How to LOSE 10 POUNDS in 3 DAYS: MILITARY DIET w/ SUBSTITUTIONS | Does It Still Really Work? *NEW*

you want to know come along bitch hey cheese bitches I'm Rob and this is on the cheap tip now most you guys know me as the guy who did the military diet and if you haven't seen that video well video with it under a rock click above join society now the military diet claims that you can lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days and when I did the diet I walked a little over 6 pounds I mean 6 pounds in like three days I'll take it I think anybody will take cool doesn't want to lose six pounds now ever since I made that video I get bombarded with questions every day asking me if there's any substitutions for the food and the diet and then gonna be thinking why not try the diet again except this time with substitutions not only will we be learning about replacement food but we'll also learn if the diet is just as effective as the original diet I mean I want to know don't you I want to know if I could lose more weight plus I'm not bathing suit ready yet summers coming so you know I don't notice the rules except to lose some fat so let's get started the first thing you're going to do is weigh your self on the morning of the first day okay we're about to weigh myself and because you guys have such a problem with my feet the last time I am wearing my sock actually my YouTube sucks so suck on that bitches right let's get on 1:59 move I gained a little bit of weight and then you just follow the daily meal plans no I'm habits week I look nothing my heart good morning and welcome to breakfast dang what now for the original military diet I had once place of whole-wheat toast with two tablespoons of peanut butter at half a grapefruit and a cup of black coffee for our holy toast we are going to replace it with two rice cakes and we're also going to replace our peanut butter with two tablespoons of almond butter for the grapefruit we are not replacing it with any other fruit we're actually replacing it with a half a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in water it sounds gross but that the only thing that replaces it sorry about it and finally we are replacing our coffee with clean cheese nothing in it it's gonna be pretty bitter this is not a typical breakfast for me I don't really eat bread gate so don't ever have baking soda in water let's just see what happens interesting that is some delicious styrofoam now you guys may replace my whole link where what does Miss terrible the olive butter is pretty delicious so that's making up for it I'm going to have some of my bitter ass shape don't put that bag down time for the most disgusting of everything which is this salty water I'm assuming it doesn't taste like anything it just tastes like water I'm a little happy about that I really thought this was gonna be another tuna moment all in all pretty plain breakfast not something I would probably eat every day it's lunchtime day one and in the original diet I ate a half a cup of tuna one slice of whole wheat toast and one cup of black coffee and today I'm replacing my tuna with whole white chicken breast that is similar calories to the half a cup of tuna that we had and I'm also replacing my whole-wheat toast with right cakes instead of a black coffee I'm going to be having green tea and of course I'm also going to be drinking water war is something that you're going to be drinking whenever I'm not mentioning what you're drinking so I don't mention it I'm just drinking more no orange juice no nothing else the great thing about drinking water through this diet is that if you get a little hungry between meals you just drink a little water and you might feel a little full I mean it's live from the rice cake this is something that I would probably eat normally so it's all good with me it's dinnertime day one and in the original diet I ate three ounces of any meat of your choice one cup of green beans a half a banana one small apple and a cup of vanilla ice cream I'm actually eating the same type of state that I ate the last time but I am replacing my green beans with a cup of spinach I'm also replacing the half a banana with about 15 grapes I'm still having the same Apple and I replacing my vanilla ice cream because everyone has such a problem with it last time with one cup of fruit flavored yogurt of course I am having water again because that's the only drink that we can have I do eat pretty much everything here except for yogurt that's not like my favorite thing to eat it does not bad it's okay I would really rather have ice cream miscible and the one thing that is going to be a little bit hard to down is the spinach I didn't cook it I like it raw but it's going to be weird having plain spinach just tastes like leaves it's breakfast time day two and in the original diet I ate one Hey a half a banana and one slice of whole wheat toast I'm replacing my egg with one cup of milk D banana with 15 grapes and the holy toast with two right cakes these your escape I'm already over these and it's only day two whoever invented these should be shot in the street and blends I'm v2 and in the original diet I ate one hard-boiled egg five saltine crackers and one cup of cottage cheese for this meal I am NOT replacing my egg because I feel like I need a little more sustenance and I just don't think a cup of milk is going to suffice for the rest of the day but I did replace the saltine crackers with one and a half right cakes and I replace the cup of cottage cheese with the same amount of calories in cheddar cheese I didn't know you could do this last on because if I would have known I would have replaced the cottage cheese because I did not like it at all and then of course I am drinking some water I'm actually kind of excited about this one because I get to eat an egg and just went for a run so I was feeling a little bit ravenous so I needed to come home and eat something with a lot of protein in it a lot of you guys asked if you can exercise during this yeah if you have a regular exercise routine you can still do it I just wouldn't push yourself to your max when you're on this diet because you are eating a restricted amount of calories and I don't want anyone pass I mean God so homework already no time day 2 and in the original diet I ate the two hotdogs with no bun I have a couple of carrots a cup of broccoli a half a banana and a half a cup of vanilla ice cream now the only thing that I decided to substitute was the banana with team grapes and I also replaced the hotdogs with portobello mushrooms this is a great way to show vegetarians and vegans that they can eat this as well and you know you guys have such a really big cow the last time I ate hotdogs because you're Tommy how terrible they were I'm still eating the character broccoli and yeah I'm eating nothing I'll ice cream good you know what I deserve it now most of this is a regular meal that I would really eat except for mushrooms but I wanted to try something different they don't look too great but I'm not gonna I'm scared all right the texture bothers me a little bit like you're biting into someone just skin what's the only way I can explain it the taste actually it tastes pretty good I'm just not crazy about the texture it's moments like these that I wish thought I'd just eat the hot dog I'm gonna make it through an underwater stuff with my ice cream will I eat them in the future probably not haha good morning oh my goodness what's going on here it's breakfast time day three and then the original diet I ate one small Apple five saltine crackers and a slice of cheddar cheese now the only thing that I decided to substitute one of the saltine crackers for one and a half right cakes loved those rice cakes not really you know trying to make gold out of shit enjoy your food whatever little bit you get it's lunch time day three and in the original diet I ate one flight of holy toast and one hard-boiled egg and the only thing that I'm going to replace is the whole-wheat toast with two rice cakes this will be the last time I ever eat rice cakes now even though this is a very small meal I have to tell you I'm not feeling that hungry to that it's probably because my stomach is getting a little bit smaller which is a good thing right so that we could be skinny bitches each wearing a bikini I mean I'm not wearing a bikini you know I could if I wanted to after this side it's their time day three the last meal that we have to eat for the side thank God and in the original diet I ate a cup of tuna a half a banana and a cup of vanilla ice cream and I've decided to substitute the tuna with a piece of grilled chicken that is the same amount of calories as a cup of tuna I've also equates the half a banana with 15 grapes and I'm replacing the ice cream with a cup of fruit flavored yogurt I really have to think hard about that one because I really want the ice cream but I said you know what let's be a little bit healthier on this last day and go with the healthier choice overall I do feel a little bit lighter and I feel like I look like I'm thinner so I'm praying that I lost the weight so we shall see tomorrow when I weigh myself keep your fingers my bro after your 3 days is up you're going to weigh yourself Tommy morning of the fourth day right here is the moment we've all been waiting for one 54.6 I lost like 40 of them I mean it's not six pounds but it's close because I lost around the same amount of weight as the last time I would say that it's pretty much the same with or without substitutions I do have to admit though I feel and look a lot slimmer I mean everything that was jiggle before ain't jiggling so much anymore and I'm happy with that now if you want to continue doing this diet you need to take four days off in between the three days that you're doing the diet so you would do it three days take four days off three days four days off and so on and so forth so basically you could do this about once a week now as far as me continuing this diet I don't really think so I think that it's a great way to motivate yourself to lose more weight but what I think I'm going to do is follow my how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days meal plan and if you haven't seen that video you can click above and you can check out what I eat in those 30 days to lose 30 pounds now if you don't like any of the substitutions that I think you could actually go over to the military diet website which I will leave a link in the description box and they will give you credit options that are right for you the website will also be able to answer any of your very specific question especially if you have any complaints just know the I didn't makes it diet up someone else did if you have a problem with it gulia just try to help you guys down I'm an innocent bystander Andrew that's all the cheap just about today make sure that you comment down below and make sure that you subscribe to my channel because I make videos every Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and also make sure to hit that alarm button so that you know of my next video goes live and I'll see you next time back suck on that picture

34 thoughts on “How to LOSE 10 POUNDS in 3 DAYS: MILITARY DIET w/ SUBSTITUTIONS | Does It Still Really Work? *NEW*


  2. so agree about the rice cakes!! YUCK…but when you can't eat bread…ya its life with almond butter.😩

  3. I just looked it up and apparently your not allowed to drink milk on the diet but you know 4.5 pounds CoUnT mE iN

  4. Can you replace the green tea or coffee with anything else?
    I can’t have green tea or caffeine.
    I’ve got 2 weeks to loose weight fir an event so I’ve been binge watching your videos for days lol.

  5. I’m on the Day 3 and i just want this to be over! I hope i lost some weight! I’m 1.73 and i weight 132 ibs. The only thing i substituted was the ice cream on day 2 and 3 cause my throat was soar and it’s winter time ❄️

  6. Imma try this diet, I’m 11 and I was given the part of the angel Gabriel in the Christmas play. I was told I have to wear a white dress which I’m fine with but I’m quite uncomfortable with my body so I have decided to do this diet for 4 weeks. Wish me luck. Thank you all ❤️

  7. Love your energy ! Completed diet lost 10.5 pounds I don't eat cheese so I added 1 tea spoon of olive oil to my spinach .

  8. Thanks for the tips I really need to lose weight and i was scare on trying to do the military diet but if you can I can

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