How To Make A Healthy Low Fat Hummus: The Lighter Option

Hi, I’m Phil, I’m a food and diet writer and
welcome back to Lighter Options. This series is going to show you everything you need to
know about healthy eating with some great quick and easy family favorites. [music] In this episode of the series, we are going
to be making quick, reduced fat hummus with crispy pita dippers. This is a much healthier
version than the shop bought, as we have taken out all the oil from the hummus, and we are
using whole meal pita bread so you get an extra fiber boost as well. You’ll find all the ingredients you will need
for this in the description box. OK so we have got two cans of chickpeas that
have been drained. Reserve the water from one can, because you will have to thin it
down later. Add to this, two tablespoons of reduced fat tahini or reduced fat peanut butter,
whichever you can find. Half a teaspoon of smoked paprika. A teaspoon of sugar, just to balance out the
lemon juice. Two cloves of garlic, which have been crushed. And then, the juice of the lemon. And the zest of about half. You can always add more, later on. OK, lets
give that a quick pulse, just to combine it. And once they are quite roughly chopped, add
a splash of the reserve cooking water. That is from the can. Whiz that again. You can make this as smooth or as coarse as
you like. And just keep adding the water from the can until you get your right consistency. Once the hummus is smooth, or to your liking,
spoon it into a resealable container and keep it in the refrigerator for up to four days.
It’s great for lunch boxes or if you are serving straight away, just chill it for a few hours
before serving. OK, so chill that down until it is ready to
serve. So while the hummus is chilling, we can make
some quick, crunchy pita dippers. So take four whole meal pita bread and just cut them
into two centimeter wide strips. Scatter them into a baking tray. Spray them
with low calorie spray or a little bit of oil. Give them a toss. Spray again so they are all evenly coated.
So bake these at a hundred eighty degrees, gas mark four, for eight to ten minutes until
they are nice and crisp. So if you like this recipe and want some more
healthy ideas, just click the subscribe button. So once the pita are baked and golden, they
are really crisp and perfect for dipping. So there you have it, reduced fat hummus with
crispy pita dippers. It’s great for lunch boxes, snacking, or anytime. So if you enjoy
this recipe, join me next time for the next episode of Lighter Options. [music]

7 thoughts on “How To Make A Healthy Low Fat Hummus: The Lighter Option

  1. Really? Peanut butter Instead of Tehina ?
    Note that there is no substitute for Tehina when making Hummus.
    What kind of chef are you?

  2. Yes we were worried we might cause some controversy! Obviously hummus and tahini go hand in hand but we thought we'd offer the alternative of making up the dip with low fat peanut butter which is easier for people to buy at their local stores and adds some variation to the traditional version. Why not give it a try and give us your feed back!

  3. But tahini is so easy to make! 1 cup sesame seeds toasted on low for about 10 minutes (careful, they're easy to burn). Let cool. Add to your food processor with a bit of olive oil (I think 2 tsp or so… I don't measure. You can add more for thinner consistency). Voila! Tahini! Put it in a seal-able container and it should keep in the fridge for a couple of months.

  4. This is how most recipes I've found say to make the base hummus. What did he do wrong? I'm no expert. I'm trying to learn, myself. Obviously for serving you also want to add some herbs and olive oil over the top of the hummus.

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