How to look after your own wellbeing | 5 Practical Tips

would you like to know how to improve
your well-being hi my name is Dr. Erwin I help high-performers create habits to
lead a happy and successful life in this video I’ll share with you five tips to
improve your well-being tip number one it’s all in connection
research has shown time and time again the importance of building social
relationship with other people with families and friends the stronger the
relationship we have with other people the more likely you have a support
network when you need it having a good support network is what will help you in
difficult times when you have to weather storm when you have a good social
support network you’ll be able to bounce back in difficulties so relationship is
so important when it comes to well-being we know from research that lonely people
are more likely to have mental health problems and negatively impact longevity
so investing in relationship is crucial for your well-being when it comes to
your everyday life are you engaging with people are you making effort to talk to
other people developing this ties with other people is important to build a
strong relationship with some people you may have weak ties with other people you
may have stronger ties and you may be able to bond with these people and this
form your closed circle so it’s so important to have a good support network
tip number 2 be active it’s important that you do activities physical
activities such as going for a walk going on a hike going for a run when you
are active it boosts your physical health and fitness and also improve your
mental health so being active is important it doesn’t mean that you have
to go to the gym to be active you can be active at home the activities that you
can do to stay active at home you can do some pushup
you can do some press up so there are things that you can do at home to help
you stay active to incorporate these activities in your life especially if
you’re busy tip number three keep learning learning
is one back it is that is lifelong you keep learning
every day having a gruff mindset when you’re absorbing new knowledge and have
an open mind to learn new things is important for your well-being because it
stimulates your brain and help you to engage with life if you’re not learning
new things then you’re not growing your mindset you’re keeping your mindset
fixed and if you don’t use your brain then you lose it so that’s why it’s so
important for your well-being that you keep learning try something new today
go and read a book that intrigues you or go and learn salsa for example tip
number 4 giving to others research has shown that an effective way of boosting
your well-being is by helping somebody else when you’re helping other people it
not only helps the beneficiary it also helps you when you’re giving up your
time you’re sharing your knowledge you’re helping somebody else to nurture
them it does help you emotionally it creates positive emotion in yourself and
helps you in your well-being so it’s very important that you help other
people this is why you see successful people helping others with philanthropic
activities because through these activities they’re able to lead a
fulfilling life without impacting many people you can use this principle to
help you in your everyday life this could be by doing a random act of
kindness to a stranger for example so opening the door for somebody or doing
something else that you don’t necessarily have to do but you do it to
help the other person you could buy a coffee for somebody so these are small
gestures that you could do to actually boost not only the other person’s
well-being but your own well-being at the same time so help someone today last
but not least notice what’s happening to you and to your surrounding being
mindful and noticing what’s happening is an important skill most of us are living
either in the future or in the past were worried what could happen in the future
what if this happened over ruminating about something or two
on our paws we’re not spending enough time in the present moment when you
notice what’s happening and you live in the present moment it creates a new
pathway to a happy and fulfilling life there’s power in living in the present
moment so when you’re mindful you have an awareness of what’s happening to you
you don’t let the present moment pass you by so this is why practicing
meditation could help you to be more mindful so take a moment and appreciate
what you have right now here because this is your life in the present moment
don’t leave in the future or in the past because what really matters is the
present moment so he’ll the five practical tips to improve your
well-being tip number one connect with other people tip number two be active
tip number three keep learning try something new today tip number four give
to others do a random act of kindness today tip number five last but not least
be mindful thank you for watching this video if you like more content like this
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