How To STOP Negative/Stressful Thinking Once and For All

So your mind is out of control huh? You want to control the mind? Well guess what? You can’t do it. Nobody can do it. Trying to control the mind is like trying to flatten out water. You just make more waves because that’s the nature of the ocean; It has waves, it has crashing. You don’t say there should be no waves in the ocean. Well the natural state of the
mind is full of thought, mental noise and once you accept that, the easier it will be to go beyond it. Because you are not the mind. You have a mind but the problem is you have been identifying with the mind, with your thoughts for your entire life. If you are the ocean, why would you identify as a wave? It’s just a wave. Well you are that which observes thoughts. Stop identifying as thoughts. It’s just a thought. And what is every thought made out of? Nothing You bring it to life with the attention
you give it. See every single day we have fifty to seventy thousand thoughts but the ones that stress us are the ones we keep putting our attention on. but these thoughts don’t have any more strength than any other. Stressful thoughts come like a knock on the door and you keep letting them in. Or you say, “No no I don’t want you to come in. No no no stay out.” And that makes them knock even
louder. So both aversion and attraction feed and
multiply thoughts. The secret is just don’t mind the mind. Know that this is the natural state of the mind. Don’t feed it. You do that by not trying to control. Just hold your ground and the thoughts will go away. This is the law of the universe. Everything passes. Just stay as the observer of thought. Don’t touch them, don’t resist the thought, label it or create a whole story around the thought. Just stay as the pure awareness. This is a much higher place. Your true place in silence. So yeah thoughts will arise and you feel them yeah you’re gonna feel but
they will pass. You don’t have to follow them anymore down their rabbit hole. Just remember It’s just a thought. Don’t touch it. Just stop and fix your attention in that silence, nothing more. Very simple. You don’t have to fight control or defeat the mind. Just stay as you are. How simple is that? Just stay as you are. As the silence in between two thoughts and the mind will dissolve by itself into the nothingness that it really is.

100 thoughts on “How To STOP Negative/Stressful Thinking Once and For All

  1. Other day I couldn’t do my maths homework and I got so stressed because I forgot how to do it and I got anxiety and worries but In reality all that’s gonna happen is I will learn it again and everything is gonna be good

  2. I think this may have just change my perspective and mind forever what was I doing with my life (mostly my mind) before??!!! I’m 21 and had a really shitty day which ended with me looking up “how to stop overthinking” 😭😵👌THANK YOU FOR THIS

  3. Thank you ): seriously…. im 30 weeks pregnant and i could not make myself happy , i was stressing so hard!! And worried and felt bad for my baby… but now i feel so much better …..

  4. Guys! JUST LET THE Thot be in your head don’t make resistance just observe it and it will go away, as Prince Ea said. It’s like when we try to swim for the first time and we make to much resistance , but if you stay calm and let it go you will not get under the water same with thots

  5. I don't understand people who motivates they say that we should study or do smth that's difficult ?
    Then they say that we will be powerful and we can live as we want .!.
    Well, then when we are going to live our life? When we are aged
    The world is so confusing

  6. Its pretty urgent, answer please (REad)
    Ive been looking these vids as healing but i got negative cause i missunderstood them and i go doing everything without thinking which is again very very bad for me,i guess its all good

  7. I keep thinking about something that happend a year ago. I keep having dreams about it, I’m driving myself crazy. I can’t be my normal self. And I don’t know what to do

  8. This man is a pure genius. Im only 18 and I have been stressed out so much for past 3 days that my heart rate was constantly up , have Been feeling bit down because that huge stress and My muscles have been tfeeled tight. Yes thats how bad it is. Whenever i just talked about it to parents and watched few of these videos it have made big impact. Thanks Ea🙏🤳

  9. Hi prince ea just want to ask why you keep on creating these amazing videos ? Is this for monetary gain? Or your calling ? I'm just curious I am.still trying to find my calling . Your videos are good more power to you brother peace out

  10. Thaaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuu so muchhh i went to school today i was overthinking like hell wasn't focused in my studies was being lack down and i felt bad cuz i was doing pretty last year , i got this overthinking from 1 year and it feels like hell but after seeing your video i understood that you have to let go your thoughts and ya that feel comes you can feel everything but just let go amd dont go deeper and deeper .💫

  11. theres a fight video of me online i lost and everyday my mind constantly reminds me of it i will be really happy one minute and the next just feel like im in a prison in my mind and cant stop thinking about it.

  12. i have been struggling through my mind with stressful and negative thoughts recently, thank you so much for this. i cried :’).

  13. You are an absolute twat! You need your lips permanently sewn together, everything you say is incomprehensible rubbish!

  14. So if im not my mind, my thoughts how should i know what to do? In my head comes the thought "stand up and go to the gym",but should i go if im not my thoughts? Do i want to go? Who am i then? Which thoughts should i follow????

  15. Have anyone had the thought like " i am alone and everyone else is fake and just an imagination" i have this thought and im struglling to escape it but i cant even now when im typing this i feel like im typing to myself

  16. Thank you so much. I've been struggling through my mind because I keep worrying about how people bullied me in the past. I like you as a friend 👊

  17. I want to forget about all my guilty actions, because every night I can’t sleep cause it keeps popping up in my mind…😢

  18. I wish I was never adopted, I would of never been abused by parents and bullied at school ,always yelled at and being insulted ,judged and picked fights on.

  19. This world gave me a very salty father who shouts all the time and thinks he knows everything, i don't wanna treat my feature son like that.

  20. But I just can't stop thinking about it, and it makes me feel worse, it's like I feel that anytime I can be blamed about that something even though it was just a small thing, and I always think that they are talking about me behind my back, that they are already judging my attitude, even though I'm not doing anything, and THAT. IS. THE. WORST. FEELING. I. WILL. EVER. FEEL! What should I do?? I want this to stop, I need this to stop😣😩

  21. Some man in our City put a bomb in his mouth and his head exploded and i have this kind of bomb in my house i mean its those u use for the New year and the fact that i have it in my house makes me very uncomfortable thinking that i could just kill one of my patent putting it in their mouth….. I dont know how to stop thinking about this shit

  22. Dang bro this helped me sooo much. I’m going to watch this every day from now on. This helped me so much just while watching it. Thank you so much!!!

  23. My troubling thoughts are coming from a man , but get me a man like the guy in this video damnnnn I’ll be okay

  24. I start using YouTube in 2009
    After almost 11 years I'm commenting for first time
    Bro thx for being there for people who are just lost because of regular day shit thx man for helping me too.
    God bless you homie

  25. Thoughts that are detrimental in nature must be dealt with and prevented from resurfacing if they have no basis of reality. Saying to just not feed or entertain thoughts that are damaging to a person's psyche is a dangerous thing to teach. Avoidance of thoughts of insecurity and fear if based in reality of true experience is just going to bottle the emotional response and will cause an explosive episode!!

  26. Sir, you help me to decrease my teenage depression of 9 years. I think you and there is another youtuber both of yours advice helps a lot, thank you so much you make my life easy.👍👍

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