9. Elbows higher than shoulder while using your shoulder joint?!!!
    Does't this put you in risk of shoulder impingement???

  10. This is a great way to hurt your rotator cuff, you never want your elbows higher than your wrists here. I work in physical therapy and I see people hurt themselves like this very often.

  11. I follow mostly all forms from your videos, but this is certainly not the right way to do it, it is not natural to pull in this manner, for 3 weeks i have done your way and then realized it the wrong way.

  12. Does anyone else have trouble keeping their wrists straight? Mine seem to bend to the side as the motion reaches its full extension. If so, is that bad? My wrists don't hurt but I'm curious if it puts extra stress on them.

  13. I usually agree with what you have to say, but I disagree with your form in this video. This is not how I'd recommend doing a face pull at all

  14. every time I do face pulls, my serrates anterior gets sore or inflamed for the next 2-3 days.
    no matter what weight or reps I do its the same. It hurts to the point I can't do any upper body workouts.

    could someone help please?

  15. More like an upright row. External rotation is the key component. Face pulls are done to strengthen the supra and infraspinatus, the rhomboids as well as the rear part of deltoid and the mid part of traps. You're going to tear your supraspinatus tendon if you keep fraying it by doing it like this.

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